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It’s been a crazy few weeks of little running and training for my new job. So you might think I am really losing it. But no, I’m talking about those pounds! One of my goals for the year is to FINALLY hit a goal weight I am not ashamed of and get in the target for my body type (and use this to also get a little faster with my running). I used Lose It in the past and decided that would be the tool to use again. I’m not the type of person that can go on a fad diet or give up the things I love. It’s an “everything in moderation” sort of attitude and basic math of not taking in more than you burn off.  I wanted to wait until the end of the month to let you know how it was going and give you my thoughts on this tool and the weight loss.

When I got on the scale at the beginning of the month (really, right after the trip to Mississippi) it showed I had gained 8 pounds since I last hopped on a scale-which would be ALL of my weight that I lost the previous year. I knew that had to be nearly impossible since my clothes still fit…I then realized it was that time of the month.

I still put that number in my lose it app with a goal to lose a pound a week. I was pretty disappointed with the number but was going to give it my all. I immediately realized I was overeating for what my body should have each day-even with running! I honestly forgot how easy it was to go over a calorie goal.

That first week was spent making adjustments to my regular meals and learning how to use the site/app to it’s best abilities and figuring out a few of my favorite tools that Lose It offers. I love that I can scan food barcodes. This helped with pretty much every item that has a barcode-including milk, protein shakes, frozen veggies, and even my eggs.




I was able to “earn” back some calories for exercising. If you work out, you can eat a bit more to balance out the calories burned. I didn’t go over my limit-just putting in enough to still hit my goals. Makes sense, right? I can put in all of my exercises-running, pilates, yoga, and even light weight lifting.

Week 1 results?? I lost almost 8 pounds. I’m assuming most of that was water weight/hormonal and maybe a pound or 2 was from my actual food counting.

The more I used the site/app, the more I realized how much more it has to offer. I love that I can input my data on my phone or on my computer-it’s not just an app. I also love that I can create my own recipes (even scanning barcodes of ingredients), add it all up and choose a serving size. I actually did this with my crockpot chicken and dumplings recipe.


Week 2 results? Down a pound! Exactly what my goal said I should be for the week. I was actually excited to get on the scale that Monday morning because I knew how hard I had worked. I also realized my ratio of carbs:protein:fat wasn’t where it needed to be. There are so many carbs in fruits and veggies! This isn’t changing my habits in those, just cutting back on the “unnecessary” ones.  There are charts each day that tell you the percentage as well as graphs.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 1.05.47 PM

Week 3 wasn’t too bad. I struggled with exercising enough with my hip issue. I took advantage of the restaurant section of the food search and was able to eat out sensibly, which is much harder than I expected! I was absolutely shocked at some of the choices I used to make thinking they “weren’t that bad for me.” It turns out, it all really does add up.

I weighed in on Saturday morning since I knew I wouldn’t be at my scale the rest of the week and lost .8 pounds! Right on track. It’s even easier now because all of my regular foods have stayed in my “my food” list and makes it easy to add and search each day.

I’m not sure I will actually lose this week-I don’t have as much control when I’m out of town for work meetings. The company took us out every night and we didn’t have a choice in lunch food (it was catered) but again, I did the best I could in my choices and know I can get right back on my plan.

I will admit, I take 1 day off from tracking a week. It may not be ideal, but it helps for my sanity. I don’t go out of control on that day and eat everything in site, but it may be a day I eat out or have a few cocktails.

Pro’s of Lose It
Recipe option
Goal setting
Groups to join and motivate you
Ratio of carbs:fat:protein
An app and a website option
Premium features for 39.95 for the year

Cons of Lose It
I wish they had more restaurants…or maybe I should eat out less 🙂 Either way it’s not hard at all to go to a restaurant site and look up the info (if posted) and then input the data into Lose It. Just an added step.

Biggest Pro? Inspiring others. I was really happy to hear that I one of my best girlfriends starting using Lose It last week and she’s down a pound. P is actually in on it too and realized how quickly the calories add up. It’s been fun to compare the success.

This is what has worked for me. I can’t wait to hit my goal in March! Or at least that’s what Lose It tells me will happen if I stick to this plan.  Lose It is actually free to use but they offer a premium version as well (with a small fee).

Do you track your food and exercise intake for weightloss? What have you tried to be successful? Have you ever used Lose It?

I was given a premium version of Lose It to try through Fitfluential but the review and opinions are my own.

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  • I use that app…. sometimes. I am really too lazy to log in all my food, so it should never be a surprise when I’m up instead of down. I do like the bar code feature though. So easy!

    I mainly use it to monitor weight… when I am motivated enough to even get on a scale.

    Congrats on the weight loss & accountability.

  • I’ve used loseit on and off for over a year. Right now mostly off! It was REALLY helpful for when I was just starting out on my weight loss adventure. It helped me become more aware of what I was eating and how each food decision added up. Glad you’re using it!

  • Great job at your progress so far. When I needed to lose a lot of weight (try 30ish lbs) I used FatSecret on my droid phone. It also has a scanner and a feature that allows you to easily add in your own food items that aren’t already in their system. This includes restaurant food which I found to be helpful. As long as they had the nutrition content on their website I could add it if it wasn’t already there.

    Right now I am probably the heaviest I have been in over a year. I blame it on not being able to run as much as I would like and also on crossfit. I think that I have gained a lot more muscle. Even though I am heavier, I am leaner and some of my clothes are even loose. I do need to do a better job of eating cleaner and practicing portion control. Portion control is my down fall. If you put food in front of me, I will eat it.

    Keep it up!

  • After meeting me, I know you will be shocked to learn that I am clueless about good apps. ; ) This one sounds really, really cool. I’ll have to check it out. And you are doing really, really well on it–congrats!

    Glad you are hanging in there mentally throughout the injury layoff. Keep up the great attitude!

  • That sounds like a great ap! I have used my fitness pal but I like the scanning option. Hmmm…may have to give this a try. Congratulations on losing it!

  • My husband has used an app like this, and it really helped him get on the right track. It’s kind of like using a GPS watch. You don’t really know how fast your paces are until you measure them and get an idea, then you can have an idea when you run without. Lose It can give you a better idea of what your are actually consuming so that you’re more aware even when you aren’t using it. And big congrats on hitting your goals!

  • Brad and I have been using “My Fitness Pal” for the last month or so. It sounds almost identical to this one. Brad has lost almost 8 pounds and I had lost 3 before I left for Germany. It really helps! I find that if I have to track my food, it makes me much more conscious about what I eat. I also now realized why I haven’t lost (or have gained) weight during marathon training in the past. I don’t need near as much food as I was eating!!

  • I’ve used Lose It before and I really like it. It’s so easy to use and I like being able to get a quick look at the calories for each meal and any snacks. Congrats on your losses so far! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble making goal soon.

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