Lots of Tacky Sweaters

Holy Holidays! Here’s how the past few weeks have been.

Week of December 2nd

Monday: private pilates and chiro appointment. I was extremely tight and my chiro had said that was the problem all along (probably should’ve called him right back when the pain started 2 weeks before instead of the doctor). He told me it’s my job and sitting in the car so much that is causing the pain. He guided me on my week and getting through the half marathon.

Tuesday: 4 mile run in Birmingham- felt sluggish but pain free!

Wednesday: rest/drove home/sports massage. LOVE my sports massage time! Massage Man Will gave me several stretches to do several times a day to keep my hips from tightening. (literally did the stretches at least three times a day leading up to the race and continuing to do them now).

Thursday: rest/travel day and hanging with Jess in Virginia.

Friday: I was able to take one of Jess’ pilates classes and her sister stretched me, too.

Saturday: Rehoboth Beach 1/2 Marathon!!!!IMG_5376

Sunday: travel/rest day.

So only 17.1 miles for the week…but very, very successful miles!

Week of December 9th

Monday: private pilates, followed by the 7th Annual Auburn Pi Beta Phi Ornament Exchange. It’s always fun to see all of my sorority sisters (this time, all ages, not just my pledge class). There are over 40 of us in a five-six year age range in Atlanta, but this seems to be as good as we can get these days. IMG_5235

Tuesday: 4 mile run with Lisa in NashvilleIMG_5420

Wednesday: all training plans canceled because I woke up with a stomach bug. I attempted to work through it and was stuck in my hotel room all afternoon. The hotel brought up soup, crackers, and sprite on the house to make me feel better!

Thursday: Weak and recovering from being sick. Travel back home.

Friday: easy, no music, head clearing 3 mile run before a looong, fun, night out. 🙂

Saturday: Ugly Sweater Run 5K. plus a 1.5 miles to the start. 

This race was going to be so much fun- ugly sweaters and then brunch out with all the girls. Some of the girls were going to walk, some run….until the weather forecast came out. 100% rain. That left me and Abby to run for sure, and we somehow convinced Anne and Sally to do the same. The weather gods seem to look out for us because it stopped raining when we walked out the door. So, we left the ponchos at home.IMG_5438

Nice easy run to the start at Piedmont Park (1.5 miles) and the bottom fell out of the sky. Legit. Downpour. Thank goodness I wore my old running shoes (yay planning ahead). It was awful. I ran as quickly as I could around the walkers and slower runners to just be done. It would’ve been a great fun run with lots of holiday decor on the course. There was no stopping for us though, it was more of a wading through water. Not kidding, water in some parts of the park was a foot deep. I kept asking myself why I was running an UNTIMED 5K in the rain. Insanity. IMG_5445

rocking the Inknburn sweater shirt (yes, running material) and of course had to rock the sparkle athletic skirts!

We finished and called a girlfriend to come get us. At least we looked cute, right?  IMG_5447

Showered up, brunch with the gals, took Olive to see Santa and then headed to another tacky sweater party with my boyfriends (yes, I washed the shirt!).IMG_5460 1524717_10151830039093317_556162477_n

Sunday: forced flywheel detox. BOOM. great way to end the weekend.

Total Mileage: 8 miles. oh well.

Did you dress up in tacky sweaters this year? Make it, buy it, or skip the sweater? Have you seen Santa? Would you skip the race or run in the rain?


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