Depressed and Week 16

I wanted to clarify a few things. Last week I received a very sweet email from a friend that expressed her concern for me. She was worried that I was depressed. She reads the blog and read some things different than how I meant them to be taken. I will 100% admit I hit low points early on in the recovery (a lot based on what was going on in my personal life too) but I am incredibly optimistic and happy now.

If you have read my blog for a while or know me in real life, then you know I’m a straight shooter. I rarely sugar coat things and I want to be honest in my feelings. If I wrote every week how wonderful it was to sit on the elliptical and not be running yall would know I was full of shit, right? I hope that my posts have not come across as negative, but more of a reality of what it is like to be post surgery and not running.  So to clarify why I count down the weeks and don’t blog as much…

I have been counting down the weeks for several reasons:

1. To show myself (and you) how far I’ve come since week 1. Or from week 10 to week 15.  The body healing itself is actually a really cool process.

2. So that anyone who googles this surgery can have an HONEST idea of what recovery was like. I did not find a single blog about the surgery, only WebMD type pages and nothing about the emotional and physical struggles. Just technical stuff. And that didn’t help at all.

And I don’t post as much as used to because of my work schedule. When I am traveling for work, I usually work all night (sad, but true) and only have my ipad.  I don’t like blogging from my ipad. I can’t figure out the app. Then, when I come home, I struggle to find a balance between having a social life, working, working out, reading blogs, and blogging. If I could get back to posting 2-3 times a week I would be happy. Hopefully I will. But it’s hard to have a running blog when you don’t run. I like to share tidbits of my “real” life because I enjoy reading that on other peoples’ blogs. We are human and not just runners, so I try to share that stuff from time to time too.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. Week 16.

Monday: 70% body weight on AlterG for 25 minutes (10 minute pace).

I’ve been wanting to squeeze in time for volunteer work but it’s hard finding something to do that doesn’t require weekly commitments. My church participates in a program called MUST during the summer and makes lunches for kids who would normally get a meal from school. It was really inspiring to see so many kids/families helping out. What should’ve taken 2 hours (that’s what they told us to block out), took 45 minutes. We made 1000 lunch bags. Each child will get a sandwich, drink, chips, fruit cup/applesauce, and cookies.  I offered to be on the committee next year to help out (this was the last week of lunches). IMG_4233Tuesday: 20 minute bike, 40 minute elliptical, weights and PT exercises in Huntsville.

It was kinda strange to be back in Huntsville, but a huge perk was spending time with Suzanne on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I love this girl, she is a great friend and I am so thankful to have met her through the blog.IMG_4255

Wednesday: Pool running workout (52 minutes).

Thursday: 20 minute bike, 40 minute elliptical, weights and PT exercises.

Friday: 70% body weight on AlterG for 25 minutes. REALLY HUNGOVER.

I had to call and push my time back Friday morning because I apparently think I am 21 again. I used to be a home by midnight kinda gal, but lately this close-the-bar-down party Elizabeth has come out. I was out till 3am. On a school night. WTF. Needless to say I had a very hungover day of work and a low key Friday night of blog reading and staying in. I know I bombarded many of you with multiple comments. 🙂

Saturday: 20 minute bike, 40 minute elliptical, weights.

It was honestly really nice to wake up not hungover. Worked out, went to the farmers market at Piedmont Park, and hung out with Jesica at her pool in the afternoon. I also went out to a beer paired, birthday dinner and was in before midnight. Good girl.IMG_4274


Sunday: private pilates and PT exercises.

When you aren’t training are you a stay out all night kind of person? Do you enjoy reading about a bloggers personal life or just stick to lessons in running and training? 



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  • I’m sure documenting your recovery will help others who have the same surgery. I’m always one who loves reading about snippets of others outside of running/training. Hey, that’s why I read blogs. I don’t need someone to tell me how to run a marathon. I like to know their ups, downs and making it all work with real life, not tips for how to do it that we can get anywhere!

  • I always appreciate the “personal tidbits” that people share about their lives. I agree, we aren’t just “runners.”

    MUST sounds like a great program – good for you!!

    I have been the in bed by ten (my age showing??) and lately when I get the chance on my one “free” night I’ve been known to down more than a few and not get home until midnight or later. I hate the hungover feeling too, especially since I try to get my longer runs in on the weekends.

    I appreciate, as always, sharing your surgery ups and downs. Happy to hear it’s mostly ups for now!!

  • If you were depressed, you would just march right on down to King of Pops and get a peach cream and you would no longer be depressed. Right?? No seriously, I was a little worried about you in week 2-4, but now not at all. You are plowing right on through and have kept a good attitude.

    Also…Thursday night. ahem 🙂 !!!

  • As we have said before the blog is the perfect place to get out emotions and I think you are doing just that. It is obvious how far you have come in these 16 weeks! Stick with it! And that blast thing…it is serious business! Whenever you are ready I would love to have you come but it is 60 solid minutes of balls to the wall so we need to wait on your full recovery! That being said – I think you would love it!

  • I think that documenting your recovery is important for so many reasons. I went back and forth on whether I should document my recovery and in the end I am so glad that I did. When I was feeling down about progress I could read my previous posts to see how much progress I had made. Now other people can read your journey and know what to expect on the physical side of rehab. I think your honesty will help so many people out.

    I have had a couple of late party nights this summer that have left me sweating out booze the following AM. Thankfully they have only been on the weekends, but still remind me that I am not 21.

  • I always like hearing about people’s lives outside of running. Wouldn’t it be weird to only talk to your friends about one area of your life? That’s just my two cents!

    I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you last week. I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Atlanta or your next trip to Huntsville!

  • I think it is great that you are being honest and candid about your surgery and recovery. No one likes to be injured, but it’s always good to hear that you are not alone in the process. Speedy Recovery!

  • I am a mom of 2 AND a dinosaur so no more closing any bars for moi. 🙂
    I love reading about more than just the running… The stuff I don’t care for too much is seeing a picture of every meal people eat…:)

    I think writing about recovery is important. I was looking for blogs also when I got injured and did not find much help.

  • What?! So cool you got to hang out with Suzanne! I am definitely a night owl, but often regret it the next day. Especially when my kids wake up at 6 a.m. And I like reading about more than just running, so I enjoy people’s personal stories in blog-ville.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for posting about your experience! I’m currently on a hiatus from most activity right now because of hip problems – glute tendinitis and labral tear. I’m in PT but feel like I’m in a holding pattern until I get into the specialist and find out what everything means. Totally feeling some of the emotions that you mention in your experience, and it’s nice to read about others who have dealt with it! Thank you 🙂

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