Things I’m Lovin’ Part 2

I haven’t done a things I’m lovin’ post in a while.

1. Kona Kase.  I was offered a free KonaKase to review. I have been wanting to try out one of these types of deals for a while. Kona Kase is more my speed with nutrition and products for athletes. I still haven’t had a chance to try out the gels or pro bar yet, but everything else I had I LOVED. I will probably end up buying a few things from the box. Highlights include: Caveman cookies, Garuka Bars, Enjoy Life mix.

konakaseI loved getting this tiny little box full of so much goodness! I loved it so much that I decided to sign up (doing a 3 month subscription). I’ve already tried a few things in the August box and love it all too. It’s a nice way to try out different products that you wouldn’t normally try. If you want to try it out, you can get $5 off with code GIFTSUMMER. 

2. Jimmy Johns Unwich. I love a good sandwich. LOVE. However, I try to cut out unnessary carbs when I can.  Jimmy Johns give me the best of both worlds-my deli sandwich in a lettuce wrap. I always get the #12 Beach Club, no mayo (turkey, cheese, tomato, guac). It’s only 290 calories and 26G protein. BOOM. I literally eat this 3 times a week for lunch.IMG_4245

3. MEXICO. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I’m headed on vaca next Monday. A somewhat last minute trip to San Miguel de Allende.  Thank you for the invite, Johanna. 🙂

4. A few articles and videos on parenting, 20 year olds, and 3o year olds. I think they are all worth a look….no matter your age or parental-status.

5. Football season. YES. Auburn sucked last year, but I still love my tigers. We have a new coach, so I am hoping for a better season. I also decided to take part in my first fantasy football draft. Maybe I will care more about Pro ball this year? Or maybe it’s just an excuse for Sunday Funday…

6. The Zoku Slush and Shake. My new dessert maker. You keep the inside in the freezer, pour your liquid of choice, and stir constantly for 7 minutes. Turns to ice/slushy and eat as you turn. There is a video on William Sonoma’s site (where I bought it). I use chocolate almond milk so that I have “dessert.”zoku

7. Juices. My new way to get fruits and veggies in a glass. The Whole Foods by my house makes them, along with several other new juice stores in Atlanta. I think juicing may be the new rage (so long cupcake shops?). This is the only way I will “eat” beets. Sometimes I drink the entire thing as a meal, other times just 1/2 the bottle as a snack.IMG_4189

8. Rent the Runway. I had event Monday night (more to come soon) and decided to rent a dress instead of buying one. Pretty interesting experience. I expected the dress to be a little more dressy than it was, but turns out it was perfect and I got tons of compliments. Great way to find an outfit for a wedding, bachelorette party, charity event, etc without breaking the bank. If you want to try and it want a discount, let me know and I will email you one!

9.  All legal-same sex marriages will be recognized for federal tax purposes. This is huge news and one more step towards equality. Many of my dear friends are gay, and this makes me so happy. Why? Because they said they wouldn’t get married until they had the same federal/state laws as a married couple now in the state they live in (GA). And well, if they federal gov is okay with it, I think states will follow through soon enough too.  I look forward to attending several gay weddings in the future. 🙂

10. ThredUp. My girlfriend told me about this online consignment and it is super easy. Go online, fill out a form to request a bag, they mail it to you, fill it up, and take it to the post office (paid by thredup). My only complaint is they are backed up and I won’t know how much money I get back for another few weeks.  If you do it, read the labels they are looking for-mainly name brand, but my gf says they pay out better than platos closet. IMG_4214

Did I teach you anything new? What are YOU loving right now? 

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  • you are just trying all sorts of new things. I’m not sure I would have the patience for the zoku, but it does look interested. When the occasion arrives, I might look into rent the runway, sounds interesting (and you did look fab btw)

    I need to do a MAJOR cleaning of my closet, so i’ll give threads a looksy- thanks!

  • I’m a little jealous you got your kona kase! I signed up, and yes I live in Canada so everything takes a while to get here anyways, but I’m still waiting for mine to arrive – but at least I get to see whats in it this month!!! I’m excited for mine to hopefully get here! (Unless it got turned around at the border!)

  • I get the exact same thing at Jimmy Johns. I love the unwich! I went to whole food this week and grabbed a couple of their juices. They have a Hawaiian one with pear and pinapple that is really good. Have fun on your trip! Hopefully we can get together soon

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