The Doc thinks I’m Hilarious

I had my 6 (really 7) week check up on Thursday. Somehow these last few weeks have flown by. Even Dr.Hyman thought it had been several months (I wish) since the surgery. Doc asked how I felt, and I said “Ready to run! Can I go tomorrow?” I was obviously kidding…but I did want to push the limits and see what all I could do.  He laughed and reminded me that even though I look okay and feel pretty good, there is a lot of healing going on inside my body. He tested me strength on both legs, and it was very obvious that my right side is weaker. I was happy though that the strength exercises didn’t actually hurt.

I’m a very good patient. I do my exercises during the week, I ice as told, and never push my boundries without the PT or Dr.Hyman’s permission. So, I asked a lot of questions about what I could do.

1. Me: No really, when can I run again (hoping for a better answer)?

Doc: We will see at your appointment 2 months from now at the end of July.

2. Me: Can I run my relay in September? 

Doc: How far is it?

Me: 199 miles. 

Doc: Silence.

Me: I’m not running all of that! I just have 3 legs to run all relatively short. I know I will be slow.

Doc: I don’t see why not.

3. Me: What about pilates?

Doc: I don’t really like pilates and yoga. I see a lot of injuries from it (people doing too much and doing it wrong). But, you need to give it a few more weeks. Let’s see aim for the end of June-closer to the 8-10 week mark.

Me: I’m really good at modifying. I won’t do anything that aggrevates it.

4. Me: When can I spin?

Doc: 3 month mark. We can talk about it at your appointment in July.

5. Me: When can I do more on the elliptical? 2 days a week isnt’ cutting it.

Doc: Don’t increase everything all at once. Let’s do 3-4 times a week this upcoming week and see how you do. If those 15 minutes don’t bother you, try 20 minutes the next week. Just don’t increase your distance, resistence and your amount of days working out-because if something starts to hurt, we won’t know what caused it.


So there you have it. I did go 3 times this week and felt fine. I’ve added more shoulder and back weight lifting moves and even spent my Saturday walking around a festival with very little pain. It’s very obvious that I am still slow and my stride is short but I will work on that in the upcoming weeks.  The only new exercise for the week was increased weight (colored bands) for some of my exercises and a one leg dead lift with a 3 lb weight.

Summerfest in my neighborhood this weekend.
Summerfest in my neighborhood this weekend.
I have no idea why the image is smaller than the other…the type of phone?

I love that Dr.Hyman (and my PT Julie) gets it. He understands I am going a bit crazy and is willing to push the boundries when appropriate. I also love that he is patient with my questions. Most doctors won’t take the time to answer all of your questions and make you feel okay about the situation. They tend to talk down to you and treat you like a child, and mine is the complete opposite.

As for the upcoming week, I will be traveling for work again. I need some detox in my life. 4 days of booze isn’t good when you can’t burn it off! Well, I should clarify. 10 minutes of bike and 15 minutes of elliptical can’t make THAT much of a difference. But, it’s better than nothing, right??

Have you ever seen a sports doctor (or are you lucky enough to not be injured)? Do you push your limits or cheat when they tell you something you don’t want to hear? What did you do this weekend?




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  • I haven’t been injured for quite some time (knock on wood) but when I was I would go to a chiro who works with athletes (and is one himself). He understand the desire and need to get back to being active and will typically let me do something within a week or two as long as I’m not doing anything crazy. I try to be realistic with what I want to do, which helps but there were times where he’d just flat out tell me “If you want to get better, your gonna have to hold of on doing [insert activity name] for just a little while so you can heal.”

  • WOOOHOOO for healing. I’m so happy that you have a doctor who respects you and wants you back out there as much as you do. And I love the grilling of questions you asked…sister’s gotta start running again, right? Very excited that you are healing and recovering nicely and that you were able to increase elliptical time this week. Not too much longer 🙂 by the way, your arms are looking fabulous!!

  • Yes sports doctor for me….
    I did not listen to the first one I saw but…. I am listening to this one now and to my PT although I don’t want to….I almost cheated yesterday….almost…..but I did not because I thought karma would come and hit me in the butt and make me regress….so I did not run…
    It’s hard to listen….

  • I like how your doctor actually listens to you and is honest from the get go. I love my sports medicine physician. He is an incredibly talented runner and cyclist himself so I feel like he really “gets me” too. I never feel like he thinks that I am crazy or anything. Glad that you are able to add more and more things to the list of approved activities. 🙂

  • Luckily I have not had to see a sports doctor, but I have worked for one. Some patients can be more frustrating than others LOL

    Glad you have some answers!

  • your doc sounds great and glad that he’s willing to work with you! I giggled when he said he didn’t really care for pilates and yoga, but I do understand that its sort of a craze right now so more people are getting into it and not doing it properly.
    yay for getting to add more to the elliptical, baby steps!

  • Alright, that sounds like good news! I’m so happy that you are making such good progress. I may be biased but I think nurse’s daughters are the best patients!

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