WINNERS, Travel, Check-ups, and Running

I do believe I owe yall some winners for race entries

I did it old school with scraps of paper.

Big congrats to EB who wanted to run Seven Bridges on her birthday…looks like it will happen!

And another congrats to Andrea, Suzanne, and Alyson! ALL 3 of you are running the ATL 13.1 NEXT WEEKEND!! Email me so I can get you the codes to register.  There is still time to sign up for the 5K or half marathon if you didn’t win!


I’m pretty sure I now owe you 3 weeks of what I’ve been doing.

Week of Sept 2nd:

Mexico post is coming soon…I will give you briefing of that week.

Wednesday: I ran at a very sketchy gym for $5 on a treadmill that was from 1984. It was awesome.

Thursday: I went horseback riding and walked miles and miles the other days.

Saturday:I went running in Mexico City at the Hilton on a treadmill and lifted weights. Of note: a sketchy man dressed in a suit walking on the treadmill and then lifting weights. In a suit. On a Saturday. At least I was entertained.

Both runs were 3 miles with 3:1 ratio.

Week of Sept 9th:

Oh, hiiiii Montezuema’s Revenge!

Monday: private pilates that was HILARIOUS because I was starting to get sick. Total waste of $.

Tuesday, Wednesday: Nothing. I lost 4 pounds in 48 hours.

Thursday: Somehow managed to 3:1 run/walk 3 miles, PT exercises and lift weights.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: 3.5 mile run/walk at the 3:1 ratio.

Sunday: travel day to Texas.

Last week I was in Texas for work. More treadmill time!

Week of Sept 16th:

Monday: 20 minute bike. 45 minutes elliptical. weights/PT exercises.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile treadmill run 3:1 ratio.

Wednesday: rest/travel day home to ATL. Love coming home to packages from Runners World and twitter friends. NUUN for my comeback to running. You know me too well, R! Thanks, Ramiro and RW! IMG_4614 IMG_4629

Thursday: 3.5 mile 3:1 with my friend Kelsey. AFTER my appointment with Dr. Hyman.

I received great news!! I only have to go back to the doctor if I have issues. He said to continue with the running, add back in my pilates classes and spinning classes. My flexibility is better and strength in my legs is getting there. He said over the Fall I will have less and less soreness and pain and really at the 6 month mark (October 9th) is when things are really healed on the inside. By the one year mark, I should be back to perfect health.

Friday: rest day/chiro appointment/head to Alabama.

I shared with my chiro what Dr.Hyman said and he said I was holding adjustments really well, just tightness in my neck from all the driving, flying, and multiple hotel stays (not my pillow). He gave me the go ahead to try for a 3 mile run non-stop and move my mileage up by half a mile the next two weeks. We decided to focus on distance and keep the 3:1 ratio.

Saturday: running in the rain on Dauphin Island. Why? Because I can. I really enjoyed escaping the heat and running outside in a light drizzle. A year ago I probably would’ve skipped, but now I appreciate any run I can get. Rain or shine. I did 4.5 miles of 3:1 and felt great!!IMG_4654 IMG_4643

I spent the rest of the day hanging with my mini-me and doing some much needed relaxing and magazine reading. Favorite pic ever: mainly because my sis and Sophie the giraffe photo-bombed us.

IMG_4653I was super excited to see my company in Women’s Running Magazine, too!IMG_4658

Sunday: rest day and hanging with family.

How is that for 3 weeks of catch up?!?! I promise to blow up multiple blogs with tons of comments because I’m finally playing catch up on reading and writing this weekend. 4 weeks worth… :):)

What are your plans this weekend? Do you run in the rain, head to the treadmill or skip it all together? 

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