Things I’m Lovin IV

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I feel like I’ve got a lot of lovin to share.

1. MilestonePod. A little over a year ago (I think) I found MilestonePod through Miss Zippy and indiegogo. I love being able to fund great business ideas, especially running ones! I bought two of them and honestly had forgotten about it until a few months ago when the updates from the company were emailed a bit more frequently.

My two pods arrived a few weeks ago and they rock. They basically allow you to track your miles on your shoes to know when to buy new ones. There is an app that you sync your shoe with that allows you store your health information/contact info (FOR FREE), track your cadence, how many miles you ran and how long you were on each run. It is very easy and very user friendly. photo (19)I’m honestly surprised that I’m already over 50 miles in 2 weeks. You kinda forget as the miles add up (even when tracking in my Believe I am Journal).

Go order them. For reals. Safety info and mileage info all in one place! IMG_5990

2. Nuun is launching Nuun Energy (enhanced with caffeine and B vitamins) on MONDAY! I’m so excited to try an new concept from my favorite hydration peeps. If you need to stock up on anything before then, today is the last day to use the code FEB14NUUNLOVE to get 20% off your order.

3. My new glasses! I’m so good about suncare and my general health but suck at taking care of my eyes. I finally, after a good 6 years, had my eyes checked. Turns out I need two different types of glasses: readers and night time/driving glasses. Right now I can only afford the readers (for computer, books, etc) and holding off on the night ones. I’ve gotten used to just avoiding night driving 🙂IMG_6004If you are in ATL go see my friend Andrea at Eyeclectic. I guess going to help her friend with her new business was really helpful for my eyes!

4. Yasso Bars. Yall. No, they have nothing to do with our friend Bart and his 800s or running. They are frozen greek yogurt bars that are now my new obsession, only have 80 calories, and 6 grams of protein. They were nice enough to send me a coupon for a free box and I chose the coconut flavor.IMG_6027 IMG_6026

If lent wasn’t next week, I would be all over a repeat buy…but it will have to wait. And when those 40 days pass, I will be buying the new flavors mint chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, chocolate fudge, and sea salt caramel. I went to their website to learn a bit more and realized if you register with them they send you coupons. I will get $1 off my next box!

5. Olive!! So hard to believe it’s been a little over 3 months since I adopted her. She’s filled out so much, has a ton of personality, is insanely loyal, and now is a huge fur ball compared to how bald she was when I got her (she was all matted when they found her and had to shave all her hair off). IMG_5998

6. TV time. I FINALLY finished Orange is the New Black (hooray for hangovers?). I’m obsessed. Also, so glad that Downton Abby didn’t end in a season finale of depression for once!

7. Articles I’ve found online. If you missed Lauren Fleshman’s post about keeping it real, you are probably living under a rock. I must admit, going through the hashtag I had to laugh at what some people thought was “fat” or “ugly” but then realized this is how we see ourselves. SO DISTORTED. My dislikes about myself that I cringe at? My terrible posture and belly.

The beauty of a digital age is you delete what you don’t like. This mainly shows my posture. bleh.

More for your entertainment (seriously, Allison and I had tears running down our face). Ever worked your A off on a pinterest project only for it to look like *hit? These people NAILED IT.

And for the running nerds in you…I found this article interesting about running shoes. I’m FINALLY to the point of running back to back days and needing to rotate the same shoe. I’ve never tried minimalist/racing flats for speed work but have thought about it.

To hear me talk about myself and my southern accent, go check out my interview and podcast with Lifestyle Accountability.

For those of you that don’t really care for Valentine’s Day (like myself), go read this article. It made me feel 1000x’s better.

Guess I should stop there. That’s a lot of lovin.

What are you lovin these days? Heard of Milestonepod? Had Yasso bars? Do you rotate your running shoes? Do you wear glasses? Did you post anything to #keepitreal? 

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  • Your glasses look great!!! I wear contacts since I’m 16, sine I have to wear them 24/7. Running or sport in general is easier with contacts. They are not as expensive as you might think. My annual supply is about $200 (at Costco) and I change them every 2 weeks. Maybe something to look into it.

  • I need to go get some pods already. I think I”m in denial about shoe mileage as I don’t track. At. All.
    You look adorable in your glasses!
    Yasso bars rock! I went to a yoga thing they sponsored and it was awesome!

  • You’re adorable. I think your race picture is pretty great. I have the worst running posture EVER, most of mine I am so tense… I have to work on that. I have never heard of these Yasso bars.

  • Clearly I’m way behind here! I hadn’t heard of MilestonePod, but will definitely check it out. Those Yasso bars sound amazing but sadly my body HATES greek yogurt (not the taste, there’s something about the composition that makes my body have a fit- unlike any other dairy- weird!). Maybe they’ll make a coconut and/or almond milk version. 🙂 On shoe rotation, I have 3-4 pairs at any given time in my active rotation. Typically 2 pairs of “trainers” (everyday, heavier shoes), 1 speed shoe (flat-ish), 1 tempo/race shoe. And finally, yes, I wear glasses. 2 pairs because I’m too vain to agree to bifocals yet. Whew, that was a long comment. xo

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