REALLY Running…

I often feel as though the play by play posts about my getting back to the real world of training is boring…oh well. Luckily, it includes tidbits of my “real” life outside of this running comeback.

Week of Sept.23rd:

Monday: 3 mile run. My first REAL run without walk breaks. I was in Mobile for work, and to be honest…it was much harder than I expected it to be.  Those 3 miles felt like an all out 5K.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: 4 mile run/walk 3:1 ratio in the rain. Got home from Mobile and went straight to Piedmont Park. Old uninjured Elizabeth would’ve bailed on the weather, but I’m so thankful to be out there….I did it.

Thursday: private pilates.

Friday: FLYWHEEL. It was glorious. Even if it was at 6am. I love that place so much and I wasn’t able to go for almost 7 months. It was also my dedicated weekend to do absolutely nothing. And I really did…no going out at all. I spent my Friday night finishing up Dexter on my DVR and performing Garmin surgery. Took me 45 flipping minutes to change the band. Those people on the youtube video make it look so simple. Liar, liar pants on fire. I had to use my teeth, both hands, and my legs to accomplish such a “simple” task. IMG_4698

Saturday: 5 mile run/walk 3:1 ratio with Jessica.  Went out to the park near the Chattahoochee River where I usually run with Team in Training. It’s one of two spots that are near by that are soft ground to run on. It was a beautiful morning!IMG_4704

Sunday: Rest and Falcon’s game!IMG_4727

Week of September 30th

Monday: 3 mile run at Shelby Farms in Memphis and weights. If I lived here, I would run and/or bike here every day. Its so pretty. If you ever go to Memphis and need a running spot, this is it.IMG_4733

Tuesday: Rest. Finished work early enough to hit up Graceland. Why not, right? It only took about an hour to get through it. Learned a little bit more about the King, but not so sure I would pay to go back. $10 to park, $33 to get in. Check that off the list.IMG_4793 IMG_4796

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run/walk on treadmill and weights. Glorius hotel life.

Thursday: rest and appointment with chiro. Got the most amazing news in the world. Apparently I have held my adjustments and I was given the go-ahead to cut the walk breaks. SAY WHAT. I honestly doubted that this was an option. He told me to try it out and see and just listen to my body. He also told me I could start doing back to back runs when my body felt ready (sidenote: that may be a few more weeks away).

Friday: 6 mile RUN. Like straight up, didn’t stop, kept going for 6 miles run. I have no idea where it came from. I totally stalked my garmin because those last 2 miles seemed to drag on and on. It wasn’t easy…but I DID IT.

It was a great way to kick off my weekend. I had my 10 year reunion with my sorority sisters this weekend in Auburn. We ate too much, drank to much, and acted like we were still in our 20s. The good news? We picked up right where we left off.

 Saturday: duh. Walked all over Auburns campus.

For your entertainment…my senior year plaque pic. One thing I always loved is that all of the previous classes pictures were lined along the dorm hall. Nothing has changed with that tradition. Except that we are further down the hall. 🙂

Also below…pics in front of the new dorm, in front of the Auburn University sign (have same pic of us 10 years ago), and some of us rolling Toomer’s Corner post-win. War Eagle!


IMG_4876 IMG_4871 IMG_0261

Sunday: 1 hour flywheel. I was smart. I signed up for class before I left to go to Auburn. If you cancel within 24 hours of the class, you lose your money. Forced to stick with it and glad I did.

Again, another 2 week summary of my life. 🙂

Have you been to Graceland? Favorite park or trail in your city? I travel so much I need tips! Were you in a sorority in college? If so, which one and are you still close with your sisters? 

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  • I’m so happy that you are running again.

    1. The finale of Dexter was a huge disappointment.
    2. I stole S’ Garmin instead of fixing the band on mine. Now I know why.
    3. Graceland is $33? Yikes. I thought I wanted to go there.

  • Agreed with Kim. Dexter just limped to the finish. The first 3 seasons were strong, season 4 was awesome, and then the show just got progressively worse each subsequent season. I had to see it through to the (incredibly stupid) end though. It almost makes me hesitant to recommend the show to others.

    I think your recovery has been great! I’ve been more or less down for the count due to pregnancy for a similar length of time and the thought of running 6 miles straight boggles the mind.

  • Don’t use your TEETH for anything other than chewing!! Oh, child if mine! You know better!!
    Love the Graceland photos… I cried the day he died.
    You and the other Pi Phi’s look wonderful!! What fond memories there are from that time in your life.
    And, always, ALWAYS, proud of your accomplishments, especially your hitting the pavement again.


    Don’t even get me started on Garmin. This Bia watch is never ever ever coming 🙁

    Love all your pictures of course 😀

  • I was a Gamma Phi Beta! Made my college experience fun and unforgettable. 🙂

    I have never been to Memphis, but would love to visit someday. I family that live there. I can’t believe Graceland cost that much. I guess everyone has to cross it off of their bucket list if they are in the area.

  • Went to Graceland prior to moving to tn. Huge Elvis nerd, so I was in awe. I was a zeta tau alpha. I’ve lost touch with most but keep in touch with a select few.

    Yay for 6 wholemiles … You’ll be hitting double digits before you know it

  • It’s really great to read about your experiences with the surgery. I had one hip done in 2012…but they didn’t shave away all of the impingement so I needed a revision surgery as well as the other hip done (currently 5 weeks post op). I had been really hoping to find a blog like this to read, but somehow I couldn’t find anything recent via Google searching! I only found it after another person pointed me your way post op. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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