A Whole Lot of Nothing

My past two weeks in training land have pretty much sucked. Life on the other hand, has been fabulous and busy!

Week November 18th:

Monday: 4 mile run. Didn’t feel great, but wanted to test out hip.

Tuesday: flywheel. I also decided to call my doc about the hip pain. It was hurting to walk, and I knew that wasn’t normal. Per his advice, I had to take 5 FULL rest days off. NOTHING.

Wednesday: nothing except for aย private pilates class. I told the doc’s office I had this planned already and she said to go for it because it was 1:1. Even Laura (instructor) could tell how tight my hip was and I felt a little bit better after that.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: NADA

Talk about feeling like a slob. I iced my hip once a day (twice if I could), trigger point foam rolled and trigger point ball several times a day, and took over the counter NSAIDS twice a day. I drove home to Mobile on Sunday, and driving always irritates my hip from all the sitting.

Week November 25th:

Monday: Called the doc because still didn’t feel 100%, but did feel a thousand times better than the week before. They called in prescription NSAIDS and said that since I was better, it sounded more like inflammation and that just because I’m ready to run, doesn’t mean my body is quite there yet. Hmph. Took another rest day and went on a mile walk with my mom and Olive.

Tuesday:ย rest.

Wednesday: figured I would give running a shot. I went running with one of my best friend’s speedy husbands (after visiting their newest addition/fourth child to the family). They live next door to my old high school and we went up to the track so I would have a soft, flat surface. 3 speedy miles that weren’t great on the hip-but felt SO GOOD to run.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: stuck with more rest. I figured my hip needed the break until I could see the chiropractor. First time in 3 years not running on Thanksgiving, but very proud for actually listening to my body and not pushing a turkey trot.

Friday I drove back to ATL, and managed to get my christmas tree, get it in my house and in the stand all by myself. How about that strength!!IMG_5299

Saturday. Well, it may go down as the best day in Auburn football. AND I WAS THERE FOR IT!!! I rode with my sis and bro in law at 6am. YES. 6AM to beat the traffic. I spent the day tailgating and then went into the game. My running blogger friends know me all too well, my phone blew up at the game. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was in tears. Not kidding. So if you have been living under a rock, Auburn won the most heated rivalry there is in college football and beat Alabama in an absolutely insane play. And by doing so, defeated the #1 team in the nation.IMG_5305

Even Barbara Walters watched the game.

My FAVORITE replay of it all is listening to the Auburn radio announcers. If you haven’t heard it, please go watch/listen. Even if you aren’t a college football fan, you can appreciate their enthusiasm. I lost my voice and was absolutely exhausted by the time we made it home (around 11 I think?). Man, all I can say is WAR DAMN EAGLE.IMG_5308 IMG_5309

Sunday: Feeling like the biggest slob in the universe at this point, I went to flywheel. NO PAIN!! And then spent the afternoon decorating my tree and condo for Christmas.

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  • YOU ARE SUCH A SLACKER. just kidding!

    Yay for listening to your body ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe you and your hip wrestled that tree all the way home and into a stand! Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like a very nice Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You’ll be fine! You just have to figure out that right combo of rest and activity right now. I went through similar setbacks after being cleared to run after my stress fracture. Taking some extra time off will help you reset yourself.


  • Good for you for actually taking the rest days. Not sure I could do that. I think I have exercise addiction.

    That game looked INTENSE. I don’t follow college football though.

  • Wow hope the dang hip stops giving you trouble. You are a freaking beast for getting that tree inside your house AND in the stand. I couldn’t do that if you paid me to do it! Also…any team that beats Bama is okay in my book. We caught the tail end of the game while we were out to eat and the entire restaurant went nuts not because Auburn won but because Bama got beat. Go y’all!

  • I just found your blog and wanted to say a big thank-you for all the info on your rehab! I am a runner/triathlete 10 days post-surgery for a labral tear, and it’s been really interesting to see how you’ve progressed. Hope the hip is still feeling good!

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