Hills, Nashville, and Fat Tuesday

I think I can truly, safely say…I’m back! I’ve hit some of my highest mileage weeks, changed up workouts, I’m setting PR’s and running completely pain free. Here’s what’s been going on the past few weeks.

Week of February 24th

Monday: 4.11 miles (44:37) of hill repeats. I haven’t done actual hill work (other than running in Atlanta which should count) in well over a year. Hill repeats were next on the approved list of speed work so I jumped right in with the approval. I ran to one of the biggest hills in my neighbor and ran that up for .22 miles (avg 9:35)  and walked down the .22. Repeat for 2 miles. IT WAS HARD. Hills and asthma don’t mix. Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 10.24.29 PM

Tuesday: Flywheel early morning and private pilates that afternoon.

Wednesday: 7 miles tempo run (8:58 7:56, 7:44, 7:45,7:53,7:47, 8:54) around the beltline and piedmont park. Ran into 2 ATL running friends along the way and it was a gorgeous night to be out and watching the sunset. IMG_6038Thursday:rest day/drove to Nashville for work. Stopped at Chipotle for lunch and saw Scarlett from the show Nashville. I definitely stalked and snuck a picture. IMG_6052I also had the chance to meet up with Lisa! She took me to Yazoo Brewery and then to grab a burger. It was great to catch up IRL and plan out some of our Ragnar Trail ATL details. IMG_6055Friday: 12 mile long run (1:46:04). It was cold. And kinda boring. I attempted to run on the main road by the hotel but the wind was terrible. Lisa had told me about a park about a mile away from the hotel. I literally ran 9-10 1 mile loops. BORED. I had to work a trade show the rest of the day. IMG_6060Saturday: 3o minutes elliptical. It’s all I had time for…trade show all day again starting at 7:30! I was able to have dinner with one of my sorority sisters and dear friends, Emily. We went to the new Nashville hotspot, Pinewood Social. The way the restaurant is laid out is bizarre (not allowed to order drinks at bar while you wait-can only get select drinks at the coffee bar, but the food ended up being amazing).IMG_6069Sunday: 4.1 mile trail run (58:53) with Abby. I got back to the ATL early so I could enjoy the beautiful weather. We went to Sope Creek in Atlanta. It’s a very well marked and easy to understand trail and has a creek as well as paper mill ruins (destroyed in the Civil War) that are really cool to see…and apparently climb. IMG_6073IMG_6075IMG_6084

Total Miles: 27.21 miles

Week of March 3rd

The was probably one of my hardest, yet greatest weeks of work. I was literally booked morning until night with appointments and opened the most accounts I’ve ever opened in a week. It was amazing. BUT, it nearly killed me. I had a slightly-PMS-induced nervous breakdown early in the week over a broken dishwasher (since February 14th) and add on the work stress…so workouts felt pretty hard and forced just to check a box and try and release some energy/anxiety.

Monday: 4 mile (34:48) easy run on the beltline.

Tuesday: flywheel and a night out for Fat Tuesday. The plan was to indulge on all the tasty things before my big Lenten sacrifice. We really lived up to the title of Fat Tuesday.IMG_6100My fav bar in the hood was having a Fat Tuesday party with New Orleans themed food…so I enjoyed a poyboy, oysters, zapps chips, gumbo, and Abita beer. They didn’t have dessert, so I felt it necessary to bring a king cake for us. IMG_6095 IMG_6096 IMG_6102Wednesday: 10 mile long run (1:29:33) and private pilates session. It wasn’t a great long run-I felt rushed trying to squeeze in work and the run before pilates. And I was having major bathroom issues (hmm, wonder why based on what I ate the night before). I was just glad to be done with that one!

Thursday: 3 miles easy run (27:27). I ran early morning  because it was the only time to squeeze it in…talk about tired legs. I rarely run when it’s still dark out, and was surprised how many people run without reflective gear in the dark.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 4 mile trail run at the Olympic Horse Park in Conyers, GA with Abby. We decided we should hit the actual race course for Ragnar Trail ATL even though it’s about a 35-40 minute drive from our hood. Yeah, probably should’ve looked at the events page at the park because there was a Spartan Race going on. We drove around and found a part of the park that wasn’t used for the race, and we think it may have been part of the course. IMG_6127What we found? Not so easy to read trails that seemed to have taken forever to understand. Also? It’s gonna be hard. And hilly. BUT, it’s gorgeous. IMG_6129I went to a super cool new recovery place, Icebox Therapy to loosen up my muscles and tired legs (more to come soon).IMG_6126Follow that with dinner for Allison’s birthday at one of ATL’s newest hot spots, St.Cecelia’sIMG_6133Sunday: Shamrock n Run 10K in the middle of my tempo run. Race recap to come soon! If you follow me on other social media outlets, you know it was a success!IMG_6158I spent the day running errands that I had no time for during the week and finally doing my taxes. I also spent my night with my favorite nugget and finally cooked Lebanese food!IMG_6162I made Allison (and Chris) Stuffed Eggplant and it was AMAZING. Allison made homemade hummus and it truly is so much better than store bought. We are going to try and make a new Lebanese dish once a month now. IMG_6167

Total Miles: 29.2 miles This may be my highest weekly mileage since December of 2012!! INSANE!! Not to mention, on the hardest week of work. BOOM. I will take it. I do wish I would’ve put more of an effort into strength training for the week, but not enough time or energy for both. 1 pilates class and the strength training in flywheel was all I could do.

Life is good. FULL. But so good. Catching up really makes me realize this…lots of running, fabulous friends, and my family. Love it.

Did you do anything for Fat Tuesday? Do you skip workouts when you are stressed or find a way to make them happen? Do you do hill repeats? Do you watch Nashville?

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  • I generally dislike country music. I only started watching Nashville b/c of Connie Britton and I love it! I even like the music – go figure. Scarlett’s voice (don’t know her real name) is hauntingly beautiful. Her hair (weave?!?) looks a mess though. It can’t be all hers (can it?) because that character has a mermaid level amount of hair.

  • So happy everything is going so well for you and you are back, running stronger than ever. I am running lots of hills these days since two of my upcoming halfs are killers. What doesn’t kill you, right?

  • So excited for you! Sounds like you are really back at it! What a crazy couple of weeks for you, but it’s always so satisfying to still be able to get in a lot of miles during it. I’m jealous of all the different places you get to run!!!

  • I have been meaning to tell you that in all the pictures you have been posting, you look fantastic! Super fit! I could not be happier that things are going so well for you. What a world of difference one year makes. Can’t wait to see you in person, my friend!

  • I LOVE Nashville & Scarlett!! I agree with Keyalus though – her hair is a mess. I think there was only one time during the first season that I actually like how it looked – it was probably straightened and not in that curly curly mess they had her in for most of it.

    Great week of workouts for you!! Your Fat Tuesday celebration sounds amazing!

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