Or shall I say Montezeumas Revenge? In all fairness, it was one of the best trips I’ve taken. It was all very last minute and my dear friend Johanna asked if I wanted to join her in San Miguel.

Never heard of it? Yeah, me either. I did a little googling and realized it’s a bit of a hot spot these days.

Luckily Johanna likes to travel the way I do…when we are in a city, we are seeing the city. I didn’t relax as much as a should have…but I shopped till I dropped, ate and drank plenty, went to a cooking class, got my culture on, and went horseback riding for the first time since a pony ride at some kids 1st grade birthday years ago  (assuming that was my last time on horse?).

As much as I love those fun photo collages, I don’t think they do pictures justice. I took over 400 pictures. Don’t worry, I won’t share them all…I will do my best to pick and choose my favorites.


The city of San Miguel:

Surprisingly a ton of Americans. Beautiful architecture, history and religious work. Lots of shopping and insanely delicious restaurants.  I don’t think the pictures can really even show how beautiful it all really is.

view of the city from the Rosewood Hotel
I was fascinated by all of the churches and how different catholicism is in Mexico vs. how we practice in the US
outside view of the main church at the square
the view from the deck at the house we stayed in
the master bedroom. Just a peak at how gorgeous this house is!

Our Activities:

Several days were legit just shopping and sight-seeing. One day we went to the Sazon cooking school and made our own healthy mexican lunch. It was really fun and one of my favorite things that we did.

the spread before we cooked.
Making my own corn tortillas
Johanna, our chef and myself post class


the main course! yes, we made it.
the main course! yes, we made it.

We also went horseback riding through the country side. When I told people I was going to Mexico, they assumed the beach. I was actually in the mountains. I LOVED horseback riding. I was sore in places I didn’t know I would be sore. Talk about inner thigh workout. My horses name was Pony. Not kidding. The entire time Johanna thought I didn’t know his name and was just calling him a pony.

beginning of ride through the river.
after we rode to the top of the mountains, this was the view of the river we were in above.
countryside views
selfie with Pony
there was one other girl in our tour, the owner, and the cowboy. The dog typically herds the cattle (that the cowboy owned) but ran with us for all 3.5 hours of the ride.
view from the very top where there was a tiny chapel. The alter was outside of the church.
Jo and Me at the top
the house where the cowboy and his family lived. The lady who owns the company keeps her horses here. They cooked us an authentic lunch. Life is completely different than the way we live it. I was so fascinated by the large cross/alter in their yard. It’s really common.
Jo and Me post ride back at the ranch
authentic mexican- SOOOO good and fresh.

We spent a lot of time shopping and eating. This really sums it up. Pesos are cheap. In my head, everything seemed free. We both had to buy extra bags to bring stuff home.

a Mexican volcano. I have no idea. But it was fabulous. Cactus is my new favorite thing to eat-it was in the volcano and several of our breakfast dishes.
necessary. The waiters loved us.
on a tour…these are typically used in parades.
VIVA!! Our only cab ride because we couldn’t hold all of purchases. We went all touristy with our matching hats and bags.

There were only two downsides to the entire trip. The last few days were supposed to be in Mexico City at the St.Regis. But due to protesting and road blocks, we shorted the stay in Mexico City to just the night before our flight. BUT we got stuck staying at the Hilton at the airport. And not just AT the airport…IN the airport. We ate in the airport for lunch and dinner. Bleh.

I do believe that lead to the second downside to the trip. I came back with Montezeuma’s Revenge in full force. 102 degree fever on Monday night and 4 pound weight loss in 48 hours. Thank goodness for medicine. I was good as new after 5 or so days.

It really was an amazing week. Totally unexpected and just what I needed. It made up for my lack of racing the states, that’s for sure!!

Have you been to San Miguel or heard of it? Ever gotten sick after a trip to Mexico? What’s your favorite international destination?

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