The New Routine

You know what happens when you don’t write down your workouts? You kinda forget them.  I haven’t really been following a plan…other than to slowly build up mileage.  I’m trying to increase to running 4 days a week, which I did this week.

The past few weeks have been pretty much the same routine, other than a surprise relay race:

Monday: shorter run, typically 3-4 miles

Tuesday: flywheel, pilates, or both

Wednesday: longer than Monday run, typically 4-5 miles

Thursday: flywheel, pilates, both

Friday: flywheel or rest

Saturday: long run, each week adding a mile

Sunday: rest

After reading Heather and Kim’s posts (from the past few weeks since I am so behind) I realized I’ve been neglecting the weights. I told myself I wasn’t going to do that once I could run again, and it’s exactly what I did. Pilates is a great strength workout, especially the class I like to take on Tuesday nights (pilates sculpt) but I think I need to continue with free weights when I can and get back into lunges and squats.

I think it is really important to keep up cross training-I will continue to go to flywheel and use the elliptical if I am out of town on a cross train day.

As I mentioned above, this week I was able to add in a short 4th day of running. I went really short to see how my body would handle back to back days.

Monday: 3.5 mile very easy run post Bourbon Chase (more to come soon!) and private pilates

Tuesday: flywheel

Wednesday: 4 mile treadmill run (out of town for work).

I also took the Time Magazine which state suits you quiz that was floating around facebook and twitter. Funny enough, it has me right where I am. IMG_5022

Thursday: 2.5 mile run, weights.

Also had a chiro appointment. I was a little nervous because the relay was so last minute, and I was originally told a month or so ago that a relay was out of the question. Neither my doc, myself, or the chiro thought this would be possible. I agreed to run last minute and no one knew I was doing it.

I was slightly nervous to tell him that I ran, but I wanted to be honest in case something was off. Spoiler, I ran my 12 miles. I went from 8 to 12 miles but at least they were spread out over 3 legs,right?? Chiro said had I not told him, he wouldn’t have known by my body. Biggest issue is my back and shoulders…some family stress, 5 different hotel beds in a 1.5 week period, and sleeping in a 15 passenger van probably caused all of that. But BOOM. I am back! He confirmed that I didn’t do anything to set me back and told me just take it easy this weekend and then pick up where I left off.  (side note: I wouldn’t have completed my 3rd leg if I didn’t feel fully capable. I have been very, very good about listening to my body and taking it easy. I think that is why my comeback has been easier than I expected. I followed all of the doctors orders up front and didn’t push too hard).

Friday: rest.

Saturday: easy 6 mile run followed by a much needed lazy day. And a pumpkin spice latte. For some reason the pumpkin spice is a treat to me. I always have a plain latte, but the flavor is “special”, I have no idea why. IMG_5030

Sunday: rest.

Did you take the Time Mag quiz? Where do you belong if so? Are flavored coffees/latte part of your regular week or a treat? 

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