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IT’S MARCH!! Where did February go and where is 2014 going so quickly!?!?

Atlanta had 2 different snow weeks (one the last week of January and one two weeks later), and I had my national sales meeting which put me scrambling to hit my numbers the last few weeks of the month. Ahh, the life of the sales lady. Quotas don’t ever go away. Rain, snow, meetings, sickness, it doesn’t matter. Numbers are numbers and I’ve got to hit them. I worked a lot of nights (on the computer) the last few weeks in addition to long work days. I guess that’s how the rest of February ended so quickly for me!

To back up and pick up where I left off in my training recaps…

Week of February 10th

Monday: 4 miles easy on the beltline in Atlanta.

Tuesday: early morning Flywheel. I attempted to work and headed to the burbs of ATL and hit snow. I hi-tailed it back to the city ASAP as we prepared for the second snowpocolypse.

Wednesday: Stair workout. Woke up to even more snow and ice than the last time and it continued all day. I figured it was the perfect time to try out one of the Runner’s World workouts I found in the February 2014 issue. You use stairs as your hill workout. IMG_5916 IMG_5917

Abby stayed over (her condo is under a tree and she had no desire to stay there alone so we made a sleepover of the entire storm) and was all about trying a new workout.

STAIRS ARE HARD. We did a 5 minute warm up with jump n jacks and burpees followed by 20 minutes of stairs. As fast you can run up, and slowly run down to recover. I have 3 flights of stairs in my building. It was a LOT of up and down. It was A LOT harder than I expected it to be (and my calves were dying the next day). I used my garmin for the time, but somehow it picked up a satellite inside and it was at .91 miles. IMG_5911

We followed the stairs with 2 sections of the Core Fusion DVD (each 10 minutes and we did the abs and hip ones) and a few pushups.

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 8 miles (1:19:04) through the neighborhood and beltline. It was much harder than I thought it would be-just couldn’t get the energy I needed. But, it was done. Followed it up with private pilates.

LOVE my procompression socks!
LOVE my procompression socks!

Valentine’s Day has never been a fav holiday of mine (single or in a relationship) but being single makes it especially miserable. Thank goodness for a great group of girlfriends. We made homemade pizza at my place, drank champagne, and went out to our fav neighborhood bar.

The reality...
The reality…
the "good" one of about 10 attempts
the “good” one of about 10 attempts

Saturday: HUNGOVER REST DAY and Adeline’s 1st Birthday! Some things never change and my mom had to make my breakfast and help me get ready in order to get to the party early. My sister put on a very nice birthday party, including a bounce house that was for the older kids. Or adults. Or one year olds. Because we all had a blast, including Adeline! IMG_5961

I was supposed to run an easy 3-4 miles but ended up just walking around the neighborhood with the family in the afternoon.

Sunday: 3.2 miles (33:17) on the road and then 3.3 miles (43:36) on the trails! My first time hitting the dirt. More on this in another post but it is much harder than I expected it to be. We may or may not have ended up somewhere we weren’t supposed to be. IMG_5967

Total Miles for the Week: 18.5. Much shorter than I had hoped, but we aren’t exactly equipped to run in ice in the South. The hill/stair workout was a nice change.

Week of February 17th

Off to Savannah! I literally had to leave Atlanta at 6am on Monday to make my appointment on time for a lunch training. Talk about a long day. I don’t know about you, but the one thing I need after a long stressful day is a really good workout.

Monday: 4.5 miles easy (39:26) around downtown Savannah and Forsyth Park. IMG_5976

Tuesday: 3o minutes elliptical followed by 30 minutes of weights for arms, core, back, and abs. The only way to make it through cardio machines is Netflix. Orange is the New Black for the win! 

Wednesday: 10 mile long run (1:33:59) around downtown Savannah and Forsyth Park again.IMG_5983The beauty of Savannah is many long, parallel streets. I ran up and down each street until I hit the park and then ran several loops to get to my 10 miles. It was a gorgeous sunrise and a beautiful day to be out.IMG_5986

Thursday: Flywheel and hip and core work. 

Friday: private pilates and chiro visit. I’m still maintaining really well and realizing that I can go about 3 weeks until I need to be adjusted again.

Saturday: 7 mile tempo run with a race in between. See my recap of the Spring has Sprung 8K here. Yay for AG placings and insta-PR’s!IMG_6012

Saturday night we went out to celebrate my friend Keeli’s birthday. Her cousin works in the movie industry and happens to work on the Hunger Games movies. It was a joint birthday party for her and Keeli….so we “hung out” with some of the Hunger Games cast.IMG_6018

I met the director (shared an Uber), had Liam ask to get by and touch my back (totally counts as talking, right?), saw Jennifer Lawrence from afar along with a few other faces you would know, and talked to a lot of the stunt and set peeps. Another long and fun night.

yes, that is Liam in the real trucker hat behind us...
yes, that is Liam in the real trucker hat behind us…

Sunday: 4 miles (34:44) easy on the beltline. Had plans to trail run but everyone partied a bit too much on Saturday night and that never happened.  A neighborhood run just felt good…I was able to get outside late afternoon and sweat out some of the booze!

Total Miles for the Week: 25.5. A really SOLID week of training for me. I LOVE being able to rearrange my schedule and do as I please right now. Finding a balance of running, cross training, and strength training really is key. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure it out!

Do you change up your training plans or stick to the same routine? Do you like doing videos? Ever do stairs for hill work or have other good magazine workouts that you’ve found? Valentine’s Day- take it or leave it? Ever hang with celebs? 

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  • What?? You met Hunger Games peeps?? Cool!! Solid few weeks for you, glad to see you getting your distance/speed back!

    I am having a fun time changing up my workouts with the Fitness Blender videos – not just for lifting, I like the HIIT and cardio workouts as well.

  • I LOVE that pic of the girls on V-day where you are all laughing. So perfect. Also, let’s talk about Olive…I meant to comment on your last post about how stinking cute she is with her fluff-ball hair. I just want to cuddle her!!!

  • do you know I have lived in SoCal for 5 years, and NEVER met/seen a celebrity in the wild? Bizarre, right?

    Trails are the best!!!!

    Like B, I’ve been loving the Fitness Blender videos, and am just starting to ramp up my running again – it’s been so long, it’s like a fun new discovery 😀

    Also indifferent to Valentine’s. I don’t think we’ve ever made special plans? I don’t need a Hallmark day to tell me when I need to declare my love, I guess.

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