Things I’m Lovin’ Volume III

Occasionally I have a bunch of random things that I’m loving that just don’t seem to go together. This is one of those times. So bullet points and lists it is!

1. I’d seen a few posts here and there about Mix My Own. You can make your own granola! You start with your base, add fruit, then nuts and seeds, and then extras. There are tons of options, including gluten free, and you just pay by what you add to your mix. I LOVE mine and eat it in my greek yogurt with a little honey. I found a coupon on their facebook page, in case you want to try it out. photo (15)

2. I’m so excited to be a Nuun ambassador again!! Yall know I love this stuff, the brand, and the peeps behind the company. Never tried Nuun or need to stock up? Use code HOLIDAY13 to get 20% off one order now through December 31st.Nuun Ambassador Badge

3. I’m a bit of a holiday-a-holic. If you are new(er) to the blog, I did a vlog about my tree last year (mainly for Molly so she could hear the accent she missed so much) and wanted to share my newest additions. I get an ornament in every state I race. This year, there weren’t as many new ornaments as I had hoped due to lack of new states, but I love the ones I have (side note: I am missing VA Beach and Rhode Island if anyone lives/visits there please let me know). My tree is a collection of Christopher Radko ornaments, bright glass balls, and all my travels. Yes, all my presents match and they are brown paper packages tied up with strings. photo (16)

Mississippi is from a local artist and displays the blues. Totally fits my Mississippi Blues 1/2 marathon.IMG_5242

I could not find a Texas ornament to save my life (that I liked). I found a Radko one and asked Santa for it, so we shall see if that happens.

I skipped getting Kentucky and plan to get it this year when I go back for Run the Bluegrass.

And I just finished out the year with my Rehoboth ornamentIMG_5241

4. In other ornament news, I hosted the First Annual Atl Runner Bloggers Holiday Party at my house. I love that I have connected with these fabulous women, and this night reminded me that we need to get together more often. Each person brought a running themed gift, and it just fit that I got the ornament (and a “gone running” sign). Melissa was so smart and suggested everyone sign it. I LOVE it. More on the night in a post soon. IMG_5244 IMG_5243

5. I jokingly posted on StuftMama’s giveaway for an Xfinity resistance band that I pretty much had slim to none chance of winning based on how many people entered but here’s my comment anyway…and I won! I’m loving this band! I had seen it in self magazine and on several blogs and it seemed like a great thing for me to take with me when I travel. I can’t wait to try the dvd workouts that came with it. It’s also great for my hip exercises and stretching. Baby A apparently wanted in on the action, too. photo (17)

6. Have you taken the dialect quiz floating around facebook from the NY times? This quiz was spot on for me: Mobile, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Yep, definitely from Alabama. Right yall?

Do you have a favorite ornament? Do you have a themed tree or a hodgepodge of ornaments? Do you like to collect anything when you travel? Did you take the dialect quiz? Go take it-I want to know what you are! 

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  • Congrats on returning to the Nuun team!!

    My favorite is the Mickey head you sent us – I love it, and it’s soooo sparkly 😀 We have kind of a hodge podge now; before we moved to CA, we had two sets of ornaments – one was a TON of Disney that I collected, and one was a bunch of random stuff, including ornaments I used to collect when we traveled. Somehow, these were all lost in our move, so now we have random stuff we picked up wherever.

    I took that quiz, too, and got two cities outside of Miami (where The H is from, ha!), and Seattle??

  • Congrats on Nuun team!! I have a Hawaii ornament I like. I didn’t even put up the tree this year. No point 🙁

    Anyway, I also got the Christmas card you sent. LOVE IT!!!

  • I love the idea of the race ornaments – that’s fun! I live in Rhode Island actually, too.

    We have more of a hodgepodge of ornaments, but they’re all meaningful to us. My favorites are ones we received a couple or our baby ornaments or for our new house.

    My dialect quiz was spot on – Boston/Worcester/Providence.

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