Races, Court, and a Podcast

Week of March 24th

Monday: 5 miles easy around the Springhill area in Mobile. How I crammed in meeting a new baby, work, seeing family (3 different sets), and a run is beyond me. But, I did it.IMG_6297

Tuesday: 3 easy miles (26:47, 8:55 pace) before court. It was an early run, but one that I needed to clear my head. I attended the status hearing that morning for the assault case. I had heard from the attorney that he was going to plead guilty, but for my own closure purposes, I wanted to literally HEAR him say he was guilty.

I am a strong person, I know this. But hearing him say it, and hearing the attorney read my name and the charges rocked me. I sobbed somewhat uncontrollably in court and couldn’t have made it through without both of my parents at my side. My nerves were shot. There are 2 other victims in my case, and he will be sentenced on May 8th for 3 years and 3 days to 30 years. I will be there and should be given the opportunity to speak my peace and how this has affected me.

Several news stations picked up the story again, but I wanted to remain anonymous (yes, I know I blog about it, but I can guarantee you my entire hometown doesn’t read my blog) on camera.

I actually had a training that day for work in an office and I’m glad I scheduled it. It kept my mind busy the rest of the day.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy (51:23, 8:33) through Piedmont Park and the Beltline. Barre3 class.

Thursday: flywheel in the morning and Barre3 at night. I was interviewed in the afternoon by Darlene at the Driven Runner for a podcast. It seemed only fitting that we talked about runner safety this week.

Friday: a sports massage followed by the trip to Kentucky!

Saturday: Run the Bluegrass 1/2 Marathon and 1 mile warmup RunTheBluegrass 2014

Sunday: 3 miles (26:08, 8:42) in the hood. I had to shake out my legs after a delayed flight and tiny plane. I did do my hip exercises in the hotel with Molly before we left. 🙂

Total Miles for the Week: 31 miles 

Week of March 31st:

A full week at home in the Atl felt AMAZING. I felt like I was running around trying to get ready for Ragnar, so it worked out perfectly.

Monday: 3 miles (26:30, 8:50) easy in the morning. I struggle more in the mornings, but I’m trying to get better about training early since the summer will bring even more heat and humidity. The pollen came out in full force and I upped my asthma meds this week. I actually used my rescue inhaler during the day to be safe. Took a Barre3 class in the afternoon.

Me and Abby headed to the Nature Preserve in our neighborhood to try out the headlamps at night before Ragnar on an uneven surface. It was highly entertaining. I carried my taser to be safe and we couldn’t stop laughing. We did 1 mile through the “trails.”IMG_6374 IMG_6372

Tuesday: flywheel

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo. It should’ve been an easy start and finish with a hard 5 miles at 7:10-7:28 pace. MAJOR fail on my part and I knew it going into it. Instead of waking up when it was still cool out, I attempted to run in the dead of the heat (hottest day of year so far around 80 degrees) and very high pollen counts. I just couldn’t get in a groove. 8:38, 7:39, 7:18, 7:27, 8:24, 9:02. After 3 miles at tempo, I decided to pull back. No need to hurt myself or push that hard. I had just completed Run the Bluegrass and had Ragnar coming up.

Thursday: rest day. I had to drive to Birmingham, AL (2.5 hours) and back for work on Thursday. To say it was a long day doesn’t really describe it. Lisa and Sarah were waiting for me when I got home and we stayed up for a bit catching up and planning for the weekend.

Friday: Ragnar Trail Relay! 3.81 miles on my first leg.IMG_0354

Saturday: Ragnar Trail Relay! 11.54 miles on my second two legs. The one really nice thing about the trail relay being in your hometown is getting to come home and sleep in your own house.IMG_6434

Sunday: flywheel. I thought my legs were going to hurt but it truly ended up helping me recover.

Total Miles for the Week: 26.35

Two weekends of races, friendship, and running. Almost full closure (if there is such a thing) with the assault. It’s all good.

Does the pollen affect your workouts this time of year? When you go back to your hometown (if you do), do you get to chill, or feel like you are running around the entire time? 

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