Monday Night Mile Race Recap

Does this really count as a race? I’m not sure. A while back, a local brewery, Monday Night Brewery, asked me on twitter if I was going to do their Monday Night Mile. Hmm. I hadn’t heard about it but a little digging and research and it looked highly entertaining and like a ton of fun. The concept? Run 1 mile and drink 4 beers, all timed, for charity. I just had to raise $100 and my friends could “bet” on how long it would take me to run the race.

The race raised money for Ties that Matter. To sum it up, they are a nonprofit based in Atlanta that uses donated neckties to help women use their skills to learn a trade and create jobs/income for them. I love the concept and that the Brewery helps them on a regular basis by collecting ties.IMG_7108The race was really low key, encouraged costumes and beer drinking. Charity, beer drinking, running, fun. A PERFECT combo. Only thing that had me worried was the fact that it was drink 4 FULL beers each 1/4 mile. Yep. Time to revert back to my college days and chug beer.

I actually took Uber (like a cab) to the race. Can’t say I’ve ever had to do that, but wanted to be responsible. I also didn’t think I would ever get a chance to use my superhero costume again, but it seemed only fitting for a beer drinking race. Top it off with one of my favorite nuun trucker hats and I was ready to go. photo (22)I was lucky enough to have Allison and Rich as my support for this insane adventure. They definitely had the opportunity to enjoy the brewery while I looked like a fool.


The beers were waiting at the start line along with a plan for those that couldn’t hang.IMG_7095IMG_7107It seemed like we waited forever to start and had beer in hand ready to go.

IMG_7081And yes, there were some good costumes. Not sure I would consider this one good, but this dude for real ran in his underwear. Or speedo. Or whatever it was…I didn’t want to stare too long.IMG_7096The first beer was consumed at the start and I will openly admit that I didn’t choose the most full beer. Had to be somewhat strategic, right? The gun went off and I began to chug. The race ran uphill till the next beer stop at the quarter mile mark. CHUG. Downhill back towards the finish area for beer number three. CHUG. I was surprised at how well I was doing. I knew I was second female (not that it really mattered) but had no idea I could still drink that fast.

Allison was able to snap video of me at the third beer turn around and I ran back uphill for station number 4.

I definitely saw a dude puke and that was pretty nasty but I kept on chugging and going. How in the world the beer went down so easily for me I will never know. Rich was cheering and telling me to go and that I was killing it…

IMG_7101But in my head, I thought I still had to drink another beer. So, like a fool a stopped to drink a 5TH!!!! beer. Oops. Another girl passed me while I chugged, but I think I get bonus points for 5 beers instead of 4. IMG_7093 IMG_7091I would’ve actually finished under 9 minutes. WELL below by 10 minute goal. 5 beers, 1 mile, 9:04 officially. 3rd female and 16th out of 216. Obviously #winning.

a 5th finger for my extra beer
a 5th finger for my extra beer

Both Allison, Rich and my friend Ashley wondered why the hell I drank an extra beer. I obviously couldn’t count and when I asked the guy that was working the last station he said to drink my last beer here. He didn’t know where I was in the race, so not his fault.  It didn’t take long for all the booze to hit me and I felt ill. It was off to the bathroom to, um, get rid of it.

How was it? The run itself was a ton of fun. You are drinking and running so fast you can’t really feel the buzz hit and it’s all on adrenaline. After the race? Kinda sucked. All that beer hit me and my stomach quick. Puking is never fun but I couldn’t handle slamming 5 beers like that.

I’m too competitive to walk and drink for fun. It’s just not in my nature. But, those that did, could drink after the race. I couldn’t. I was done with the booze. IMG_7078

I did get a cotton tee and a medal, but I would’ve preferred a bottle opener or a beer glass instead of the shirt. Seems more fitting for a beer race.IMG_7177

As crazy as it sounds puking and all, I will 100% for sure do this race again next year. I love the concept, the charity and the brewery.

Ever done a beer drinking race? Would you? Do you have a favorite local brewery? 

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  • That looks like a lot of fun but I would not have been able to do it. I would have been throwing up with that other guy lol! You are a serious Rockstar!

  • We LOVE that brewery too!! 😉 Get your drinking shoes/hat ready for July 4th weekend (Saturday to be exact)…maybe a private tour and definitely lots of beers at MNB! Congrats on a great time- not sure I could even drink 4, nevermind 5, beers at a time anymore so hats off superhero!! xoxo

  • You did great with this. That’s 5 more beers than I’ve had in my life so no, this one’s not for me. Agree, a pint glass would’ve been perfect.

  • we’ve talked about doing a beer mile for fun (as well as a shot mile of fireball) It all sounds fun until the after effects- i’d probably vomit as well 🙂

  • Ha, no and probably won’t ever. Not that it doesn’t sound fun, but it seems kind of dangerous for me to mix drinking, exercise, & diabetes. I’m very impressed with your chugging and running skills though. I’m betting on you to get 1st place next year! 🙂

  • This is so hilarious and I cannot believe how fast you ran that mile with the beer chugging. It would have taken me 10 minutes just to drink one beer. Such a fun concept and looks like it was a blast. Love the video and the puking trash can. I definitely need to go see this next year, even if just as a spectator. Love that you rocked it. xo

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