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Before I dive into my new addition…I owe many people responses to the shoe post (it brought up tons of convo that I found interesting), I apparently deleted every comment in my email some how. One click of a button. Oops. So please know that I appreciated all of them and just because I write a blog and love social media doesn’t mean I’m the best when it comes to the simple task of gmail.

Back to my new addition…

I grew up with dogs. My first dog was Hershey, a crazy chocolate lab that we had when I was really little. The few memories I have of her involve my mom driving us around in the neighborhood in the pouring rain and thunderstorm because Hershey hated bad weather and would dig a hole and run away at every storm. Needless to say we gave her to someone with a farm where she could run.

My next dog was Abdi, a beautiful, sweet loving black lab. She was my world for many, many years and passed away the summer before I went to college (I think?). She was sooo smart- would jump through hoops (for real, hula hoops) and allow me and Allison to dress her up and treat her like a doll. IMG_5213

My dad now has Sadie, a yellow lab who is slightly crazy, incredibly smart and strong willed but so loyal and lovable. Do you see a pattern yet? All labs. All my life I thought I would end up with a lab, too. As the years have passed, I said I didn’t have the time or space for a dog. But, I LOVE dogs. Pretty much everyone I know has a dog and I love getting to play with them. Cats, you can keep. I’m highly allergic and think they are creepy. No offense. Dogs are where it’s at, peeps.IMG_2483I’m not sure what has gotten into me over the past few weeks. Maybe it’s the longest time I’ve been “alone” in years, maybe it’s the fact that all of my friends have dogs, or maybe I’m just ready for my own responsibility/family. I always put off getting a dog because of the space that I have. 1000 square feet doesn’t exactly leave a whole lot of room for a lab or a big dog (that I thought I always wanted).

I started to really think and plan: what kind of dog would I want? How big? Do I really have the time for one?

So the process started.

I wanted a smaller, female (male dog= red rockets and marking when the pee), older dog. No puppy this go round. I needed a dog that was either house trained or close to it, and wasn’t going to be wild in my house. I also wanted a small dog- NOT a running dog. I like that time to myself. I also started to think about the time thing in general. I know I traveled a lot this past year for work, but that will start to change as I grow with the company and establish myself. I also thought about the fact the a dog is always better off with someone in a forever home than in a shelter. AND, my girlfriends offered to help out when I have to go out of town. I also did a trial run with my neighbors dogs last week to see if I could handle the schedule. I didn’t mind it at all.

My first trip was to the Atlanta Humane Society to just look and see what they had. Honestly, in the small dog category there were not that many dogs available. That’s a good thing, I guess. My second trip a few days later was to Atlanta Pet Rescue. I went prepared, I researched a few dogs online and had already filled out my application.

First up, Olive. I loved her.IMG_5167

I play with two other chihuahuas that were backyard breeders (not used to human interaction) and I didn’t want to deal with that. For some reason, I just knew Olive was for me. So I got her.IMG_5169Olive-Adopted-280x280

I know she was found by animal control in a not-so-nice part of Atlanta with all of her hair matted (they had to shave her which is why I have her in sweaters).  She’s had babies at some point in life (but was fixed once Atlanta Pet Rescue got her from animal control). Olive seems to be house broken and crate trained- or she’s just really good at both. She currently hates being walked to the park to go to the bathroom, I have to carry her and then she is okay (maybe it’s the traffic and cars?). She definitely doesn’t know her name or any tricks or commands but we are working on that.

trying to show you her size, she’s only 8 lbs.

IMG_5195Right now, I’m enjoying her many, many cuddles-she prefers to be held or right next to you at all times and I gave into the “no couch rule” on day one. She seems to be very familiar with how fabulous they are and loves to be up there with me, even though she has a brand new bed. I’m also enjoying spoiling her (if you have a pet-go to Homegoods and Tuesday Morning for GREAT finds). She’s going to be the most stylish terrier mix you’ve ever met.

IMG_5182 IMG_5181

I swear, the dog picks you. I’m so, so I happy I adopted a dog. It’s definitely the way to go. I’m warning you, if you go to a shelter, you will walk out with a pet…but if you do, you may have just saved an animals life.

Do you prefer dogs, cats, or both? Do you have any pets? If so, do you dress them up? Did you pay for training or do it yourself?


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  • All the best with Olive! She’s precious and perfect! I am a dog person for sure. HIghly allergic to cats like you are. We have 2 Bichons flanking me on the couch this very second.

  • Oh my gosh, she’s sooo cute!!! Love her 🙂

    I love cats and dogs, but have only had cats my whole life. Looking forward to getting another one soon!

  • Congrats on your new addition and THANK YOU for going to a shelter because those dogs also deserve a wonderful home and love. <3 I currently have a yellow lab, I think she is 4 years old?? We did a big Halloween night at our house and she is always dress up for the occasion and loves it!

  • Gahhhhhhh!!! I just want to SQUEEZE her!!! She is so freaking adorable. It hurts my heart to think about what she went through before she became part of your family. I am loving hearing about how amazing this has been for you. I think you will continue to be surprise…you will never believe you could love an animal so much!!

  • Congrats on the new family member! She is too cute and tiny! I am a lab person as well and mine is far to big for my apartment but we make it work. Too funny that she makes you carry her to the park!

  • this is too funny because I have been feeling the dog itch lately too and have been toying with getting one in the next year since travel will be way down. Currently what is stopping me is I have a roommate and wouldn’t want to bestow that upon them since originally I was the dogless when we agreed to live with one another. She is adorable and I’m glad you found what you were looking for

    on a side note- also don’t like cats, they annoy me and i’m allergic

  • Conrats!!! Olive is perfect for you!! I’m so happy to read you adopted her. There are soo many great dogs in shelters and I wish more people would consider adoption. You don’t only save the life of a dog, you will also find the perfect mate and soon you will realize, they actually saved you! I adopted my little crazy dog 6 years ago, he was found matted in a back yard and deaf, but he is the most perfect dog for me! Keep the pictures coming!!

  • Olive is ADORABLE! Love her little face. I have a dog, Weimaraner, named Bailey that I love to run with and a blind cat named Mr. Skittles. I am not a big cat person either but blind cats are different bc they don’t jump on furniture :). I trained Bailey myself but my dad has always trained hunting dogs and I would help him so I have some experience in that area. Congrats! Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Oh she’s adorable! Congrats!!

    I prefer cats because A) I grew up with only cats, B) they’re pretty self-sufficient when we’re away for a weekend and C) they give the best snuggles.

    We have 2 cats, Delilah and Flynn, that we adopted last year (as kittens) after my first and only adult pet had to be put to sleep (my 18 y/o cat, Boomer). We don’t dress them up because cats hate that, but we did try once, last Christmas. We put elf ears on one and a Santa hat/beard on the other. It was adorable. They hated it! 🙂

    Shelters are definitely the way to go. We looked at those little faces and knew instantly they picked us.

  • We got a puppy in August and are so in love with him and he is completely spoiled! We had wanted to adopt but were pretty specific about the breed we wanted. After months (actually a year but don’t tell my husband) of not being able to find one at a shelter we finally got one from a breeder. I look forward to waking up and coming home everyday now that we have the little dude!

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