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The past two weeks have been good! I FINALLY uploaded my garmin data for the past few months to see how I’m doing. It’s pretty obvious that my shorter distances are much better than my longer runs. Still working IMG_5093

I also pulled out my Believe I Am journal to start tracking how I am feeling/doing after each run.  It was kinda sad to flip to last January and see it all abruptly stop.

Week October 28

Monday: 4 miles in Birmingham. They have the best running (pavement) trail. Love when the twitter universe guides me to the right place!IMG_5043

Tuesday: Flywheel and then Pilates sculpt. Made the mistake of going back to back. Talk about leg shake!

Wednesday: 4 miles at the Halloween run at Big Peach with Abby. We totally should’ve won the costume contest based on duo and homemade creativity. She was a deer and I was the hunter. Please tell me you get it. Also, I thought about this when putting the outfit together….why do hunters wear camo and then neon? I mean, I know the neon orange is so that other hunters can see them but how do the animals not notice the bright color? IMG_5063

Thursday: 3 miles at the active oval at Piedmont Park and then had to see my favorite baby on Halloween. She’s pretty much the cutest candy corn you will ever meet. IMG_5090 IMG_5087

Friday: rest and massage. HOLY HEAVEN.

Saturday: 8 miles with Team in Training. It’s been a year since I’ve run with Team. It was great to see old friends and have some running partners again.

After running, I met up with Allison, Chris and baby A for the Stomp and Chomp Festival. Pretty sure we walked a good two miles tasting lots of chili and shopping at the vendor tents. My legs were pretty shot by the end of it all.

please note how many chili cups are in my hand…and that’s not even all of them.
Obviously my favorite chili of them all (and it was… and not just because I know the cook IRL)

Sunday: flywheel with one of the head instructors from NYC. I may have died. Or wanted to cry. Flywheel had tightened the bikes and I got the hardest one of all (literally- an instructor rode it the next day and said it was insane). I was worried because either I was that hungover, really tired from my run, or my asthma was acting up. Or all of the above?? Also did my PT exercises.

Total for the week: 19 miles 

Week November 4th

Monday: 4 easy on the beltline

Tuesday: flywheel in the morning, pilates sculpt in the afternoon

Wednesday: 4 mile group run at Big Peach with Team in Training

Thursday: 3 miles easy on the beltline followed by private pilates session

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 10 miles with Team in Training. I was worried about this run…fairly hilly course and longest I’ve run since January. I was pretty sore the rest of the day (especially right after the run) but managed to watch lots of football and attend a precious 1 year old birthday party. Mustache theme and all. Probably hard to tell, but the cookie (favor) is in the shape of the mustache. photo (12)

Sunday: flywheel. Was #1 in the class. Pretty sure I hit my best record too.

Total for the week: 21 miles.

Questions for you: Do you enjoy festivals and food cook-offs? If you have kids, do you throw themed parties? I think everyone lives on etsy and pinterest now and throws fabulous parties! How’s your training going?

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