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WEEK 15 post op!! It was a big week. THE appointment week.

Since I am traveling almost every week for work, I get to use a pool to run. Probably the only nice thing, aside from hotel points, about traveling for work (and seeing blogger friends, too). I was able to pool run three times while in middle-of-nowhere TN.IMG_4159

Monday: Pool Running 5 minute w/u, 6 x 2:30 (30 second slow btw each) 2 minute easy, 5 x 2:30 (3o second slow), 5 minute cool down

Tuesday: 20 minutes bike, 40 minutes elliptical, PT, weights

Wednesday: Pool Running 5 minute w/u 2 sets of 9 x 1:30 (30 sec slow btw each), 2 minutes easy btw sets, 5 minute cool down

Thursday: PT, 20 minutes bike, 40 minutes elliptical, 1 hour privates pilates

Friday: ALTER G 25 minutes at 70%  (2.27 miles)IMG_4203

Saturday: PT, weights, 20 minutes bike, 4o minutes elliptical

Sunday: rest

My activity for the week (and if you follow me on twitter, fb, or instagram) gives away my running approval to a degree. I’ll back it up….

First,thank you ALL for your well wishes and many fingers crossed for good news at my appointment on Thursday. It was a good and bad appointment, if there is such a thing. I’m not sure if I fully understood (seems to be the case for this entire process) that my 15 week appointment meant an evaluation, not a go-ahead.


Doc: Things look good. You are progressing fine but it all needs to be baby steps. I doesn’t really like people attempting to hit the road until after 4 months and even then, it needs to be a walk/run.

Me: What about spinning?

Doc: You can’t get in and out of aero and for 45 minutes. Same thing as the running. Go ride for 10 minutes at spinning pace, go slow for 10, normal spin for another 10, etc. See how I feel.

Me: So no flywheel.

Doc: What’s that? Are you paying for it? (I answer). I can’t believe you pay that much money to go to spinning. I would go to a free one for a while.

Me: So crappy spinning at the gym. Got it. What about pilates classes?

Doc: No, not for another month. Still do the one on one sessions so you can go at your pace and not over do it.

Me: What about the Alter G?

Doc: Yes, try it. See how it goes for a few weeks. Then try the roads. The bottom line is, you don’t want to do too much too soon. You don’t want to end up with inflammation issues and setbacks because you weren’t patient. Even when you run, it will be slow.

Me: What about my relay in September? And the 1/2 marathon in December?

Doc: LONG PAUSE. You can do it. It won’t be the old you. It may take you a full year to feel like the old you. You may have to walk. It may hurt. It may be slow. Only you will know. The same goes for the 1/2 marathon. This body is adjusting and you have to listen to it, nothing I can say clinically will change what your body tells you.

Me: So, yes.

Doc: Yes. I’ll see you before the race.

Me: Okay.

I did also express my concern over my PT sessions (which officially ran out) and he was surprised to know I felt that way. He said my first PT was the best in the hip business, and her cautious approach may have been because of the phase I was in, in my recovery.

So. It wasn’t everything I wanted to hear, but I guess I had false expectations. BUT, at least I can kinda run. You can bet I called my chiro’s office right when they opened to schedule my AlterG run. I woke up Friday and was a bit anxious because I had no idea how I would feel.

I am very familiar with the AlterG, thanks to my ankle sprain last year. The guys at the office told me to start at 25 minutes and at 70% body weight. IT WAS AWESOME. IT WAS PAIN FREE. No, it wasn’t road running, but it was running. I literally left with the biggest smile on my face. I have missed that runners high sooo much! And it was only 2 miles. But. I. Will. Take. It.IMG_4225

I have to stay at 70% and 25 minutes for a few runs just to be safe. This recovery has been nothing but playing it safe. And I’ll take it. I’m kinda running, right???

What did you do this weekend? When was your last runners high? Ever run a relay at less than ideal training? 



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  • I am very happy to hear that you are running. Those 2 miles definitely count! I have always wanted to try and Alter G just to see what it would feel like to run under my current weight. Does it feel weird? Definitely sending healing vibes your way pretty lady.

  • Yay!!!!! I’m so excited for you that you are running again…even if it’s just kinda running! 😉 Do what the doc says and take it slow. You’ve waited too long to overdue it and mess all your recovery up. So excited for you!!! 🙂

  • I’m going out on the “you might disown me as a friend” limb to say I think you shouldn’t do the relay. I don’t even know what relay it is or how much you’ll be running in it, but I know you will NOT take it easy…as easy as the doc thinks you should or as easy as your body really NEEDS you to. I remember someone who flipped her ankle and kept trying to run in a relay. I’m pretty sure you know who I’m talking about 😉 Love you, girl. So glad your recovery is going so well. Alter-G!!!! Awesome 🙂

  • Yay, so glad to hear you are making progress! I’m so excited I got to see you last night. It was great to catch up and spend the evening talking about a little bit of everything.

  • It may not have been everything you wanted to hear, but the bottom line is that you’re cleared for your fall races – that’s huge!! Congratulations on getting to run again! I’ve never tried an AlterG but have always wanted to (suppose it’s not quite so exciting under the circumstances of injury though…). I hope those runs continue to go well and you’re back on the roads soon!

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