My BHAG (plus a few more)

2o12 was a pretty amazing year.  To wrap it all up with NYE, P flew down for a few days and we were able to spend the night with several of my best friends and their husbands. I haven’t spent NYE with these ladies since high school I think, so again, I guess the trial led to another positive. We had dinner and then a low key night sipping on many bottles of champagne.

how is it that my fav pic of us, ever taken, was a midnight, drunken, self portrait? Go figure 🙂

I hope that 2013 can prove to be even better.  Last year I kept my goals pretty simple and I plan to do that again. No need to make a list of 1,001 things that are overwhelming and are part of  a long list. I also don’t believe in resolutions.

1. PR in the marathon. If I’m going to DREAM BIG, I gotta put it out there. I want to BQ. I know I am capable of it-so here it is in writing.  My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). Let’s hope Eugene is where that will happen.

2. Run in 5 new states. I’ve already got MS, TX, and OR planned. I’m hopeful that I can do a few more, but I don’t want to plan too far ahead. If it’s even more than 5, that would be fantastic!

3. Lose the last 7 pounds. For good. For real. I just started back up on my LoseIt app and will be tracking my food until I get to this goal.  I will weigh myself once a week with my new scale-and yes, only once a week. I’m not going to drive myself crazy.

4. Maintain the cross training. I am LOVING pilates and yoga and those will continue to be a mainstay in my training regiment. I will also be trying out Best Body Bootcamp to get my bootcamp/crossfit type fix online. I don’t want to do too much while I’m marathon training-but I want to be held accountable for some weight-training.

5. Really get out of debt. REALLY. I said it last year and I failed. I am tempted to say I can’t sign up for another race until I am debt free but that might be a bit drastic. 🙂

I’m keeping them short and simple. There ya have it. Let’s hope I can stick to it.

Do you do resolutions or goals? What’s your BHAG for 2013? 


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  • I am so with you on the get out of debt thing! I really need to get out of my credit card debt in a bad way. I didn’t set that as one of my goals but probably should have. I decided that if I can’t pay for a race out of my checking account then I don’t need to enter it.

    Yay for having the huge goal of a marathon pr!!!!!!

  • My BHAG for 2012 is to PR in the half marathon. My current PR is 2:13 and change, and I set a goal to run sub 2:10. I haven’t picked a goal race yet, but I’m thinking probably something in the fall, with maybe a let spring half as a check in point.

  • Great pic and great goals 🙂
    I feel you on the debt thing. I think we all tend to put a few happy things first, but then have an unhappy wallet. I am loving crosstraining. It really has made me realize that it will help keep me injury free and makes me a better athlete all around!
    Good luck in 2013. can’t wait to see how that BHAG goes lol (great acronym!)

  • My BHAG is to PR in the marathon too. I really hope that Eugene is where you can run your PR. It is such an awesome city and how cool would it be to finish on Hayward Field with a marathon PR?

    I am going to really, really, really work on getting out of debt. It’s not like I have a lot, but I don’t think a trip to Target once a week and online shopping is helping. :/

    All of your goals are realisitc and I know that you can accomplish them. Can’t wait to see how awesome 2013 is for you! Happy New Year!

  • Did I know you were going to Eugene? I CAN’T WAIT! I will be there, although I will not be BQing there. You can totally do it. You are a very strong runner!!

    I’m happy that I don’t have any debt other than a few old medical bills. However, a costly few months has me not registering for anything, even though all registrations went up on the first. Meh.

    PS – cute pic of you two!!

  • BHAG! Love it! Eugene sounds like it will be a re-nuun-ion! Lots of our teammates running and I know that you will dominate! I won’t be in any kind of state to run that far, but hope I’m still shuffling along!! 😉 Hugs!!

  • Great goals. Your Eugene goal makes me all the more excited about that race. You got that one. I’m trying to be more accountable for my strength training too. Just read in one of Jillian’s books that getting lean is more about strength training than cardio. Yikes.

  • Can’t wait to be there when you completely #BHAG it! Very exciting! Looking forward to training (virtually) with so many others heading to Eugene! you can do it!

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