9 weeks and What Runners Look Like

9 weeks post op!! Woohoo!!

This week was pretty uneventful in terms of additions in PT. Julie (PT) wanted to give me another week with the changes from the previous week. I did move my workouts to 15 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical. A new, post-op, cardio PR!

For some reason I was a bit more sore this week, and it may be because I attempted to wear heels to an event on Monday night. I was given the okay as long as I took them off if they hurt. Looks like I won’t be wearing heels anytime soon.

The only other thing I am slightly worried about is the two scars/site of surgery. They were very raised this week. I showed one of my dermatologists (I’m using scar gel to help minimize the visibility) and she said it looks more like scar tissue breaking up since I am moving around more and not a reaction to the gel. I will share this with the nurses at PT this upcoming week to be safe.

My friend, Julie, works for one of the local news stations and often has stories on runners (especially with the big Peachtree Road Race coming up). I submitted a #thisiswhatarunnerlookslike for her blog post on 11alive. I loved her post too, it’s so true about stereotypes of runners. Feel free to post a pic on twitter of yourself with the hashtag!


This is what I look like now at PT..and counting down the days to hit the pavement and feel like a “real” runner again.

I spent the weekend over indulging in some alcoholic beverages but had a great time with my friends. Finding a balance between eating right, getting enough rest, and being social is hard…but I think I’m getting the hang of it. More to come on that soon.photo (11)

Off to TN for the week tomorrow. Life on the road!

How was your week/weekend? How do you balance your social life/staying fit?

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  • If your scar doesn’t hurt I am sure that it is nothing serious. Keep us posted!

    My weekend was fun, but they always go by too fast. I still need to run today because I am a slacker and had too many tasty beverages last night. 🙂
    Have fun in TN!

  • 1. you look super skinny in your #thisiswhatarunnerlookslike photo
    2. your hair looks lighter in your gal photo
    3. nashville this week, are we meeting up?? I have my run group on Mon and kickball late tues (9:15) but other than that I am free 🙂

  • I am glad your pT is going well. 9 wks!? Wow, you’ve come a long way since the big surgery.
    Staying fit and being social??? I hang out with runners! My last girl’s night started with a 5k race, then SUP and dinner/drinks! How’s that? lol

    love the #thisiswhatarunnerlookslike and think I’ll post a pic to Twitter. you look amazing!

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