The Best Laid Plans

Most runners are type-A plan oriented. I am definitely one of those people. I like having a plan. I like sticking to a plan. Last weeks training went really well.  BUT, sometimes plans just don’t always work the way you want/need them to.

Monday: 5 miles easy. P and I went to the park and ran I kept my pace at an average of 8:55.

Tuesday: rest/yoga. NY Day. I relaxed.

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo run. Plan was first 1.5 miles easy, 4 miles at tempo 7:30-7:45, last 1.5 easier. This was after court and it went perfectly. I even beat the rain. There was effort, but it wasn’t too bad. 8:37, 8:10, 7:35, 7:30, 7:34, 7:36, 8:37 last 1/2 mile at 8:44.

Thursday: rest/yoga. I rested. Really, I ran around Mobile finishing up last minute things before leaving town. I was sneezing a lot, had a sore throat, etc. Assumed it was allergies and blamed it on Sadie, my dads dog.

Friday: 5 miles easy. I picked up P at the airport and decided to hit the treadmill at the Marriott (didn’t want to run around Jackson alone). Ended up doing 4 miles at 8:35 pace.

Saturday: MS Blues 1/2 Marathon. I ran feeling sick, but honestly felt good during the race.

Sunday, whatever this crap is, hit me like a ton of bricks. I think I used half a box of kleenex on the drive home. This WAS NOT IN THE PLAN. It’s the beginning of the year! New job! Eugene training! Start of Best Body Bootcamp! And…I WANT TO RACE 3M AUSTIN.

I started antibiotics Monday and hoped that all systems would be cleared and ready to work hard by this weekend. Nope. The beauty (sarcasm) of having asthma is the lingering lung issues that you get when you are sick. I’m stuck with a cough and slight shortness of breath.  Otherwise, I feel 100%.

I’ve done 0 running since the race. I missed my first track workout of the training season. I did manage to do the weight workouts for Best Body Bootcamp and pilates and yoga. Yes, I know, rest is what would be best. But I suck at resting.

The point of all of this rambling is that I suck at giving in to adapting.  I know I don’t have a choice and have to take the race as it comes. I 100% know that this race does not define my race season, my Eugene training, or anything for that matter. It’s simply 13.1 miles and I will certainly run plenty more of that distance in my lifetime (and this year for that matter). I just don’t really like when my plan gets altered.  As I have gotten older, I have tried to be more go with the flow, and this will be one of those times.

I will run the race, most likely as a training run. Obviously there will be no goal whatsoever and I will be very happy if I come anywhere close to my race in MS.  Some may wonder why run at all? Why come to Texas? Well, I’m not that sick, it’s paid for, and, the most important reason, it’s a trip to hang out with my old roommate! I just planned it around the race.

last time in Austin was for my 30th birthday & ACL, long before Katie new she would move to TX!
last time in Austin was for my 30th birthday & ACL, long before Katie knew she would move to TX! (Kim, Katie, Me)

So, take that racing plan. I’ll have fun in Texas with or without a shiny new PR.

How well do you adapt when you training plan goes awry? Freak out or go with the flow? Do you exercise when you are sick? Skip a race or run it?




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  • Bleh, sorry you’re not feeling great. If I’m really serious about my training, I’ll do everything in my power not to miss. But if I’m sick I will back off. Enjoy the race–there’s much to be said for having fun!

  • Ick, being sick sucks (she says as she reaches for a tissue). However, I do think that you are smart enough to know how to run the race to take care of yourself. Have fun!!

  • So, so many people are run down with the nasty flu stuff going around. I don’t adapt well when I’m sick either, it is so frustrating. Hope you still are able to have a great time!

  • I ran a half marathon while fighting a cold back in September. I definitely adjusted my race plans as a result (I was trying to go 2:10, but didn’t think that would be realistic). I held up okay on race day, until about mile 8 when the three days I ate nothing but soup caught up to me and I was starving. Just ran out of fuel. Good luck and run smart!

  • I am one of those that has to stick to the plan too. Anything that wrecks havoc on my plan sends me in a downward spiral. You would think that the world was ending! I probably should learn to be more flexible with my training schedule, but when I see it in writing I have to follow through. It usually takes a while for the freak out to subside. 🙂

    I hope that you have fun in Austin. Austin is on my bucket list of must see places!

  • After my hip injury last August, my entire fall race season/training plan went straight to the woods. I didn’t run for 7 weeks, and then very cautiously ran both half marathons that I’d already registered for in Nov/Dec. No goals, no pushing it. But since they were my 2nd/3rd halfs, I still managed to PR 🙂

    Enjoy Austin and run a happy race!

  • Good luck in Austin! I love that city! I was there for the Austin 1/2 a couple of years ago!

    I mostly train outdoors but if i’m feeling a little under the weather or feeling like I’m going to get sick I take it indoors. I rest a little bit more and just try and roll with it.

  • I was pretty sick a few months ago and did a post about working out while sick.. the best tip i found is if it hurts above the head (ie. headache, watery eyes, sore throat) you should be fine to work out, but if it hurts below the head (ie. fever, coughing, body aches due to sickness) then you should not workout.

  • I totally understand, I hate if I can not be in control of a situation. Please take your time and rather rest one more day, breathing issues are tough to recover from, especially when you start too early. Hope you feel good for the race!

  • I’ve been not around lately and missed this! I am so sorry you got sick 🙁

    I hope you’re doing alright now and feel solid about your race tomorrow!

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