Bart, His Ladies, and a Givaway

Throughout my injury, I’ve tried to stay somewhat active in the local running community…going to events that I would enjoy where I don’t have to run. When I got my weekly email from my fav ATL running store, Big Peach Running Co, I had to immediately RSVP for a pretty cool event. Mizuno Running and Bart Yasso. Check and check.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Bart in Big Sur, at the Peachtree Expo, and really run and hang out with him again at the Runner’s World 1/2 Marathon. Perhaps I’m a bit of a stalker? Nahh.

The local running blogger lady friends (Jes, Lindsey, Melissa, Amy, Katie) had a facebook chat about the event (planned on going to dinner to catch up) and, on a whim, Lindsay decided to ask Bart to join us. And this happened.Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.29.54 PM

The event filled up in record time, and for good reason. Everyone running was able to try the new Mizuno Sayonara. Yes, these seem to be all over twitter and the blogger world, but I can assure you they are pretty cool. I didn’t run in them, but I did try them on, and they will be on my list of shoes to buy in a few weeks. Super light weight but somehow enough cushion. LOVE.IMG_3961



If you arrived early enough, you also received a Mizuno bag with the latest Runners World issue (the Boston one), Bart Yasso’s book (My Life on the Run) , and a Mizuno Clean Bottle. I LOVE my clean bottle, so very happy to get another one!

Everyone left for the group run, except for me and Lindsay. Lindsay wasn’t running either so we had a chance to hang out and get prime seating for Bart’s talk.  He talked about his life on the run. He shared pics of where his been and some of his favorite races.IMG_3968And then it was time for dinner. We talked food, social media, hotels, travel, and of course, running.IMG_3970It was pretty surreal. We didn’t do nearly as much girl-time catching up as we did picking Bart’s brain and really just hanging out with him. Honestly, how freaking cool that he would just go to dinner with us?

Seeing as my big goal is to race all 50 states, I wanted to know his top 3 races. He did say that it used to be Big Sur (which I knew based on quotes from the race and having run it twice) but over the years he has changed his mind.

1. Ogden Marathon. If I remember correctly, he just said it was a very well done race.

2. Catalina Island Marathon. The experience of being taken to the start on a boat. Said it was just a really good race. Great views. Cool experience. (side note-I swear, every awesome race is in California).

3. Oklahoma City Marathon (half marathon). The experience of the silence before the run, having a pasta dinner where you are with the survivors, and all of the volunteers make this race unique. (another side note-every good race in the country is this weekend. For reals.)

I left that night inspired. Happy. Running really is a community. It’s not just an activity, a race, or a lifestyle. We have a common bond with complete strangers. After nights like that, I am thankful. I am so thankful I started this silly blog to keep up with a running goal. The blog (and running) continues to open doors to friendships I would never have had, and experiences that I won’t forget (I know I say all of this so often, but it’s true!). I love the support it has given me through the good and the bad.IMG_3974

One of the last things Bart said was to keep doing what you do. It’s crazy to me how much social media is connected to running and how they are so intertwined.  You just never know who you will inspire or motivate. That night and Bart’s words were a great reminder. Especially for me in this moment in time, it can be hard to stay positive and motivated during an injury. Just one more reason I look foward to lacing up my shoes in a few weeks. IMG_3973


Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.30.11 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.30.29 PM

Oh, and the book? I actually purchased for myself back at Big Sur two years ago, so I’m sharing the love. An autographed copy from Bart. You know the drill. Giveaway ends 7/13 at midnight EST.

1. Mandatory: Have you met/hung out with a famous runner? Who?

2. Optional for additional entries: follow the blog, follow me on twitter, like the Running for Bling facebook page, tweet about the giveaway, etc. etc.



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