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So, I will tell yall about Mexico soon enough and hopefully catch up on 1 bazillion blog posts, but first let me back up to another week of fun and RUNNING.

Monday (week of 8/26) Rest day. Fighting a cold and had big plans that night.

Some of you may have seen pics on instagram (or Facebook) of me all dressed up with fancy hair and makeup and you were wondering WTF.  Well, let me explain. I LOVE, I mean LOVE my hair dresser Max (White Salon and Spa). No one, for the rest of my life, will touch my hair. He is a genius. He needed a hair model for a ponytail/up do class he was teaching and I gladly said yes. I had no idea pictures would be involved…I am by no means a model, but it was tons of fun.  Hair and makeup done all fancy, which was perfect for my night plans…


545193_472547792840776_341485259_n 1209050_472552789506943_1679563830_n

That night I was invited to go to Jeffrey Fashion Cares (charity event) with my friend Johanna. Several of my other bffs were there as well and it was fabulous. For those of you who don’t know, my major in college was apparel merchandising. I LOVE fashion. So getting to see a fashion show was super fun for me. This is the dress I rented from Rent the Runway. A nice, basic Halston dress (priced over $400 and rented for $70).

IMG_4466 IMG_4492 IMG_4485

The week just wasn’t as exciting after that. 🙂

Tuesday: PT to learn harder versions of current exercises and to get evaluation, private pilates session

Wednesday: Running! 2:2 for 3 miles at the active oval at Piedmont Park. It went well, no pain. Even getting faster. Not that it matters at this point, but yall know how I like my speed. I wanted to get a picture of a guy out there running in flip flops but didn’t want to be too obvious. He ran for a while too. In long pants and flip flops. SO strange.

Thursday: Rest. (PT and chiro’s orders after any running)

Friday: 20 minutes bike, 35 elliptical, private pilates

Saturday: um, hungover? oops. Rest day again. I’m a total winner.

Sunday: Running! Piedmont Park. 2:2 for 3 miles again.

Overall it was a great week. The running is coming along nicely. My PT was happy with my progress and honestly, so am I. It feels so good to be active again. Like, the old running me active. None of that elliptical BS.

Have you ever been a hair model? Been to a fashion show? What’s the strangest outfit you’ve seen someone running in (not at a race)? 

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