Wheat Germ-My New Fav In My Fridge!

For those of you that have been around me a while, you know I love to cook. It’s been really, really hard to stay motivated to cook when I am traveling so much and when I am cooking for one (alas, the life of a single gal).

So in place of cooking a big meal when I don’t have the energy, I find little ways to make meals. And, I try to be creative in what I make for myself to stay healthy. I’m always looking for ways to get additional “benefits” without eating a big meal or making a big effort.  I eat a ton of fruit, greek yogurt, smoothies, and protein wherever I can get it.

A few weeks ago, the very kind people at Kretschmer reached out to see if I would like to try and review (and giveaway!) their wheat germ. I was very intrigued. Wheat germ is one of those things I had read about and knew it was good for me, but never actually purchased.

Wheat germ offers a significant dose of vitamins, minerals, and protein in 2 little tablespoons. It also adds a little nutty flavor and crunch! The Kretschmer website has tons of great recipes and great info on Wheat Germ. I had no idea it had so many benefits in such small amounts.

I decided I would add it to my regular afternoon snack of greek yogurt, fruit and honey.IMG_3858

And it has now become part of my greek yogurt routine…


I love that it added a little crunch and flavor, along with the extra vitamins and Folic Acid. And yes, I promise there is greek yogurt under that mound of fruit above. 🙂

I also finally decided to give no-bake energy balls a try. I found a recipe on pinterest a few weeks ago, and of course, it called for wheat germ. I was so hesistant about the dry oatmeal but figured I would give it a shot.IMG_3870

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long, because these things are amazing. And they are like crack. I will openly admit to coming home after a few drinks and having a few too many of these for “dessert.”IMG_3871

They were simple to make as well. I only added a few chocolate chips, and I let mine sit in the fridge for a bit longer than the recipe calls to firm up before rolling into the balls, they were still too warm after a half hour. I also put the recipe into my loseit app, and they are around 88 calories a ball. Not too bad!

the may not look fabulous, but they taste great!
the may not look fabulous, but they taste great!

I’m looking foward to trying more recipes from the Kretschmer site, and just adding wheat germ into my regular foods like smoothies, oatmeal, burgers, and granola.

The fabulous peeps at Kretschmer were nice enough to give me a free product to giveaway as well. So you know what to do.

Mandatory: Tell me if you have used wheat germ. If so, how? If not, what do you want to try?

You can get extra entries by tweeting, facebooking, following me, etc. etc. I’ll end the giveaway on Sunday, June 30th at midnight EST.

I was given the Kretschmer wheat germ in exchange for my review on my blog, but the review and opinions are all my own. 🙂

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  • I haven’t bought Wheat Germ, but like you I’ve read about adding it. I’ve been adding Flax to my muffins, so I think also adding Wheat Germ would be a great start. It sounds like I’d be able to add it to lots of things though 🙂

  • Ah so glad you wrote this post. I actually bought some whet germ a couple of months ago thinking I would use it but I got scared and I haven’t even opened the jar… Guess I need to visit their website for some recipes!

  • When i was a little girl we ALWAYS had wheat germ in the house- i’ve only ever tried it in yogurt, so it would be interesting to experiment. I’m wondering if you could heat it up bc i think it could do well in pancakes?

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