Reality, the Real World, and Shopping

I’m adjusting. It’s been three weeks without running. At this point, I am very realistic about my upcoming races.

To rewind:

I’m actually not in much pain. I feel like I could go for a run. BUT, I know I really shouldn’t. My favorite PT (from my ankle) was all booked up before my trip to Texas for work. I settled on trying a new one because the thought of doing nothing for another week was going to drive me crazy.  I wasn’t excited about a new therapist, but was hopefully. Well, I got a student. Who treated me like I was a 90 year old woman. I don’t think she quite understand my strength. For example, she told me to hold a plank for 15 seconds. I usually do 3 sets of planks in pilates or on my own. Her supervisor came in and went over everything at the end of my session. I had heard the student explaining my situation so I was somewhat prepared.

The supervisor told me I really didn’t need therapy because I was strong (right lady, that’s exactly why I’m injured). Second, when I asked about my races. She said, “Well, aren’t you a little obsessed” or something like that. Supervisor and I weren’t going to see eye to eye.  I did my exercises in TX and couldn’t wait to get back to ATL for my next appointment with my old therapist (from ankle).

Chris, my fav therapist, did a few tests on my flexibility and pain and said I was off balance on my right hip and something was definitely off. BUT, she wasn’t convinced it’s a tear. After I had my shot in my hip and felt no pain, it came back within 2 days. She said that a steroid shot should leave you pain free for several weeks. So, I’m very hopeful that it’s just a glute issue.

I did get dry needled for the first time ever.  A needle is put into the muscle and then moved around to the trigger point.  This was done in my hip, butt, and low back. I screamed, laughed and cried at the same time. I have never felt such odd pain in my life. My leg was numb when I left and hurt like a bitch all day but by Friday I felt awesome. I go back again today to start actually therapy.

Chris didn’t rule out NOLA or Eugene just yet. BUT, again, I am completely realistic. They may not happen.

To make up for my running, I spin like a crazy woman. I am seriously addicted to Flywheel. I’m not half bad at it either. I will easily earn free spin shoes too-they have some promo if you ride 200 miles within your first 60 days or something you get your own pair. I will have that in a week or two.

It’s weird to not be running. The ankle sprain was different-I couldn’t even really walk. I feel like I could run right now, and that’s what makes it hard. It’s really, really hard to be on social media (since 90% of my peeps are runners). BUT, I’ve been busy in my “real” life, so that helps. Last weekend P and I went to the North Ga mountains for a night and visited a few of the wineries.  They were very low key-except for the one that actually looks like it fits in Napa. The quote card (below) was from our hotel. It’s my new favorite quote. 🙂







I had training in Texas for several days-which is incredibly exhausting, exciting and overwhelming. And, I learned A TON about sunscreen. Does anyone have any interest in learning more about this?? I would love to share it but don’t want to bore anyone.

This weekend was low key-and I needed that. I will be traveling for the next 4 weeks so down time is really nice.

Before the hip injury, I was sent some awesome clothes from the ladies at Runningskirts. I had a chance to wear each piece a few times and love it all. I was already a fan of their skirts but had not tried the socks.




The bra on the other hand, has a little history. L (Becka’s sister) had given me an extra that she wasn’t using back in May. I LOVED it. I was super excited to get another one. But here’s the real deal. I love this bra for yoga, pilates, and everyday wear. This is NOT a bra to run in if you were blessed with a chest, and I am. I can imagine it’s like one of those handful bras a lot of you talk about (those don’t come big enough for me), but the Runningskirts brand does. I promise you, I live in this thing.  It’s incredibly comfortable for lounging! If you have an A/B cup size, I’m sure it would be fine to run in-anything larger than that is out of the question (in my opinion). And sorry, no pics of my boobs today.


I received an email this morning with a 20% off code, “runloverun”, and a free gift with $75 purchase-so go stock up!

