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1. I am down to my lowest weight since going to college and my goal!!!! SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY so pumped.  I don’t feel like I had to starve myself or deprive myself (other than lent) to get here either. I don’t know if it’s the not running and the non-runger issues, a change in workouts with spinning, lent, loseit app, and not as much down time to eat in boredom (new job thing). I’m sure they all contributed to it. The only thing I am scared of is gaining some during my recovery from surgery. Right now I’m all about plank a day and tightening up my core for bathing suit season.

2. On that note, forever ago, a friend of mine asked me to review her It Works Wraps on the blog. She is always posting success stories on FB, and I must admit, I was a bit curious.

This arrived in the mail and Jessica told me to not do it around that time of the month. I held off a week to be safe and had my sister help wrap me when my body was “normal.”


IMG_2968The package suggests wrapping plastic wrap around it, so we did. If not, it would’ve been really hard to sit/lay down. You have to keep the wrap on for 45 minutes, so she kept me company until my time was up.

itworksI’m not sure if you can see the results or not, but I did feel less bloated and a bit more firm. I have seen people (on her FB page) have much more success with more doing more wraps, more often and I am sure I would have even better results. I’m sure it would also show more if I was heavier. I do think it’s a nice option if you are trying to look great before a vacation, wedding, big event, etc.  I do not think it is a weight loss option-that is what diet and exercise are for. Check it out her blog to learn more.

3. I love greek yogurt. It’s one of my favorite snacks. I usually buy the Fage 2% (I think the 0 is terrible and if I remember correctly 2% has more protein/benefits) and make a bowl with my favorite fruits and a teaspoon of honey. Sometimes I will add granola too. What I really don’t understand is the HL blogger obsession with chobani. Every week I see tweets and instagram pics of boxes of chobani. FLAVORED greek yogurt. You would think people would notice the amount of added sugar in the “fruit” flavored ones. I don’t get it. A huge obsession over something where a healthy-living blogger should promote plain yogurt with “real” fruit. I will totally admit I like the 100 calorie dessert like Chobani-the coffee with chocolate bits. Those flavors are more like dessert/treats and can take the place of ice cream. But seriously, why do you need to buy strawberry, pineapple, cherry, blah blah blah yogurt when you can buy plain and add real fruit?

yogurtPlease note the difference in sugars, protein, and carbs. I know that adding my own fruit will change the results of the yogurt, but isn’t that better for you? REAL fruit??

4. As of today, I am officially (credit card) debt free. AGAIN. Lawd don’t let me go all crazy with that AMEX anymore. Here’s my question for all you super smart with your finances peeps. I now have a new car and my mortgage. I get reimbursed mileage from work so that helps my car payment. I would also like to build up my savings account. I would like to pay down my car and mortgage more as well. How, and in what order should I do this? Save until I get to a certain dollar amount and then add what I can to each car and mortgage each month to pay it down?

Would you do a wrap? Thoughts on the greek yogurt? What do I do with my finances? 

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  • Congrats on reaching your goal!!

    What worked for us when we were paying off our debt was following Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Steps”. It accelerates consumer debt payoff but also encourages you to save (both an emergency fund and for retirement). The book that outlines all of it is “The Total Money Makeover” but you can find all the info on his website. 🙂

  • Oh I love Dave Ramsey and his program. That is what my husband and I use. We went to a course in Atlanta but I think you can also buy his book and workbook and do it yourself. I also have the CDs if you want to borrow them from me.

    Not so sure about the wrap but I do carry my weight on my stomach so I wonder if it would help. Congrats on the weight loss. I have to say that since I have not been running as much post marathon, I have lost weight and my calves have started to look normal again.

    Have you tried Dreaming Cow yogurt? It is delicious and made in GA. Check them out, I love their concept and right now Whole Foods has it on sale for 5for 5.

  • Congrats on hitting your goal weight, that is awesome! So proud of you!
    I love greek yogurt, it is my favorite snack.
    Wish I was credit card debt free, but I am working on it. I have a little over $1500 on my visa. Ugh! I hope I don’t spend too much in San Fran next month!

  • I bought a wrap from a Groupon. Went to the office and she basically wrapped me everywhere in plastic wrap. Then I laid around for half an hour. Relaxing, but I wouldn’t pay a ton of money for the experience again.

    Oh, and I’m all about following the Dave Ramsey baby steps too, but you knew that already.

  • Congrats om reaching your goal and being credit card debt free! I love chobani (the orange) but yes, it’s definitely loaded in sugar! I buy it as a treat and then plain that I mix stuff in to offset on regular days! Chobani tends to have a lot of freebird and advertising in the blog world!

  • Congrats on being debt-free!! That is huge! I usually start paying off things with the highest interest rate. But I also try to put something towards the mortgage each month. In my case, my car is paid off, what is left at the end of the month will be split 50/50 with savings account and mortgage. So far this works great.

  • I tried those wraps too and didn’t notice any difference at all! They also wouldn’t let me stop getting the shipments until I made several phone calls. So proud of you for your weight loss and debt-freeness!

  • Sounds like there are some pretty damn good things going on for you. You look fantastic! Hello flat abs!!!

    um, 100% agree with you on the yogurt thing. But come on, when they get free shit they have to make it sound like THE BEST whether they believe it or not. And that is why I think Fitfluential is BS. 🙂

  • On Chobani: It’s because they send it out to bloggers for free, and a lot of people don’t disclose that on their instagrams and tweets. And it’s super annoying, because 10 people didn’t just coincidentally start liking the exact same yogurt flavor. This is becoming one of my biggest irritations in blog world: I honestly think that advertisers need to be a little more selective in whom they choose to market their products.

    On finances: we pay ourselves first. That means our savings come out of our paychecks and bank accounts automatically. Makes it a little less painless.

  • I could not agree more with you about Chobani and it’s obsession with bloggers. I’m pretty sure they are all receiving it free (I wouldn’t turn it down either) but the ones with fruit in them are LOADED with sugar…20 grams or more sometimes! Chobani is actually one of my favorite greek yogurt brands…plain of course 😉

  • I agree on the sugars in the fruity yogurts… I will buy them for a treat, but they are crazy loaded with sugars. At least the cho bites are smaller portion size. The regular tubs are a little bit too much for me anyway. I always buy plain and add my own yummy ingredients.
    Congrats on your lbs, and especially the debt free! I’m still trying sooo hard at getting mine gone completely!

  • Congratulations on hitting your weight loss goal Elizabeth! That’s so exciting. Hopefully that will be me at some point this year. I’ve never done a wrap but I’m not against doing one at some point. As far as the finances go, following Dave Ramsey’s plan is a great idea!

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