Back to Back Racecation Weekends

I really suck at this weekly recap thing. But I like having it, and I like sharing tidbits of what’s going on in my life too. So, when I REALLY start training for NYC, I will plan on posting once a week. SOMEONE hold me to that.

Week of April 21

Monday: Boston Strong 3.33 miles (29:26) at Big Peach. I was happy to see some of my TNT friends out bright and early. Boston Creme donuts were an option, and even though Lent was over, I declined. I had to drive all all over South GA the rest of the day and listened to the marathon on my ipad. Totally safe, I promise (yes, I was pulled over for the finish). IMG_661110153731_285807601586327_8345069760814836360_n IMG_6609Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill in Valdosta, GA along with about 20 minutes of strength training. House of Cards gets me through travel workouts.

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo in the morning followed by private pilates in the afternoon. A run date that can keep up with your tempo and treats you to coffee? Perfect way to start my day.IMG_6643Thursday: flywheel

Friday: travel/rest day. No workouts, but plenty of sightseeing.IMG_0366

Saturday: Garmin 1/2 Marathon with Kim. I seriously love pacing people!IMG_6726

Sunday: 4 miles (34:54) around the Highlands early morning followed by a Barre3 class. Spent my day cleaning up the condo grounds with the rest of the owners and then went to the Inman Park Festival, only to get caught in MORE rain. At least I found Olive a new dog bowl??IMG_6749Total Mileage for the Week: 29.43 miles

Week of April 28

Monday: 4 miles (34:35) on the Beltline.

Tuesday: flywheel and private pilates. My pics on instagram stirred up lots of convo. Pull ups at pilates are my FAVORITE thing and we do them every week. I’m currently at 15 and hope to continue to add on. Here are more pics and the series.IMG_6781 IMG_6779 IMG_6780 IMG_6783Wednesday: 6 easy morning miles (53:37) around Piedmont Park and the Beltline.

Thursday: rest day and sports massage. IMG_6789I cannot recommend seeing a sports massage therapist enough. Will always seems to find spots that I didn’t even know were sore.

Friday: Travel day and then a 3 mile shakeout run (25:58) with Corey and all the bugs.IMG_6815Saturday: 1 mile warmup up plus Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon. I ended up buying 2 of the race pics and plan on putting one (or both) in my office. For your entertainment, feel free to check out the ugly cry face. Told yall.

635357881293762345 635357881468070082 Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 11.25.59 PM Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 11.26.16 PM Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 11.26.24 PMSunday: 3.79 miles (32:39) with Corey along the lake in Chicago. My legs didn’t hurt nearly as bad as they did after my big PR at Kiawah in 2012. I’m in much better shape. We went to brunch after and I got to meet Chanthana IRL before heading back to the ATL.

IMG_6849Total Miles for the Week: 30.89 

Talk about a jam packed 2 weeks. Two racecations, a HUGE PR, local running events and my regular routine. Life is so full….I love it.

Have you done back to back race weekends? Are you able to run one for fun and race another? Have you cried at the finish of a race? Pullups- have you tried them lately?

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  • I have had intentions of (re)starting weekly recaps too….but have yet to actually do it 🙂 Back-to-back races can be fun, I’ve had back-to-back events the past 3 weeks and loved it, but ready to rest some now! Those pull up pictures are awesome!

  • I love reading other’s weekly recaps- unfortunately I’m not consistent with exercise, so mine would just be the fun stuff i’ve done haha.

    Can’t express how much i love your pull up face in pilates… REAL. I’m assuming that you have a nice break of race travel until the big ALASKA?!?! so jealous and if it were in any other month than June I would have thought long and hard about joining 🙂

  • wow, you are so strong! i’m sure this is a big part why you are so much faster now! love sports massages, i get one a month for a while now. i strongly believe this prevents injuries.

  • Hmmm back to back racecations? I think yes, and the half I ran in Michigan 6 days after running Chicago marathon was my PR. Go figure. You’re a very busy girl. Looks like fun!

  • I rarely have time to read blogs, so it doesn’t SEEM like longer than a week when you post yours. I have a hard time getting mine done too. Other than race recaps, pretty much the only blogging I still do.

    Someday I hope to try pilates – looks so fun!

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