Things I’m Lovin V

I feel like I have so many good things to share!

1. My running. I will touch more on this soon, but I am so happy with where things are going for me. I think several things have contributed to it (again, more soon) but it’s all starting to click. And I’m soooo happy!! I will have my recap from this past weekend in KY up soon, but it was an amazing weekend as well.

2. Huma Gel. Huma contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I would try out their gels. I wanted to try them last year, but since I wasn’t running, I didn’t really have a need for them. I wanted to wait and use them for my race this past weekend, and they fell in perfectly with my processed food elimination for Lent. Huma uses 100% all natural, real food ingredients. Each have 100 calories and 22G of carbs and around 18G of sugar. The science behind it sums up exactly how I felt. IMG_6320

I LOVE THEM. Seriously. I tried Blueberry and Mango and both weren’t too sweet, tasted more like an applesauce, weren’t thick, and still gave me enough energy. The best news? No burps. I guess I got used to the burps from my GU and how they felt on my stomach. After having Huma Gel, I realized how nice it was to NOT have that issue. I actually just bought a box of GU in New Orleans and plan on giving it away and going to get more Huma Gel. THAT is how much I liked it. I highly recommend it.

3. Run Guard. For years I have used Body Glide as my anti-chafe product and gotten used to still chaffing here and there. I just figured that was part of running. It wasn’t that I wasn’t open to trying something new, I just never did. Molly let me use her anti-chafe product this past weekend,  Run Guard. Another new love for another new running product in the same weekend. I didn’t have an ounce of chaffing, even in the rain. I was shocked. It is made for sensitive skin and is free of any dyes, fragrances, etc.IMG_6329

4. Lent. As much as I miss sweets (I could KILL for a piece of chocolate), french fries, and a cheat here and there, my body feels AMAZING. My stomach still has it’s issues, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet but the overall bloating and fatigue from big, processed meals is gone. I know I’ve lost weight and I certainly can’t complain about that. I plan on sticking to this after Lent-but will add back in treats here and there. It’s definitely easy to do in Atlanta (lots of restaurants with clean options), but out of town has been a bit harder.

5. King of Pops. Speaking of treats. Yes, I did just buy a box of limited edition pops made with Girl Scout cookies. No, I won’t have one until Easter. I have will power! IMG_6371

6. Barre 3. I’m trying out a new cross training option in addition to pilates right now. It just opened and I locked in a new member unlimited rate for $89. This is a STEAL compared to what it should cost and what the cost of most bar classes are for unlimited a month ($200ish range). I’ve only been 3 times, but so far I like it. I will give it 2 months and then reevaluate. Major blogger fail and I have no pictures.

What are you loving right now? Have you tried Huma Gel? What do you use for chafing? Have you tried a barre-type class? What are you up to this weekend? 

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  • I love this list! I love #1 the most.
    Glad to have a couple of good product reviews, too. I keep getting chaffed despite applying massive amounts of BodyGlide so I am going to look for that other product.

  • #1–so great. Very happy for you.

    I did a “flash” barre class last year and couldn’t believe how hard it was. I’m sure it is a killer workout to do on a regular basis.

    Great job on the food front!

  • I used Huma Gels at a race last year and loved them! Those flavors look awesome. Yay for excellent running!
    WTG on the lenten sacrifices. I’ve given up chocolate and for some reason it hasn’t been a big deal.

  • Ahhh! Another barre place. I wish I wasn’t an OTP person — all the cool workouts are in the city. They need to bring that ish to Johns Creek – you know those housewives would jump on the bandwagon! So glad to hear your running is falling into a groove. enjoy running in the rain this weekend! =D

  • I was recently given a blueberry Huma gel and it was SO good. Tasted like jam, which I really like gels to taste like. I haven’t looked for them in stores yet, so I’m curious how much they are per gel.

  • 3. Please bring to Kansas.
    4. So glad the Garmin Half is after Lent, so we can #eatalltheKansasthings
    5. Can you figure out a way to bring one of those King of Pops on the plane? I remember how good they are!

  • Oh I started using huma gels last year during my marathon training. My favorite is the apple cinnamon especially in the fall, it is like a treat while running and it doesn’t sit heavy in my stomach like Gu does.

  • OMG…those gels have #CHIA in them!!!! MUST HAVE.

    I’m loving how betadine made my leg look tan 🙂 I’m loving that I am home for the weekend! I’m loving my walker and my Vicodin. And I’m extra loving that things are going so well for YOU!!!!!!

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