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First off, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, emails and suggestions regarding my hip.  I had my second opinion appointment last Thursday with Dr. Jon Hyman.  To say that he is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than my previous doc is an understatement. I trust this man 110%. I actually continued to tell him that I loved him (sorry P).  He spent a good 45 minutes talking to me, explaining every little detail and coming to his own conclusions without seeing the previous doctors notes.

Bottom line: I have a torn labrum. It was extremely obvious in my MRI (I’ve held off on this post in hopes of getting the images to explain it better but haven’t and will post once they email them to me) when I saw the contrast dye and he pointed out the spot. There was “color” where there shouldn’t have been. It had to get there somehow, and it’s a tear.

Labral Tear

The best way to explain my situation…  Notice on the left part of the white ball where the bone meets the white-it has a smooth curve from the bone to the white. My body isn’t made that way. It has more of straight edge. Dr.Hyman says this isn’t uncommon and a tear would’ve eventually happened (running) because of my shape.  Basically, it’s not smooth where it needs to be and has rubbed back and forth so many times from repetitive use and it has slightly torn.  This probably would not have been detected if I wasn’t active and would’ve never bothered me. The “extra” that is causing the rubbing may have been that way since birth or have happened if I was injured as a child-as simple as a bad fall or accident that would’ve changed my growth pattern. Like I said, he says it’s very common and he sees it all the time.  See Dr.Hyman on the news explaining labral tears around 1:35 of the video.

I could try and run with the pain I have now, or just spin and live a somewhat easy lifestyle. Or, I can have surgery and he will fix the “uncurved” spot to make it curved and reattach the detached labrum. I’m obviously having surgery. I can’t imagine running in pain for forever or not being able to run. Quite frankly, I miss yoga and being able to sit indian style or in the car for long periods of time. The pain has become my norm, even if it is very minimal.

My hopes are to have the hip arthroscopy at the beginning of April. It’s an hour and half outpatient surgery and I will be on crutches for 2 (maybe 3) weeks. This isn’t great for an outside sales job, but I can work on the phone from home if I have to.  The overall recovery seems to be around 8-12 weeks.

As for running, I will have a DNS this weekend at the Publix 1/2 Marathon-which sucks because I have Kim, Lisa and Jess coming to stay so they can run the race. I will be a great cheerleader though!

I will have a DNS (didn’t sign up yet thank goodness) for the Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon that P and I did last year. Of course I will be there to cheer him on too.

My most depressing DNS is obviously Eugene. This was going to be my big marathon for the year. My attempt at a BQ and my NUUNGENE reunion with some of my Hood to Coast teammates and my many, many other blogger friends. I HATE that I am missing this weekend. The only good news is that I should be on the road to recovery and will be all ready to run in the Summer/Fall.

I still have some things to work out with my insurance company before I have a final date, but I am glad to have answers and know that this is really my only option if I want to run again. Rest and PT will not change the shape of my bone or reattach the area that is causing the problem/pain.  I hate that I wasted almost 8 weeks with a clueless doc, but I  love that I have now one of the top docs in the south/country working on me too.

None of this is ideal. My tears have finally stopped, the unknown is no longer and I can finally move forward. I have to have faith in the whole “everything happens for a reason” thing…and I do.

Do you know anyone that has had hip arthroscopy? Can I cheer you on at Publix or Oak Barrel??

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  • Even though it is not the news you wanted to hear I am glad you have a diagnosis and you know what to expect. Not knowing what is wrong is much worse and frustrating. Keep the positive attitude and this will be over with in no time. Take Care!

  • Your doctor was on TV! How very cool. So glad you found him and there is a plan.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few short days. I’m so sorry you can’t race those hills with us.

    So, Eugene, 2014?

  • I am so sorry to hear this Elizabeth. My heart breaks for you because I know exactly how you feel right now. If it helps, my coworker is recovering really good from her hip surgery that she had in December. She is already back to crossfit and light running. This little bump in road will only make you stronger. Hugs to you! XXXXX

  • Aw man. I’m so sorry. I’ll have my first DNS this weekend due to a stress fracture in my foot. I know how you feel. I just keep telling myself that I’m going to come back stronger due to all the cross training I’m doing!

