February Monthly Recap

It’s not as fun to do monthly recaps when you don’t run. Oh well. Here’s to February.

Miles Planned/Actual: 100 something?/1. I had to put it in there. I ran a mile at PT and realized I wasn’t getting better.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: No plan. Go when I can. I went to flywheel so much I earned a “free” shirt for points earned as well as my own spin shoes. That’s pretty cool.


Races Planned/Actual: 1/0.  I should’ve PR’d at RNR Nola. Instead, I ate, drank, and cheered.


PR’s: nada.

Challenges Completed: 0.

Current Aches/Pains: The hip. I’m so glad to have answers and glad to have a great doc. I’m terrified of the recovery and the surgery-but more to come on that soon.

Current Book: I decided to read the other 2 books by Gillian Flynn. I finished Sharp Objects and loved it. I’m still trying to finish Dark Objects-but find it hard to read at night-I hate reading suspense before bed, I end up having to turn something “happy” on tv to calm my mind back down so it’s taking me a while to finish. Hopefully soon though!

Current Obsession: Getting through hip arthroscopy. This is not a normal obsession.

Current Drink: UM, ALL THE NEW NUUN FLAVORS! OBSESSED! Cherry-limeade, lemonade, and watermelon. I love them all.

Current Like: Having answers. Being home in Atlanta for a few weeks. Down time. My niece.

Current Dislike: I know yall are sick of hearing it, but I miss running so much.

Current Treat: none of that! It’s lent. I gave up sweets. I can’t wait for mini-eggs though!

Current Excitement: hmm. Is it bad to say I don’t have anything?

Have you tried the new NUUN flavors? Read anything good lately? 

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  • Cherry limeade is crack in a tube!!!! I cannot put it down. Seriously… I might have a problem. I hear the watermelon is equally as tasty though. I’m waiting for it to arrive. Mini- malt robin eggs are the bomb. I ate at least 20 at my mom’s this weekend. oopsie.

  • are you referring to robin’s eggs or mini cadbury eggs? I told my mom that this year I don’t want any candy (we still get easter baskets)… your excitement could be not having a limited diet, or surgery getting closer, or warmer weather on its way??

  • Love that you are loving Flywheel, it is addicting huh? That is a sweet shirt and way to go on getting shoes too!! I have tried the Nuun flavors and I love love love lemonade!

  • Cherry limeade rocks my socks off. I am loving it!
    Love your shirt from Fly Wheel, it is cute!
    I am interested in reading the rest of Gillian Flynn’s books. Glad to hear that you liked them. I am a book worm! I just finished Jodie Piccoult’s new book….but I forgot the name of it.

  • I’m currently reading “You are an Ironman” on kindle and I working through Chris McCormack’s autobiography. Definitely got triathlon on the brain. So sorry you missed PR’ing in NOLA, but you will next time and you are going to come back even more awesome after you are recovered from the hip surgery.

  • I read Sharp Objects when I went to my Mom’s house about a month ago and she took care of Charlotte and me while I was sick. BAD timing! I had some major nightmares!

  • I really like the shirt you earned at Flywheel. Between you and my friend Alyson raving about it I may have to come to Atlanta just to go to a spin class there!

  • Sorry you had to skip the NOLA race, but hopefully after the surgery you will be back to running in no time. I will have to check out Gillian Flynn! I’ve been reading a lot of Philip Margolin and all his books so far are great.

    Good job on the crosstraining! Flywheel seems pretty cool.

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