2 Months Already

Last Tuesday was 8 weeks post surgery. Seems crazy to me, yet August seems SOOO far away. I know these post-op updates aren’t that exciting to read, but I want to be able to look back on how far I’ve come and give insight to anyone who may end up having this surgery.

I had PT last Monday and Julie (PT) was impressed that I wasn’t really sore after a weekend of walking around at a festival. She thinks I’m progressing faster than normal, but that isn’t surprising based on my fitness levels.

So, added last week:

  • squats on the bosu
  • one leg ball catching on the balance board
  • hamstring curls with the stability ball
  • bridges with one leg lifts (don’t know proper name)
  • back/shoulder workouts with weights (waited for permission in case the hinging would irritate)

Last week also included working out 4-5 times a week-which would mean my first back-to-back workout in two months. I wasn’t allowed to increase time spent on the elliptical, just days. Julie also told me to walk a mile on the treadmill REALLY SLOW to work on my stride.

So, last Monday night after a really long day of travel for work, I hopped on the elliptical and did my weights for my arms, abs, back, etc.

Wednesday-arms, back, abs, 1o minute bike, 15 minute elliptical and 1 mile walk. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t pain free.

I had been talking to a guy in the Marriott gym while I was on the elliptical and told him about the surgery (I always feel self conscious and stupid for getting off a machine after 15 minutes and wanted to explain why I was walking at a snails pace on the treadmill). He looked at my legs and couldn’t figure it out. Until this.IMG_3786

He noticed the difference in my quad size. Honestly, in the 8 weeks, I knew I was weak, but didn’t know that it was that visable. Really, really sad. Not to mention, my legs look so puny (the difference may not be as obvious in this pic with the shadows). Β BOTH of my quads used to be bigger, but my right one is pretty non-existant.

So I spent National Running Day walking-but at least it was on a treadmill.Β IMG_3784

Thursday was my back-to-back day and I did the elliptical and my PT exercises. By the time I drove back to Atlanta, I was sore. I was having to massage out spasms in my leg while driving. Awesome. But it wasn’t that bad, in comparision to previous weeks.

I also did the same routine Saturday morning at the gym (bike, elliptical, weights, PT exercises). In full disclosure, I’m getting frustrated. I’m bored. I am dying to sweat again. Like, really really sweat and not because I’m standing outside in the Georgia heat kind of sweat. I know I only have a few more weeks till I can do some of that again, but I feel lazy!

My weekend was spent with friends and probably eating and drinking a bit too much. πŸ™‚

What did you do this weekend? Like National Running Day or think it’s just a media day?Β 

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  • I love reading your progress posts. I think that they will be good for you to go back on to see how far you have come too. I always noted my progress even though at the time it didn’t feel like progress. Last year I didn’t get to run on National Running Day because it was the day I was diagnosed so I was excited to lace up my shoes this year!

  • You are killing the rehab and progressing so nicely! Don’t get down on yourself. In the scheme of things this is a blip and you’ll be back in no time. I did HIIT on NRD so minimal running. Everyday is running day to me.

  • Friend! That is amazing. I mean really…2 months ago you would have KILLED to be able to do everything you are doing now. I know you are frustrated and Twitter is an evil, evil place for someone who can’t run/race, but don’t forget to keep your perspective. You can walk! You can elliptical! You can plank & lift! So many things that you couldn’t do 2 months ago. And 2 months from now, you will be running. Maybe a little slower than you would like and maybe fewer miles than you would like, but you will be there. I know you are frustrated. I can’t even imagine, but keep that good attitude that you have had since this surgery and remember that when you are back 100%, this will be a little blip on the radar of your running career. And when you are running faster than ever, you will appreciate those miles even more!! xoxo

  • Hope you continue to have a pretty good recovery. I know it is frustrating, but seems like you are adding more and more in, and you will be back before you know it!!

  • Be SMART, that’s so much more important than rushing through!! You’ll get it all back!

    I usually ignore all the National Whatever Days. Unless it involves donuts. Or pizza.

  • Personally, I’m just glad you can go potty alone…and your girl parts are back to normal (I think) πŸ˜‰
    You are doing great, Miss Full Charge! You really are!! You’ve gone through an awful lot over the last 6-7 months…as much as you hate to hear it, I really admire your strength and determination. You really do ROCK!!
    Life is a journey…one day at a time!!

  • August will be here before you know it!! You are doing so great and it is inspiring to see how strongly you persevere when I know so many people would just give up on the sport. Keep it up!!! πŸ™‚

  • I know you are counting down until August! Also, I love that you miss your muscle. That, to me, is such a healthy perspective on bodily image.

    Jonathan said he had a blast with you this weekend, btw! Wish I could have been there! πŸ™‚

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