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After working all weekend in Miami last weekend, I came down with some sort of upper respiratory thing and haven’t felt “well” all week. Not bad, but not “right.” I did go get my second opinion on my hip this week and worked.  My focus for this weekend was to spent some QT with P, celebrate my sisters 30th, attend a high school bestie’s bridal shower and actually rest. I did it all and it’s been fabulous. I haven’t had a full weekend in Atlanta since mid-January I think. Needless to say, I still have some blogging to do, still have some house cleaning to do (company is coming this weekend yall), and there is plenty of work to still do.

BUT, all that being said, not feeling well or not, I had to find time to ride at flywheel this weekend. I signed up for Heather’s Virtual Race for Gabby again this year. I chose to do the marathon, but I knew that my average class mileage was just under 26.2.  Good enough, in my opinion.

teamgab-1 (1)

It was really important to get this in. For what Gabby (and of course Heather and her family) has been through, a cough wasn’t going to keep me from my virtual race. I haven’t written about this, because  honestly it was somewhat private, but Heather was an immediate support for me this past Fall as well. My cousin (really my cousins son), was diagnosed with exactly what Gabby had, at nearly the exact same age and almost the exact same way.

Living in Atlanta, I didn’t really know how to be there for my family (back in Alabama), and she just gave me words of encouragement to share and even offered to speak to my cousin if she needed the support. As many of you know, I already raise money for Team in Training and I HATE cancer.  My plan before the injury was to be able to do a race in this fall and fundraise (hoping I still can) again.  So a donation and a bike ride seemed like the obvious choice for this weekend. I had to do SOMETHING.

I gave it my all in class and got a little emotional as I thought about Gabby and my cousin Cooper. I hate that kids have to go through that pain. I hope that we can find a cure and a much easier way to stop cancer.

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 5.05.02 PM

So, just a few miles short of 26.2, but this rides for you Gabby and Cooper!  If you haven’t donated, please consider helping Heather (or any other person fundraising for cancer research).  We will find a cure-someday!

How was your weekend? Did you participate in the virtual race?


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