Winter Hermit and Training

Week of December 30th:

Monday: 2 mile run to private pilates and back. Run cut short…ah, the life of a sales lady at the end of the year! Went and saw 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle and loved them both.

Tuesday: flywheel before wayyyy to much fun on New Year’s Eve with Abby and Kristin and my awesome boyfriends.

started out innocent...
started out innocent…

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Wednesday: 4 miles (38:53) around Piedmont Park. Incredible feat considering how incredibly hungover I was. Also made the southern usual: pork, collards, and black eyed peas.

Thursday: 6 mile run on the treadmill. Not sure what I was thinking…it was going to rain and I figured I could get in another episode of Orange is the New Black. BUT, that was miserable. So many props to those of you that regularly hit the mill for the miles. Went and saw Philomena.

Friday: pilates mat 2 class

Saturday: 10 miles (1:29:28) around midtown ATL. Instead of my group run with Team in Training, I did a group run that Jes organized for ZOOMA. I loved getting my miles in with Katie, they went by fast as we caught up. It was the first real cold day in ATL and I was glad to be done. I met JR, a twitter friend for the first time, and followed up the run event with brunch with the ladies. Also did my hip exercises when I got home. IMG_5599 IMG_5592 IMG_5595

Sunday: Flywheel followed by my pilates fundraiser for Team in Training! I was so excited to fill the room. It was a great class and I raised over $350!IMG_5602

Total Miles for the week: 22

Week January 6th

Monday: I don’t exactly do “feels like -7 in ATL” outdoor running weather, so I went back to the treadmill for a short 3 mile run before private pilates.

Tuesday: Flywheel and hip and core exercises.

Wednesday:  6 mile TEMPO run!! (8:49, 8:13, 8:08, 8:08, 8:17, 9:00, 9:28). My first bit of speed work in a year. More to come on this soon. I ran to Piedmont Park and then ran in the flat, active oval to be give a boost of confidence that I could do it.

Thursday: 4 mile run (35:33). Hip work and core work. I went to the ATL Track Club social with Jes and we had the opportunity to meet Meb. I actually met him back at RNR Vegas and bought his book then, but it was good to be reminded of his advice. Run to win. This doesn’t mean literally win, but do your best. Live your life to the fullest, have no regrets, and always give 100%. IMG_5626

Friday: rest day.

Saturday: Thunderstorms mean moving the long run to Sunday and Flywheel on Saturday instead. Followed up with core and hip work. Then I decided I needed to clean out my closet and rearrange my guest room/office. Now I need an end table, rug, and 2 lamps. IMG_5629

Sunday: 10 mile run (1:32:59) at the river with Abby. I may have pushed her a bit too hard on this run, but she was a trooper and finished her first double digit miles!IMG_5633

Total Miles for the Week: 23 miles

My hip has really felt GOOD. I can tell when I am tight and need to be adjusted. I see the chiro every 3 weeks or so and get a massage once a month if I can.

Random thoughts:

I love seeing the award winning movies this time of year. So far: 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Philomena, August: Osage County, LLewyn Davis, and Dallas Buyers Club. Long run Saturdays means movie Fridays….perfect excuse. I feel like I’ve become a winter hermit. I prefer to see a movie or stay in vs. going out. Or maybe I’m old. Whatevs.

Also, Girls AND Downton Abbey are back. A reason to love Sunday night.

I’ve spent a ton of time the past few weeks planning out my trips and realizing I need to sell A LOT of sunscreen and skincare to support my travel/running habit. Challenge accepted.

Going to the movies-take it or leave it? Do you watch Girls or Downton Abbey? Brave the cold and run outside or treadmill? 

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  • Yeah for the hip holding up, soo excited to see you back running! I have not watched Downtown Abbey but everybody talks about it, I might have to jump on the bandwagon.

  • I loooove that white top with “the skirt”. It looks so cute!! Also, we really need to talk about Orange is the New Black. I was obsessed for like 2 days straight and now I can’t wait for the 2nd season! And the guest room looks so much bigger with the bed/couch turned like that!! Love it!

  • I am in Atlanta, you have a similar running path as me, I’ll have to check out some of your group runs! I just got done with the Houston marathon, so I’ll be recovering some with week, only swimming and biking for training. Heck, we’ve probably passed each other multiple times! My immediate training is Georgia marathon, but my big races this year are half ironman Raleigh, full ironman Louisville, and hopefully the JFK 50 mile race in November if I qualify!

  • I have really negative associations with DA so I WON’T watch it. Call me petty and grudgy 😉 I LOVE going to the movies!!!! I saw Frozen 3 times 🙂 Did I mention I LOVE going to the movies? 🙂

    I am so glad your hip is doing so well! You give me hope 🙂

  • I’m typically great in snow/cold down to zero but this winter I’ve been milling it more than I’d like. The roads are just too icy and unsafe. I saw Gravity and Catching FIre. I’d love to see American Hustle. Not sure that’ll happen.

  • I’m so impressed with how you do so many workouts- no wonder you bounced back so great!
    Out if all the movies I’ve only seen American Hustle. Wolf of wakstreet is next then Dallas buyers club

  • MEB! Great man. You are awfully tough running and training in the cold. Where I live it’s felt like summer all through the holidays. :-/ Oh, and never go to movies. Too expensive. Don’t watch TV at all (unless it is on Netflix) and…I don’t know what cold weather is anymore. :-p

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