A Long Four Weeks

Today is officially four weeks post op. It’s almost comical how much I downplayed this surgery in the beginning. I acted as if I was getting a cavity filled. Here is an update:

  • My lady parts still aren’t 100% normal. They are better, but still don’t have all of the feeling back. Definitely not cool. I must be the small percentage that can go up to 6 weeks with numbness. 
  • I am still trying to ice on a daily basis.
  • I can still only work a few hours at a time without being in pain.
  • I am now able to do PT exercises like the rocker board, and can use 6lbs of weight (ankle weight) for my exercises.
  • I am officially allowed to do situps. But plain and simple ones and can’t lift above my shoulders. And I can only do 20 of them. Don’t get to excited yall. 
Holding a bridge position for 30 seconds (3 sets).

What has been the most interesting is the muscle spasms. My glutes literally sieze up and I have to massage my butt. Literally, stop in public and grab my ass. I’m sure people think I’ve lost it. The muscle spasms are completely normal, but they are painful and also end up altering my gait and I end up limping.  This happens every, single day.

The most annoying thing is about my pain meds. I don’t like them. Call me crazy, but feeling loopy and lazy is not one of my favorite things in the world. I have figured out (several weeks ago) that I only need a half a pill of both my muscle relaxer and pain med. The full pill makes me high as a kite, half a pill just a little buzzed and fuzzy. I was/am slightly worried that I was dependant on them to sleep.  For the past week or so I have only been taking a half a muscle relaxer, and I know that isn’t a lot, I just didn’t want it to be a crutch. I decided on Sunday to see how I would do without it. I slept okay, not great and had PT on Monday.

That no pill thing was a terrible idea…I honestly was in more pain yesterday than I have been in over 2 weeks. I had to go to a girlfriends house to get on a heating pad and work from her house until my last appointment (that was near her house).  My glute and hip muscles were so tight and wouldn’t relax. It was a rough day. So back to the pain meds.

I haven’t let the surgery keep me too down though. On the weekends I’ve tried to stay busy as best as I can.  I’ve learned I can do a few hours of something in the morning, take a break to rest and ice, and then do something again at night.

This weekend included my first ever Hawks game (and last of the season since they lost)IMG_3481

I did some shopping on Saturday in search for the perfect flats for a wedding that I will be heading to this weekend (I MISS HIGH HEELS). And then I headed to the first annual Shaky Knees Festival. Band of Horses is one of my all time favorite, okay favorite, bands and I’ve seen them live 6 or so times and I couldn’t pass up another show especially when it’s a mile from my house.

Did I mention it was raining all day Saturday? IMG_3491Yes, my girlfriend Kelsey was a trooper and we stood in the rain for several hours to hear them. It was a great show. I skipped the day concerts because of the weather and ended up skipping Sundays shows because of the weather too. One night of the mud was enough.IMG_3497I also managed to squeeze in time with my favorite little nugget last night before heading out of town for work today. IMG_3509I’m a little worried about the travel. I truly thought I would be better when I planned all of this.  I’m stopping to stretch every hour and bringing my ice machine with me and have told myself that I have to stop working when I start hurting. Here’s hoping it won’t be too bad. I’ve got several days on the road before heading home for the wedding I mentioned above-it’s one of my best friends from high schools big day, and I’m looking forward to some QT with the ladies that know me best.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Pain pills-take them or leave them? Would you skip a concert in the rain or tough it out?


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  • lady parts…. as in your hoo hah? I would have never thought. Sorry about the butt spasms and having to massage it in public… I’ve seen weirder things these days so I’m sure some people don’t even notice 😉

    This rain has been ridiculous- If I had some sweet rain boots like you, I don’t think I’d let the rain bother me as much and I might stay to listen to some songs, but after the past 2 weekends filled with rain and 2 ruined shoes later… i’m staying away for a bit

  • Yeah, you couldn’t pay me to stand out in the rain for a concert, even if it was my favorite group. Then again, what’s rain? We don’t have that here in Oregon anymore.

    I’m not surprised you thought you’d be back up and at it in a month. It seems like sufficient time to heal from anything, no matter what your doctor says. Be careful this week! You don’t need to be a hero.

  • ah Friend, I am so sorry that you are still in so much pain. I know it will only continue to get better. I guess maybe it is a good thing that you didn’t anticipate that it would be this intense? You might have been scared out of your mind going into the surgery if you would have known? In the grand scheme of things, hopefully you will look back and this time will just be a blip on the radar…although right now I am sure it seems like there is just no end in site. I miss you tons…let’s get to planning that visit here or there ASAP.

  • Sorry about the muscle spasms. I know that must be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Trust your gut with the pain pills. Everyone is different when it comes to those things.

  • I’m glad you are getting out a bit & though it sounds horrible, the butt spasms made me laugh. Have a great time at your wedding!

  • Glad you are slowly getting better. Love your shoes you have on, too cute! Pain pills make me sooo nauseous, I don’t like them at all. You are braver than I am going to the concert, it was raining so I stayed at home, I don’t do rain!

  • Oh Elizabeth! I hope you are hanging in there! I’ve been thinking about you a lot and hoping you are starting to feel better. Lets grab lunch or drinks soon to catch up! Just think about how fast you’re going to be when this is all behind you!!! xoxoxoxo

  • I’m a week post-op for labral tear surgery. It took me roughly 3 years from the point of injury to surgery day. I actually dealt with the butt spasms prior to my surgery and am all to familiar with the butt massaging in public!

    My surgeon says my tear was one of the worst ones he has seen given that it wasn’t a result of bone abnormalities. I’m surprised by how early you were off of your crutches! I’ll likely be closer to 8 weeks with crutches. The first 3 weeks I’m with less than 5 pounds of weight bearing and am entirely stuck in my bed.

    Unlike you I don’t have the CPM leg machine to use. It’s funny how different doctors have such different protocols!

    I’m enjoying reading your posts while I recover.

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