Have you been to wineries other than Napa/Sonoma? Want to learn more about sunscreen/SPF? Running in skirts-yay or nay? 

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  • Love running skirts but I’d be in the same boat with the bra! 🙂 Good luck with the PT, I’m sure feeling like you could run is very difficult!

  • Shoot! So sorry I haven’t been around to hear about your injury before this! Bummer! I had the exact experience with a PT. Treated me like the rest of the geriatrics in there then got to talking about how running is bad. Boo. Praying you heal up soon! Hugs!
    I love the skirt you got–SO cute–need to get!

  • I totally cringed reading about your dry needle experience. I don’t think I could do that- sounds scary! I am glad that you are back to your fav PT and that she doesn’t think you have a tear (that is GOOD news!). I don’t think I could see another PT either if I needed to go back. I loved mine even though he thought I was slightly nuts. 🙂

    That bra is super cute- love the color. I think that I look like I have big chest in all of my pictures, but I really don’t. I have a really narrow rib cage so I only wear an A or B cup—depending on the bra. For a sports bra I always order a small. Maybe other people don’t think I look like I have a big chest…who knows. 🙂

  • hopefully you’ll be back to running soon. SO GOOD to know about their running bras— i am one of those small ones that wears and FREAKIN LOVES her handful bra— i know there are some of their bras on clearance so I will have to check them out.

  • Sorry about your injury. I’m so glad you found a really good PT (I mean the ankle one). Let’s hope you will feel much btter soon. And btw, how did you survive the needles?? Just reading about it made me nervous!

  • I would love to go to a winery in Napa! I’ve been to a couple here in FL! They are definitely citrus based wines, but still sooo good (and fun 😉 )
    I feel your pain – when I was in PT, I had the same emotions — feeling totally OK, and that PT was a waste of my time since every time I went, the exercises were so easy! I was a Spin/Cycle NUT! I went 3-4x a week since it didn’t hurt and I was pretty good at it! But in the end of that 7 weeks, I guess it did make a difference. with zero running … I have NO pain anymore – 2 mo later. It took a lot of babying and some paranoid post stretching, yoga, etc etc. Hopefully your good PT Chris can figure out what’s going on. Keep us updated!

  • I love lounging AND running in my RS bra 🙂
    So hey – I am interested in sunscreen. It’s a good topic for runners so we can be sure to prevent wrinkles, I mean skin cancer. Maybe you can talk about sweat + sunscreen? Do sports sunscreens prevent sweating/cooling? Also, I always wonder if there is really a point to getting anything beyond 30? I just bought 50 to take on our trip next week but should I have gotten 75? Or 30 then just reapplied more often?

  • Ahhh! Did you visit Montaluce?! We almost got married but the final quote and dollar amount KILLED that dream of mine. I will always covet that place as a wedding spot! Where did you and P stay?! Kyle and I have been talking about doing a trip up there for a long weekend.

  • So sorry about your hip Elizabeth. Good for you though for not running. Darn supervisor. Ahh…… wine. We’ve only done tasting once and it was in Napa. Hope all goes well at you next therapy session. 🙂

  • No boob shots? What kind of a joint are you running around here anyway? 😉

    We need to talk for a long time. Can you fly out? Can I fly out? We need to share some hugs.

  • I have always wanted to go to a winery but never have. Maybe I should check out N. GA since we live to so close.
    Running skirts, I always want it to be a yay but then I try one on and it turns into a nay. I just don’t think they look very good on me 🙁
    I have really fair skin so yes tell me more about sunscreen!

  • Glad you are taking it easy to get 100% healed! Smart move, sister. OK, must have some of the striped heart socks. Those are so darn cute. That bra does look similar to the handful bras, which are great for me because I might as well be a twelve-year-old boy when it comes to the chest region.

  • I’ll have to get the info from you on the wineries in North GA that you’d recommend. Allan spent a semester interning in North GA and we like to go back there when we can. Love the picture of you and P and the St. Augustine quote!

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