5 weeks and Full Disclosure

Well, to say that my life is back to chaos at the moment would be correct. I’m a good week behind on blog reading and trying to catch up. I miss yall!  To say that it is very odd to have a running blog and have to take a running hiatus for almost 8 months is an understatement. Here are my tidbits on life:

My first traveling trip for work was a success with very little pain. I have no idea what has happened, but I have taken a turn for the MUCH BETTER. I can work a full day now with just a little pain. I’ve only had to take the muscle relaxer twice in a week and a half. I seriously want to lace up the shoes and hit the park but I know that isn’t an option. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little sore but nothing like I was. When I was home this weekend my mom commented on how nice it was to see me walking. I almost forgot what it was like 5 weeks ago when she was helping me to the bathroom and giving me sponge baths!

Updates from 5 weeks Post-Op:

  • The lady parts seem okay. No more numbness. Praise the Lord yall. That was scary.
  • I’ve added what seems like a ton of new PT exercises (step ups, step downs, squats, speed skaters to name a few) this week and should get the approval to do the elliptical next week. I’ve never been more excited for cardio exercise in my life.
  • I’m still doing my arm and ab workouts (triceps, biceps, and 20 situps).
  • I haven’t gained any weight. YES!

Now for the tough part. I have gone back and forth and thought about this and felt it was only right to put it on the blog. Some things are left for my personal life (shocker, I know) but I didn’t feel right not mentioning it at all. You may or may not have noticed that P wasn’t around for my surgery. Well, that is because he wasn’t. He decided he needed his space about 2-3 weeks before the surgery and we ended our relationship. I will be brutely honest and say losing running and losing love and being stuck in the bed does not leave one feeling so hot about themselves or life. It was a very, very, VERY hard few weeks. I will always have respect for P and will always have nothing but positive thoughts and memories from our relationship.  I have faith and trust in God that one day I will find what I am looking for in a partner. Life has thrown me a flipping truckload of lemons lately. It honestly can only get better and I’m proud of my strength through it all. That is that.

So when I mentioned that I needed my girls wedding weekend last week, I wasn’t kidding. It hit the spot. It’s all still a little hazy and I had a blast.

Lauren, Amanda, Katie, Me at the Fairhope Brewery. Don't remember much...
Lauren, Amanda, Katie, Me at the Fairhope Brewery. Don’t remember much…
the beautiful bride, Ann Marie, and her new hubby John
the beautiful bride, Ann Marie, and her new hubby John


yes, it's very humid in LA (lower Alabama).
yes, it’s very humid in LA (lower Alabama).
me and Tiff closing the bar down.
me and Tiff closing the bar down. kinda sums up my weekend.

I’m so thankful for these girls, you have no idea. There really is nothing like your oldest, best group of girlfriends. This weekend I head to the beach to hang out with my cousin and listen to a bit of music VIP style at the Hangout Festival.  I guess non running perks include doing what I want, when I want and not worrying about long runs and training, right??

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I joke about my travels/weekends away and loving them, I still get jealous at everyone running at Piedmont Park when I drive by at night/morning.  I also miss Pilates and Flywheel but I know that the old “physical” and “active” me will be back soon and in better shape than ever.

I’ve shed too many tears to mention over the past few weeks and I’m done feeling sorry for myself and allowing myself to sit in a pity party over everything in my life. I felt like nothing was going my way. I was in a funk. It is so very interesting to see how the mind and body work together. I had no idea that all of this would be this hard. It does seem as though me feeling better/moving around more is really helping my mental state. As the recovery goes on and I am allowed to do more physically, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m counting down till August. I know that terrible, cliche/annoying saying, that everything happens for a reason is true. Even with my many setbacks over the past few months, I’m enjoying life. I’m living it.  It doesn’t get much better than that-no matter how many obstacles are thrown my way.

Who are your “go-to” friends when life gets you down? Music festivals-love em or hate the crowds? Going to hangout fest by chance? 







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  • First off, great news that you are headed in the right direction. We obviously want you at 100% and listen to the Dr… We runners are stubborn, but sometimes we gotta give.

    Secondly, sorry to hear about the relationship ending with P. I could say some cliche things like “everything happens for a reason” or something along those lines, but it sucks not being with someone you love(d) when you need them. Glad you were able to reach out to your go-to-girls and get some smiles in.


  • i’m so happy you turned a corner in your recovery!!! Hooray for cardio!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about P. I was wondering, and didn’t want to be nosey (I can’t help it, I’m nosey). Friends are the best.

