Those First Steps

It’s been a GREAT few days. Some highs and lows, but time to fill you in.

I was in Birmingham last week for work, so I was stuck in the worst Marriott hotel gym of all time. Seriously. 2 treadmill, 1 elliptical, weights. That is it. It was a fight to get a machine.

Monday: 20 minute walk, 40 minute elliptical, weights

Tuesday: 40 minute ellptical

Wednesday: 20 minute walk, 40 minute elliptical, weights

Thursday: 40 minute elliptical

Friday: rest. Chiro appointment.

I haven’t seen my chiro since the injury in January. The AlterG is actually in his practice, so I’ve seen him, just not for an appointment. He suggested I come in to see how my alignment was, assess my recovery, etc.

First off, I was basically a hot mess. Shoulders and hips were very tight…I know it’s from driving and stress and he suggested it was time to get back to my massages (side note-I wasn’t allowed for months post-op because it could mess with the scar tissue). ย I asked him about the swelling, pain, etc. He said all of what was going on was normal and it was time to start running on soft surfaces. He suggested a 2:2 to start for 2-3 miles since my base fitness level for cardio is pretty high. ย He also said only running on soft surfaces for now and 2 days a week. This is exactly what Dr.Hyman had said a few weeks ago…I’m so glad they have the same plan.

We will work on my range of motion with appointments with him and massages and continued PT exercises. Of course I had to go ahead and ask about my future races…and he said it wouldn’t be an appointment with me without race questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

He pretty much laughed when I asked about the relay. And the one I hoped to do in TN. He also said Rehoboth may be a long shot, and I should be happy to do a 10K this year. ย So much for that.

He did say, “Go run tomorrow.”

On to Saturday

Ironically it was #NUUNHTC weekend. The weekend my running went from really good to shit last year. And kept on going down the toilet (minus a PR or two) until now. It felt like a sign of new beginnings. ย A year of crap after crap in my running life to starting over. New steps.

So…I WENT RUNNING. I drove up to Piedmont Park (so weird since I used to run there) and headed to the active oval.

Yall. Starting over is hard. Like had no idea it was going to be hard, hard. The laps went by fairly fast and pretty pain free. I loved every moment of it. The first few steps were surreal. I wasn’t sure my body would know what to do, does that sound crazy? I didn’t even mind the walking. Not that I really care, but my speed isn’t too far gone, either.



I definitely had a post run glow all day. It was the first time I felt like an athlete in close to six months.

Saturday night kinda sucked because I wore heels and had walked around all day, but either way, it was worth it.

Sunday: total rest day. Another part of running again-absolutely NOTHING the day after. I’ll take it.

I have been more sore than I imagined. Inner thighs, glutes, quads, hammies. You name it. I have definitely lost all ounce of muscle in my legs based on how I have felt the past few days. I honestly forgot what it feels like to start over. I was a casual runner for about 3-4 years before I took up “really running” and actually racing. But that’s okay. I’m a newbie again. It makes each milestone that much more important and makes me appreciate each step that much more.

Have you had to start over from scratch with your running? What’s the longest you’ve gone without running? Big plans for Labor Day?ย 


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