Lots of Easter, Tradition, and Cooking

Can we please talk about how insanely inspiring the Boston Marathon was on Monday?!? I’m so proud of all of my friends who finished the race. I can’t WAIT to make it there one day. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

Week of April 7th

Monday: private pilates. Body was exhausted, no run. Just pilates.

Tuesday: 4 miles (35:27, 8:51 pace) with Abby on the Beltline. Barre 3 class. Being home for a few weeks means getting back in the kithen. I cooked a Cooking Light recipe (Baked Shrimp and Feta) that I haven’t made in years, and traded out the pasta for spaghetti squash. I actually liked it better!IMG_6459

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo (9:08, 7:34, 7:23, 7:23, 7:32, 8:47). I wasn’t sure how my body would handle a tempo early before work (still adjusting to this run before work thing) but it wasn’t terrible. It really is such a nice way to start the day.

I went to the Girls Night Out at Road Runner Sports that night with my friend Katie. We ended up staying for a while we she got fitted for shoes, and I can truly say I will stick with Big Peach for my shoe buying in Atlanta. Not sure I trusted what they said for her (neither did she). Plus side? Won a running tank from the raffle and got to spend some time with one of my oldest friends. IMG_6467

Thursday: flywheel. 

Friday: 5 miles (42:13, 8:27 pace) around Piedmont Park before the Dogwood Festival started. It was nice to change it up and hit the Park.

Saturday: 10.10 miles (1:29:09, 8:50 pace) easy through Midtown, Buckhead, Piedmont Park. I decided to get up and run from Big Peach Midtown and was thrilled to run into one of my TNT friends, Mike. Mike is a coach and TNT and is super fast. I always love getting his perspective. Lucky for me, he decided to take it easy and join me on my run. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. IMG_6494

Saturday night, dinner with good friends and a beautiful night in the city (she has a fabulous balcony) and then a last minute decision to go out with my boys. IMG_6496

1888543_10154061401905441_5561056645021934220_nSunday: flywheel. FREE class at the new Midtown location. Allison and I decided that our Lebanese dish for the month of April would be the traditional Lebanese Easter cookie, Ka’ak. I haven’t made these cookies since I was in high school before my Sitti (grandmother) passed away. It was our family tradition to make these (with all of my aunts) the weekend before Easter. IMG_6504 IMG_6505I’m not going to lie and say these were easy (5 lbs of flour). They are a lot of work but totally worth it. I gave almost all of them away but the memories, smells, and feelings it brought back were great (I did eat a few on Easter). I can’t wait to make these year after year now.


Miles for the Week: 25.1 

Week of April 14th

Monday: 4 miles (34:40, 8:40 pace) easy on Beltline.

Tuesday: flywheel at the new Midtown location.

I volunteered again at the Atlanta Track Club Kilometer Kids event in the afternoon. IMG_6519And then, had the girls over for dinner and made another Cooking Light recipe (this time new to me), Cheesy Vegetable Moussaka. It was time consuming, but I did prep work in stages that wasn’t too bad based on the reviews of recipe. It was a hit and would definitely make it again.


Wednesday: 10.80 miles EARLY around the neighborhood, Piedmont Park and the Beltline. The moon was gorgeous and so was the sunrise. It felt like Winter was back, but had a great run. IMG_6537

Private pilates session in the afternoon.

Thursday: 4 miles at the Big Peach Easter Egg Hunt run with Abby. I’m just not so sure the week night group runs are for me.IMG_6553I swear, some of these people are racing and sprinting and it’s mad chaos. I prefer the Saturday runs at the store. Either way, I was able to use the recovery boots that I love from my chiro’s office and found 2 eggs (not the golden). I “won” 30% off so took advantage and got the Foot Rubz and another Big Peach shirt.IMG_6558

Friday: REST DAY! And a great good Friday. I love going to this community service. It really is cool to see different religious beliefs come together as one for one day. Funny enough, the sermon/message/homily was about dreams and resilience and the Boston Marathon was an example of how the good comes through and we continue to move forward. IMG_6566

Saturday: Atlanta Track Club Singleton 5K with a shiny, new PR. I also did a 3 mile warmup before the race. I spent the day at the aquarium with one of my best friends from home and her two girls and then went to a party with Abby.

I decided after seeing so many posts on instagram to see what the 100 happy days was all about it. I LOVE IT. I think we should all find 1 thing a day that makes us happy. My first post? Balloon hats at an adult party. We may, or may not have been a bit inappropriate. IMG_6580

Want to join me??  http://100happydays.com/

Sunday: 4 mile run (34:31, 8:38 pace) on the Beltline and Barre 3 class with Allison. We did go to Mass early, had brunch (made a Vegan Carrot Cake Oatmeal Bake but not sure I love it), and play time with A. I love her so much. IMG_6598Miles for the Week: 28.9

I should note I stuck to my PT routine for my hip for both weeks, too.

It sounds like I did a ton, but I swear there was plenty of lazy time on the couch for me too. I need it. May is gonna be a crazy month for work but I’m looking forward to the challenge.  As my training picks up, I really hope to post these once a week to make it a bit easier to follow and track.

How was your Easter? Any family traditions? What was your favorite Easter memory growing up? Have you tried any new recipes you want to share? Will you join me in #100happydays?

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  • I tried something similar to #100happydays and I found it to be a struggle a lot of days to find something… so, not for me.

    Sounds like a great few weeks!!

  • Sounds like a fabulous Easter! I feel the same way about RRS and I’ve given them so many chances….even went to the HQ in San Diego. Color me unimpressed. Small and local is where it’s at for me.

  • Loved reading this!

    It’s taken awhile to adjust, but my favorite time to run is in the morning. Accomplishing that before the sun comes up makes me feel like I’ve already had a productive day.

    I’ve had the chance to use those recovery boots once, and thought they ROCKED.

  • I love that they used Boston in the sermon. At our church, the bishop asks us to prepare talks occasionally for the congregation, and I already decided that next time he asks me I would throw some Boston Marathon in there!

    And I have no clue what or how that graffiti wall is situated, but I love it!

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