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In the past few weeks, my love for running has come back full force. It’s literally buy #alltherunningthings and #runalltheraces. I can’t contain myself. I’m trying not to get trigger happy on the race schedule, but I’m definitely plotting out 2014. Goal: get back to my old 1/2 marathon pace and have 13 miles be an easy base all while checking off as many states as I can squeeze in the winter, spring, summer.

So far, I have my eyes on several races:

RNR Nola will happen for sure, Little Rock 1/2 Marathon (March 1 if I can make it work with work schedule), possibly this race in AZ since I will be there for work (if I can make it happen with work schedule), Run the Bluegrass in KY (March 29), Indi Mini and Flying Pig (back to back 4/27 and 4/28) and hopefully something in VT, NH, or MI this summer.

Buy all the things running…yikes.

First it started with the Halloween Pro Compression socks. Even though I don’t have a Halloween race planned…I needed festive socks (and you can’t beat 40% off).IMG_5035

Then, told myself I deserved a “you can run again” treat. So I bought lots of Oiselle. Only to buy even more Oiselle a week later (full disclosure-I got $$ for my birthday to spend on running clothes). 2 luxe layers, 2 scarves, pjs, and the feather burn out tee.IMG_5024

And picky bars! I had a membership to the picky club, but canceled when I was hurt. No real need for bars when you are sitting in bed for a month and then rehabbing. I was able to try Runner’s High at Bourbon Chase and fell in love so I ordered a box of those and Lauren’s Mega Nuts.IMG_5034

My casual shoes bit the dust a few weeks ago and I went with a pair of Saucony old school shoes to bum around in (thanks Molly for the inspiration).IMG_5036

And next up will be actual running shoes. After that, I must cut myself off.

Do you know where you are running in 2014? Running any of these races? What’s your latest running purchase? 

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  • LOVE race planning, so much fun!!! I did Little Rock and Flying Pig, both awesome race, well oorganized. Both races we stayed at the host hotel and was totally worth it, since everything is in walking distance. airport is close enough so a cap is cheap. You will have fun!!

  • i’ve been #buyingalltheluluthings. Seriously obsessed with stalking deals on ebay. In your scenario, i think its great to reward yourself and get even more pumped for getting into running. I was actually debating on doing Little Rock again (I did it in 2011), however I’m having a hard time planning out 2014 bc part of me wants to just take a break.

    I will keep you posted!

  • We’ll see you in Little Rock on 3/1. That will be state #20 for me. As for running purchases, I’m saving up for the Garmin 620. Looks like it has all I’ve wanted in a watch. My 305’s battery keeps scaring me at the end of marathons, but it hasn’t died yet.

  • Glad to hear to hear you are back to running. I really enjoy your blog. I have participated in both the flying pig( lots of hills) and little rock . Enjoyed them both.
    SeaWheeze lululemon HM ,Vancouver is on my 2014 schedule. Did it this year, very scenic, highly recommend it.

  • I would be #buyingalltherunningthings if I had more cash. I haven’t plotted out much in terms of races due to my huge decline in income. I tentatively have Grandma’s marathon on schedule in June, but really do not plan on doing much traveling.

    I enjoyed Little Rock last year and Indy. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the Flying Pig.

    So happy that you are back at running. It makes me smile 🙂

  • Yaaaaaaay runlove!!

    I’ve been plotting out my 2014, as well, and (like B, of course) have tentatively put Grandma’s on the calendar. Or Napa. Unsure? But otherwise, I have PCRF, SFM 2nd half, and Wine and Dine. That’s it?

  • I have a list of races I’d like to compete in some day, but haven’t actually mapped out 2014 yet. I know there are a few that will be definite repeats from this year (since this is only the first year I’ve been running) that I enjoyed a lot and some I will be happy never to do again.

    My latest purchase was new shoes back in September…another pair of Mizunos!

  • I have some thoughts for 2014 but nothing official yet. I’m planning to enter the NYC lottery and I just heard today that RNR is coming to Vancouver. I live just across the border so it’s within driving distance or I could make it a weekend getaway.

    I’ve been on a mini shopping spree myself. Just bought some Balega socks, Road Runner tights and Oiselle arm warmers.

  • Eeeek this makes me so happy to hear!! Yes, buy ALL the things. Can’t go wrong with some retail therapy and race shopping to celebrate coming off an injury. You worked hard for those things! Love the ProCompression socks!! Wish I had snagged some of them. Super happy for you, E!!!

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