Snow to Sun

Two crazy opposite ends of the weather spectrum in two weeks and all over the country! Atlanta, New Orleans, Arizona! Glad to be home for a few days.

Week January 27th

Monday: 3 mile run around the hood. hip/glute work.

Tuesday: flywheel. I have a new obsession with a specific bike and being #1 in the class.

Wednesday: 3.5 snowy/icy miles (missing garmin data) easy pace with Abby.  We were able to run on the road since there weren’t many cars out. We stayed on the main road because it was actually prepped/treated and didn’t have any real issues.IMG_5732

This was the first of the snow/ice for Atlanta. The one where we made national news for our government being full of idiots and allowing everyone to go to school creating a cluster on our interstates.

the view outside my condo early Wednesday morning
the view outside my condo early Wednesday morning

If you laughed at the small amount of snow/ice we received, this explains why it is so tough. Basically, no public transportation, no carpool, many, many different small governments outside of Atlanta proper and no one works together. It’s so stupid.

Thursday: 4 mile snowy/icy miles (missing garmin data). Pretty much the same route as Wednesday because nothing had really melted, but I attempted the side roads to make it to 4 miles and ended up slipping and sliding a bit. Sadly, I had lofty aspirations of finding my lost diamond earring and wanted to retrace my steps (yes, I know, attempting to find a diamond on salt covered, snowy roads in a lost cause).

Somehow on my run Wednesday I lost an earring. A screw-back earring that isn’t supposed to come off. My mom gave me the earrings (had them custom made) for my college graduation and I’ve worn them literally every day for over 10 years. I will for sure be saving up to have another one made.

Friday: travel day to New Orleans to eat all the things.

Saturday: 1 mile run to Cafe du Monde with Team in Training.

Sunday: Rock n Roll New Orleans 1/2 Marathon IMG_5814

Week of February 3rd

Monday: travel home/rest day. Took my sister with me to see the Book of Mormon. HILARIOUS!!!

Tuesday: 3 miles easy recovery in the ‘hood.

Wednesday: 3.4 miles easy (31:51) around the Boulders property. I had my work annual sales meeting…but it’s not so bad, it’s usually somewhere really nice every year. This year, it was at the Boulders Resort in Carefree, AZ. It was amazing!! The maps for the running/walking around the resort weren’t so hot and I got a little off track but enjoyed exploring. Bunnies were everywhere. I swear, I saw at least 4 a day. IMG_5853

Also did 2o minutes hip/glute exercises.

Thursday: 50 minute spin class at resort.  30 mins Arms, core, glute, hip work. The class was definitely geared to the retirees that lived on the property, but it was nice to take it easy a week after the race. I was still sweating and my heart rate was up…just wasn’t nearly as intense as flywheel.

Friday: 8 mile run (1:11:23) around the Boulders. I was forewarned about the javelinas…they sometimes attack if you get near their babies. I was also told they come out at night. To say I had a complete freakout in the middle of the day is an understatement. I saw at least 15 of them and refused to get near them until 2 cars drove past me and got them out of the middle of the road. IMG_5861

Again, the maps were terrible and thank goodness my sense of direction is pretty good and I was paying attention (was later told by resort employee that the maps are 20 years old). I was 100% lost and glad I needed to run 8 miles, otherwise I would’ve been really pissed or had to call someone to come and get me.

It wasn’t a great run in the beginning, lots of starting and stopping with stomach issues, missed turns, and animals, but I finished strong.

Right after I finished. My coworkers ran into me heading back to my room and were shocked by my brightness and outfit. Guess they are used to my basics and black? :)
Right after I finished. My coworkers ran into me heading back to my room and were shocked by my brightness and outfit. Guess they are used to my basics and black? 🙂 It ended up being a pretty cute pic!

Our night event was off resort property at a restaurant that had bull riding. That was my first time every seeing people ride bulls in real life…obviously nothing like what a big rodeo would be, but fun either way!IMG_5867Saturday: 2 mile walk/hike with a few coworkers followed by 2o minutes arms, core, glute/hip work. 

The only true sunny day...sunrise!
The only true sunny day…sunrise!


I only had to work a half day on Saturday. My company gives us resort credit to use as we wanted, so I booked a massage. Followed that up with a steam, cooling pool, and sauna and I was completely relaxed before our final dinner.

photo (18)
my company feels like family…one of the benefits of being small!

Sunday: traveled home and completely exhausted. Someone was glad to have me home!IMG_5891

Do you have annual meetings with your job? Or rewards trips? Ever seen a Javelina? Will you run in the snow, hit the treadmill or just skip it? Do you put an effort into your “everyday” run clothing or just grab old race shirts? 

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  • I love, love, love Scottsdale! Lucky you.

    I’m sorry about your earring–totally sucks. I lost a diamond earring in the pool once (why was I wearing it?!). I was lucky enough that the pool was practically empty and I had a nice lady there who helped me look for it–and found it!

    I think Md. is as bad as Atlanta with snow, which is so illogical. We get it every year!

  • I didn’t realize you were in AZ that long. I never heard of a javelina before, i probably would have been scared too. I’ve been on a neon kick lately- perk me up with all this cold weather. It turns out the theme of our Ragnar next weekend is NEON- woo woo.

    I love the seawheeze skirt but it didn’t fit and I had to re-sell on ebay 🙁 SUPER flattering photo skinny minnie

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