10 Things I’m Loving Right NOW

I feel like I have so many little things I’m loving in my life right now that I need to share them with you. So, a little break from post-op news to some randomness. In no particular order…

1. I saw so many reviews and blog posts on Simply Snackin that I had to give them a try. They are sooo good! Lots of protein-which is what I need in the afternoons to not crash and over snack. My buddy from Nuun, Tyler, just told me about Epic Bars, which I plan on trying next (note-simply snackin is a little cheaper).IMG_3826

2. I get daily emails from the Skimm. It’s a quick, witty, run down on what’s going on in the world. Thanks to Jocelyn for introducing me! I read it right when I wake up.

3 & 4. I have a slight product addiction right now. Now don’t go judging my insanely full and messy medicine cabinet. This is what happens when you rep products, you get a ton in return. You will see stuff from my company, Skinmedica, and Neocutis that I use on my face for anti-aging and sun protection. You can also see Psstt-my favorite dry shampoo-I use it almost every day! It’s great for touching up or skipping a day of washing.


I don’t know about you, but I am very picky about my deodorant. My fav for a while has been the Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof. I don’t really care for overpowering scents. I just tried the new one for Stress Response. I had no idea that your body reacted differently and produced different types of sweat. So, now I have both. The Stress Response works great and the scent isn’t too strong.

5. I FINALLY bought a new full length mirror for my bedroom. Yes, I have lived in my condo for almost 2 years and would send my friends pictures of me squatting to help with outfit choices. Terrible. Thank you, Z Gallery, for your clearance Thomas Mirror!mirror

6. So, a little secret yall may not know. I used to sell Tupperware (about 4 years ago). Yes, I sold it on the side of my “real” job. I love Tupperware that much and still have a ton of it. I recently purchased an omelet maker. Not kidding, I love this thing. A perfect, veggie filled omelet in 2 minutes. It may not look good, but promise you, it is delicious!IMG_3830

7. If you were a child of the 80s/90s, you watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If this is you, watch this. It will make your day. I have watched (and rapped along) more than once.

8. I was just introduced to GroupMe. This is my new favorite app. I’m using it with my high school girlfriends right now, but think it would be great for race meet ups, work, family, etc. Easy way to group text and keep it all in one place. Obsessed. Not to mention, constant communication with my fav girls.

9. Remember all my preaching about the sun and sunscreen? Did you see the news last week? GASP! Sunscreen is the best protection from aging! Can you believe it?? All day, every day, my friends. Water resistent when you are sweating. Apparently Dr.Oz went on a rant last week too. And here’s an interesting article about the complication of sunscreen. I have a trip to the beach (work meeting) in a few weeks and there is no way I am sitting with dermatologists without a sun hat (this one has spf). LOVE my new fedora! And pardon the selfy, those I don’t like or know how to take a good one. IMG_3839

10. Last but not least. A little Southern in your life. Pardon the no makeup. The thing I am most excited about and loving…PROGRESS! http://youtu.be/drUxH3ftVkU (can’t figure out how to embed anymore??)

So there ya have it. A whole lot of randomness.

Find anything new you want to try or like? What are you loving right now? New product? Website? App? 

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  • The Simply Snackin snacks look yummy! I am always looking for new things to try. Currently doing the paleo thing to get myself back on track. I had a rude awakening at my doctor appt. last week so I felt I need to get my rear back in gear.

    I have a ton of tupperware. I love it! Use it everyday to pack my lunch to work in.

    I need a fancy mirror in my room, but I would probably never use it because my hubby is always still asleep when I have to get ready for work.

  • aww, I’m a product feign too! I have DRAWERS AND BOXES full of stuff. And I use a really fair share of it. Secret Rx is my go-to deoderant as well. my body does not do well with any kind of scents – unscented only here.

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