  • I’m so glad you have a doctor you are confident in but so bummed about the DNS. Maybe we can work together on a BQ in 2014?

  • So sorry about your hip!!! As a PT, I say good for you for going after your surgery & returning to what you love. Good luck with setting everything up to get it taken care of. I had foot surgery a few years ago, and while I was miserable not running, and watching everyone else run while I healed, I never would have been able to do the things I’m doing now. You’ll be so happy to have it fixed! Good luck!!

  • E, I’m glad you have a great doctor now and have a plan for recovery. 🙂
    I’m running Oak Barrel again and would love to see you! I’ll try not to fall down again this year. 🙂

  • Ugh, I am so sorry to read about your hip, but it must be such a relief to have a diagnosis and to finally have answers. I’m running the Publix 1/2; I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for a speedy recovery in the future!

  • Glad you found a good doctor! But, seriously bummed for you 🙁 It’s good you have some answers and a solution now, though. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    You will be so missed at Eugene! Stay strong girl, you will get back there 🙂

  • Although it is not the best of answers, I’m so glad that you were finally able to pinpoint the issue! And even though it requires more down time, you now have the postivie outcome to be able to come back better than ever (and prob faster/stronger) much easier without pain. 🙂 Just remember that these races happen “every year” so there is always next year to get that BQ!

  • Oh Elizabeth, I’m so so sorry! It sucks, but as you said, at least you know what is going on and you are with one of the best doctors. You will be back running and that is all what counts. You are strong and determined. You will get through this!!

  • You my friend have the BEST attitude.
    I admire you for that
    I am happy you have a good plan now
    I am sorry you will miss Eugene this year….I know you will be back stronger then ever….

  • I am so sorry that is the news you got. Having a torn labrum myself I can sympathize with you. The pain is terrible and sadly becomes too normal. I wish your case had been like mine and PT had helped. Though I will tell you that I have similar bone issue and am again in PT for overcompensation my labrum tear is causing me. You absolutely have the best attitude. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sorry that this year isn’t going to be what you had planned but I have no doubts that once all this is behind you that you will ROCK your way right back into the racing scene! Hang in there!!!

  • I love you. You are awesome. Seriously…who gives a shit about DNS? You’ve figured out the problem and are fixing it. You won’t be hobbling around on that ouch of a torn labrum until you start grinding away the cartilage and it feels like your hip socket is filled with ground glass until you kill the nerve and everything else around the joint solidifies and gives you arthritis 😀

    You have got this thing HANDLED and have so many awesome years of running and joyful, pain-free activities ahead! I probably get to start maybe running in September. Maybe we could get together sometime before then and go for an amazing walk 🙂

    Call me!!!!!

  • If it’s any consolation, I had a whole boatload of DNS when I was trying to get pregnant – and they make the races you can run that much sweeter. Fingers crossed for a quick and uneventful recovery!

  • Oh Elizabeth I’m sorry to read this. I’m glad you finally got a dx and a good doc, but boo on the labrum tear. That said, your time spent recovering will fly and you’ll be back better than ever. Thinking of you.

  • Really sorry to hear you have to deal with this and yet how awesome you have found a doctor that is so willing to talk you through all the options. I have heard mixed things on coming back from surgery…I had similar knee surgery and bounced right back but I was 18! 🙂 I hope that it does exactly what you need though to keep you running for many more years

  • It sounds like this doctor is going to be wonderful and has already given you some answers and gotten a plan in place to fix the tear. I hate that you won’t be running Oak Barrel but I’m excited to see you that weekend. We’ve got a couple of friends that we are bringing with us to run this year. Hope work is going good!

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  • E- Saying BIG prayers for you, especially on the 9th. I know your mom will be there to help you through all this. xxxU Aunt Lee

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