Hair Down, 6 Weeks Post Op and Martha Stewart

I’m still struggling with the “travel for work and find time to blog” thing.  Last weekend was an absolute blast. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a few pics. But to say that Super VIP at the Hangout Fest was insane is an understatement. I basically hungout with the Followill boys (Kings of Leon), chilled poolside all day Saturday (covered in sunscreen, don’t worry), and ate and drank for free. Oh, and our condo overlooked one of the stages. I heard the Shins play from my balcony.

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Darla, my cousin Amanda, me

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obsessed with KOL

I flew home only to fly back out for work the following day. So, no time to blog.  I digress.

Here is last weeks 6 week update.

6 weeks!?!?! So slow, yet so fast.

  • Planks
  • Several new PT exercises including: crab walk (basketball side lunge) with band, clamshells, rocker board on one foot while catching a ball.

I have never been more excited and felt like the biggest loser at the same time. 1o minutes on the elliptical is nothing to get excited about. To be honest, I didn’t even put my hair up and I stayed on the phone the entire time. I was THAT GIRL. But, to be a part of a healthy community again, to put on workout clothes, to feel like I am doing SOMETHING is a really, really good feeling.

I actually felt really good-and this was after a very long day of work in Memphis. The funny thing is, it hurts more to walk than to work out (PT says this is normal-still working on my stride).

Fast forward to Saturday…since I was told if I felt good, I could add 5 minutes…you know I did!! I actually burned over 1oo calories and broke a sweat (I was sore on Sunday, but in a really good way). I did all of my exercises on Saturday including some arm and ab work.elliptical 2

Planks suck. I used to do several sets of 1 minute planks. I can hardly do 30 seconds now. I now see why they tell you to stay on the exercise and healthy lifestyle wagon. I know mine wasn’t a choice, but man. Coming back is hard.

I also decided to do some home projects this weekend. For some reason, I decided to paint my vintage patio furniture (Scott’s Antique market-all 4 pieces for $135 two years ago!) and redo all of my planters. I am by no means handy and hate doing home chores. I would rather pay someone to do everything for me-but this was really fun. And such a sense of accomplishment!

I wish I would’ve taken a complete “before” of the entire patio to show you how rough it really was-but I didn’t. I just got so carried away with my work!  Just call me Martha Stewart, yall. I spray painted the gray chair and white table and had to hand paint the lime green chair and 2 I was on my feet/working on the patio and plants and shopping most of Sunday and Monday and was only a little sore in my glute (soreness mentioned from elliptical was all hamstrings that apparently don’t exist anymore).

I also think I forgot to share that I was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Mother’s Day weekend. Another article on runners safety. As a side note, I still haven’t heard anything on my trial.

So many more brain dumps on life…but I will hold off. I head to the doctor for my 6 week (really 7 but he was out last week) check up on Thursday. Hoping for some more positive updates and news!

Do you like doing home projects? Do you talk on the phone or have your hair down at the gym? 

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  • You and your friends are seriously the prettiest. Glad you had such fun time. I love KOL too!

    I am happy that you got to use the elliptical, that is great progress. Planks are tough, but they will grow on you. Just think about those fabulous abs you are working on!

    Love the chairs you re-did. The color is fun and fabulous!

    PS- Saw your email this morning. I am okay for the most part, but will email you back in a bit. 🙂

  • i keep forgetting to ask… how in the world did you land VIP for hangout? so incredibly jealous. My gfs that go every year FINALLY invited me for next year (can’t wait!!)

    I love the whole apple green color right now… so much so that I bought a dresser from goodwill and painted the entire thing that color, salvaging is so much fun!! Glad you’re getting in some sweat time now- PT is really paying off for you.

    As a side note, I work out weekly and still think planks are hard 😉

  • What’s crazy is I didn’t think your porch furniture was in “bad shape” when we were there. I guess I was so enamored with the courtyard and all….

    Wow! Your work turned out amazing. I need to come back and visit and sit on the “new” chairs.

  • Martha Stewart bwahahahaha. I think you’re better than MS in the kitchen and you’re plants look great (don’t forget to water). I’m so proud you painted the furniture (and hands and feet

  • Ok, you are inspiring me to get my arse up & into the gym to get strong because…we have a marathon to train for in 2014!
    Impressed by your furniture fix-up – they look new & love the color choices! Makes me want to go spray paint something…

  • I’m so glad that you are allowed to start moving again. Even if it is just a little bit at a time. Slowly but surely, you’ll be back on your way to crushing half marathons and making the rest of us look slow 🙂 I’m proud of your attitude and how strong you’ve been through all of this. When you’re ready to go for that first 3 mile run outside, call me 🙂 xo

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