The Race I DON’T Want

Yes, this may sound crazy. As much as I am dying to run, there is one race I actually don’t want to run…yet. I had to apply to get into the NYC Marathon this year. I was grandfathered in the “3 times denied and it’s an automatic entry on your 4th” and this is my 3rd year.  I’m really hoping I get in next year.

I honestly don’t know where I will be physically in November. I have no idea if my body will be capable of running 26.2 then.  BUT, if I get in, I will find a way to make a fall marathon happen. I will also find out if this is happening on Wednesday. I hate to say I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t happen…until 2014!

Instead of marathons, I am ready to start thinking about 1/2 marathons in the fall.  I’m hoping to do one race with Allison again and relive our sisters race weekend from RNR Las Vegas in 2010.  Other than that, I’d love to find some travel partners!!


I’ve thought about:

The Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon (10/20)

RNR Denver 1/2 Marathon (10/20). Don’t really do want to do a RNR race, but I have too many friends in Denver to race anywhere else.

The Baltimore 1/2 and ING Hartford 1/2 are both my birthday weekend…not sure about that yet (10/12).

Obviously I’m pretty open to anything, as long as it’s a new state!

Where are you racing this fall?? Did you apply to get into the NYC Marathon?


Do you have any fall 1/2 marathons planned? Want to join me? 

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  • I’m in the same boat! I DON’T want to get into NYC and the odds are against us, I think, with reduced slots resulting from 2012 being cancelled. BUT, you just never know…we could get “lucky.” HA! Can you see me doing NYC in 2013 as my first, 2 months post-partum?!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s keep hoping for 2014!

  • Here’s hoping you don’t get in! I think that’s the first time I’ve said that before. I’ll be running the Baltimore full (hopefully full, we’ll see if I can get motivated) and hoping my husband will be running his first half there!

  • You HAVE to do the Hartford 1/2. I did it two years ago and LOVED it. Kim is doing it this year as part of her double header with RI. I know Becka did the Baltimore 1/2 2 years ago to partner w/ RI double header, from what I remember she wasn’t impressed (i think it was logistics and congestion) I’d circle with her to find out about that race, but I HIGHLY endorse CT

  • I have a bunch of halves on my list….
    6/2 – Amica Iron Horse in CT
    7/13 – UH Jamestown, Rhode Island
    9/1 – RNR Virginia Beach
    9/15 – RNR Philly
    10/6 – Diva Long Island
    10/20 – Runner World Half in PA
    11/16 – Amica Richmond VA half
    12/? One in Brooklyn somewhere LOL

    I am not even close to ready for 26.2…….but maybe ( huge MAYBE) one day.

  • I’m in the same boat, hoping I don’t get picked tomorrow, but for financial reasons. If I get in, I’ll find a way to make it happen, but hoping for 2014 also. Good luck.

  • Good luck! I’m thinking about Park2Park in Holland, MI in September. The Grand Rapids (MI) Marathon (and Half and relay) in October are all excellent, too.

  • I didn’t apply to NYC because I have no desire to run a marathon anytime soon, but maybe someday I will register for the NYC lottery. The one lottery I did register for was last year for St. George. Of course the stars were not aligned for me and the week I found I got in, I also found out I had stinking compartment syndrome. I didn’t even think I would get into the lottery, but I should have known!
    I might do RnR Vegas this year! Not set in stone, but it is a good possibility.

  • I have been denied 3x and I got a guaranteed entry this year but I thought I would have to wait because of everything that happened in 2012. I ended up signing up for Chicago marathon and Ragnar Vegas. I plan to defer to 2014!
    I did RNR Denver last year and it was awesome!! Great course!!

  • Another state, yes! I have a goal – 16 races in 16 states by 2016. I think I went with that because I’ll be 40 in 2016. This year, I’ve run Portland, Seattle, Chicago and coming up we have St Paul, MN, Montreal, and Detroit (yes, I’m running Free Press!) By year’s end, I’ll have 8 of 16 states (I’m counting any race in my running career which dates back to 2005). These are all 1/2 marathons. I’ve raced two Chicago fulls (’05 and ’10) and I’ve said I’ll only run another full if it’s NY, London, Rome or Berlin. What races did you end up doing this year so far?

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