Training through the Holidays

Getting back into the swing of things meant delays on recapping the workouts. Back to 2013 we go….

Week of December 16th

Amy, Katie, Lindsay, Kristen, Me, Melissa, Jes

Monday: a quick 3 miles (27:04) on the beltline followed by private pilates session. That night, I hosted the First Annual ATL Running Bloggers Christmas Party! Everyone brought a $10 wrapped running gift and we did an exchange.

Tuesday: Flywheel 

Wednesday: 6 miles (55:16) around Piedmont Park early morning with Abby. I haven’t done an early weekday run in probably a year. Beautiful views of the skyline that morning.IMG_5481

Thursday: Flywheel followed that night by another Christmas Party with some of the neighborhood girls. This italian restaurant has a disco ball, plays random sing-a-along songs and has lots of fun hats for everyone to where. Needless to say, we had a good time and later hit the bars. IMG_5507 IMG_5514

Friday: home to Mobile! Rest day. AKA really hungover and tired drive home day.

Saturday: 8 miles (1:11:21) at Cottage Hill Park in Mobile. Luckily, my sis is training for another half so we went to the park and ran loops. Insanely boring, but that way we could at least be running in the same place. Also had christmas with my high school girlfriends and we did a beauty products exchange. Way fun. And had a fabulous brunch. There never seems to be enough time, but love getting to see my girls.IMG_5246

Sunday: rain ALL DAY so run canceled. I wasn’t paying $20 to use a gym for a 4 mile run. Instead, I did Jes’ Instagram thanksgiving workout and my hip exercises. Felt less like a fat ass after eating #allthecookies. Literally, all of

17 miles total for the week

Week of December 22nd:

Monday: 3 miles (24:19) at Cottage Hill Park again.

Tuesday: 6 miles (53:34) on Christmas Eve…moved longer mid-week run to Tuesday because of the holiday. That night, regular Christmas tradition with Mass and then my dads side of the family Christmas.

the cousins!
the cousins!


early wake for A's first Christmas
early wake for A’s first Christmas
Olive's 1st Christmas (with me)
Olive’s 1st Christmas (with me)

Thursday: 4 (33:43) miles at Cottage Hill Park again with Allison. Can you see a pattern here? Same part over and over again…but we were together so we both felt more safe.

Friday: rest day. I took my grandmother to the casino for her 87th birthday. Talk about lucky day for me….I hit the jackpot and won $1400. I was in complete shock (my grandmother always win, I am usually just along for the ride and break even). I quit after winning and just watched her the rest of the day. IMG_5558 IMG_5562

Saturday: workout canceled, more rain. It was nice to be lazy.

Sunday: 10 miles (1:30:10) solo around the Springhill area of Mobile before driving home. Highly entertaining to see so many runners out in layers of clothes when the weather was the high 40s/early 50s. My fav part of the run is below: the oaks around Springhill College. IMG_5568

23 miles for the week

Overall, it was great to be home and great to be able to celebrate the holidays with all of my friends (in ATL and home) and with all of my family.

How was your holiday? Favorite thing you got for Christmas? Do you stick to your training when you go out of town/on vacation/during the holidays? 

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