    And how HOT do you look in that yellow dress?? Yowzers.

  • First of all, you look absolutely amazing!!! Love that dress, you look hot 🙂

    So glad things are starting to look up for you! I can’t even imagine having to deal with a breakup on top of all that other shit. Happy you had a fun time with your girlfriends, those weekends are always the best

  • Ok E – Who cares how you feel because how you look is AMAZING in that yellow dress! Ho.ly.Cow. I think you should wear that dress every day. Even on the elliptical (congrats on graduating SOON to a near-running activity!).

  • Sorry to hear about all the rough things you’ve been going through lately. Happy to hear you had a great girl’s weekend though!

  • I am glad that you are starting to feel better. Very glad that the lady parts are doing better. That would freak me out! When I had my knee surgery the surgeon said I might not ever have full feeling in my knee. There was one little area that feels numb all of the time. I can’t imagine feeling that “down there”.

    I am sorry about you and P. I wondered why your mom was taking care of you, but it now makes sense. I am glad that you have such a great group of close girlfriends. Girl’s weekends are always the best. Whenever I am feeling down my childhood BFF is my go to. Nothing beats a weekend with her!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that yellow dress! You look smokin’ in it!

  • Aww…you’ve had a tough time of it of late. I’m sorry. I’m glad you have your friends to lean on and that you had a well-timed girls weekend.

    On the bright side–so happy you are making such great progress. Put your focus on that and on how one of these days, you’re going to be lacing up those running shoes.

    Big hug to you!

  • Ok…..the yellow dress….vavavooooooom
    That is a winner
    Wear that every day and the P (s) and other letters will line up at the door….
    You look fantastic

    Happy you are making recovery progress…the light is there….I am injured now so I am on the no running diet and it sucks…..

    The P news…..I am so sorry that you had to go through that and also that it came at such a bad time….seriously…men sometimes…..what? I had to say it…. 🙂

    BFF are the best. I have had the same ones since high school. Nothing has yet to break our solid bound…no guys, no kids, not even me moving to another country.

    Hang in there my pretty friend

  • HURRAY for no more numbness in the lady parts 😀 – sounds like you are on the mend, and that is great news!

    (I have a secret to tell you too, and I also have not blogged about it – J and I are not together anymore either).

    Love the pics, you look great and awesome for there to be no weight gain without exercise! Looking great!!!

  • A. I love that bridesmaid dress.

    B. The lady parts issue is scary business!

    C. I’m so sorry for all the downs lately. I sincerely hope that you start getting some good news (and lots of it). And even when I’m not having a bad time, I NEED my girlfriends. Best therapy ever.

  • So sad that P didn’t come to his senses! I won’t throw any clichés your way bc I hate when they’re said to me… But I will say boys suck and I honestly don’t get their thought process.

    That’s exciting you may be able to start elliptical next week, bring on the sweat!

    Since everyone else already commented on how sexy the yellow dress it, I will say that daaaamn girl you look skinny?!?

  • 1. I am glad you’re recovering from surgery and recouping well. I can only imagine how much you’re itching to get those running shoes back on.
    2. I am sorry to hear about you and P.
    3. That yellow dress – hello! that is a HOT dress!!!

  • So glad you are healing and getting stronger. You look fantastic!! A girls’ weekend sounds like the perfect cure. Thinking of you and know you deserve someone that appreciates you. It will happen-no doubt. You are simply too awesome!

  • I’m so sorry about the surgery and P and everything happening at once, but I know you are strong! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Btw, LOVE the yellow dress!!!

  • Sorry to hear about your breakup!! On the plus side you look great and I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better and better. That’s great news!

  • Whoa lordy! You really have been through the ringer lately! I say you come visit for a weekend at the beach 😉
    Couple of things:
    You look fantastic in yellow… it makes me a little bit J – I look like I’m washed out and about to puke on myself. Music is definitely a creative outlet/relief/relaxation tool so closing down the club – it works – I use it often. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Yay for PT progress! Speed skaters are tough fully mobile so you’re on the mend my lady!

  • Well it sure does look like you are recovering nicely! Fingers crossed you get denied the NYC marathon this year, too (in hopes for next year, of course). Glad you were able to get out and have a girls night and enjoy what looked like a beautiful wedding. Having friends to turn to when life doesn’t go as planned is a huge blessing for sure!! lots of love!

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