Starting 33 with Bourbon…

This past weekend I celebrated my thirty-third birthday. WTF. As usual, with a birthday comes reflection on the past year and hopes and wishes for the future.

I tend to look at life with the glass half full, but in all reality, thirty-two wasn’t all it cracked up to be. It seemed every high was somehow followed with a low (or is that just life?).  5K and 1/2 marathon PRs and then the assault and first trial. A new job and beautiful niece born into the family followed by a breakup and the labral tear and surgery. Grandiose plans of running all the races in all the states came to a halt.  It all happens for a reason and I learned from each and every experience. The lows showed how strong I really was, and the highs really show how much I have to be thankful for.

I managed to end out the end of my thirty-second year with some big highs though- a trip to Mexico, a girls weekend in Auburn, and RUNNING AGAIN. Somehow much faster than I expected the recovery to be.

I spent my weekend with a Friday Flywheel class, Saturday 7 mile run, Saturday night party with my dearest friends (drinking a bit too much I might add).IMG_4922 IMG_4942 IMG_4941

Yes, I am blowing out sprinkles in a shot glass because that’s what bartenders give you on your birthday, right?

My actual birthday on Sunday was spent with my boys at the Atlanta Pride Parade, time with my niece, and a special Cooking Light and Hugh Acheson dinner at Empire State South.IMG_4927 IMG_4934 IMG_4931 IMG_4938

Quite a great weekend.  Bring it thirty-three, bring it.

And then this happens.IMG_4944

Casey works for NUUN.  I was supposed to spend my weekend in Nashville, extending it from a few days of work to see some friends. I was assured that I wouldn’t have to run all the legs if I couldn’t and that my speed/time doesn’t matter. Oh, and did I mention it is with some of my dearest NUUNHTC teammates?

HOW TO MAKE THIS WORK. I debated, slept on it, and still wanted to be there.

I had the President of my company with me on Tuesday and he was incredibly kind and helped me figure it out.  Let’s just say I couldn’t work for a better company. I’m now taking a one way rental to Lexington via Nashville and a one way flight out of Louisville on Sunday. BOOM. The rest of the logistics are a bit of a nightmare (cab to get rental car, load car with work product, pack for work, pack for relay, pack for cold weather and be in Nashville by noon on Wednesday) but I don’t care.IMG_4940

Holy crap. I’m running a relay. I’m running a race. For the first time in ten months. I’m running with some of my favorite running people.

Wait, did I tell you…HOLY CRAP I’M RUNNING A RACE. The Kentucky Bourbon Chase to be exact.

I might be a bit crazy, I know. Trust me when I say my recovery is the most important thing right now. I will listen to my body, stop if I have to, walk if I have to, etc, etc. I haven’t followed every rule and PT exercise for no reason, right?

But damn…either way, talk about kicking off thirty-three with a bang.

Farewell thirty-two…onto bigger and better!

Birthdays-love em or leave em? Ever plan an out of state running trip in less than 24 hours? 


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