I’m so FLY

I think I was so depressed in my non running state that I didn’t really feel like giving a training update last week. I’ll suck it up and then fill you in on what’s going on.  Sneak peek: officially one week since I’ve been on a run.

Monday (1/7): Sick. nada.

Tuesday (1/8): still sick but did go to Pilates Mat 2 and started Best Body Bootcamp (BBB).

Wednesday (1/9): still sick but private pilates session.

Thursday (1/10): 2 mile treadmill walk (still sick) BBB weights workout.

Friday (1/11): Finally felt better. 5 mile run around Austin. Felt slow, but no pain.

Saturday (1/12): rest

Sunday: 3M Austin 1/2 marathon. The PR that wasn’t. Whatever happened to my hip, really sucked.

Post race in Austin I hobbled. I limped around to brunch looking as though I had just run a marathon. Usually a half marathon doesn’t affect me, but this was miserable. I iced, I foam rolled, I stretched, I repeated. And repeated.

I luckily had a massage and chiropractor appointment already scheduled for Monday (the hip has been bothering me on and off since Kiawah). My chiro adjusted me (I was extremely tight on my right side again) and said I should hopefully feel better by Wednesday. If not, it was time to call a orthopedist. His instructions were to ice on and off for the rest of the day.

I did just that. Except late that night I noticed my right hip was really, really swollen. I called the chiro Tuesday morning, he gave me a hip doctor to call, and I had an appointment on Wednesday.  Conclusion: he thinks it’s weak hips and butt (it has a fancy name but I can’t remember), which is very common for women. I knew this, because my IT Band gave me fits 2 years ago and I was in PT for this very thing. He ordered an MRI for Thursday to be safe on the diagnosis and rule everything else out. I was told no running but biking and pilates are okay.

I had no idea an MRI took so long. 3o minutes of scanning and not moving a muscle.  As of today, I’m still waiting to hear back on the results. DON’T self diagnose. My WEBMD self has determined I have a fracture, a torn muscle, cancer, or bursitis. I’m hoping it’s just a muscle tear-but  a week later, it is still somewhat swollen.

So here’s what I did last week.

Monday: nada.

Tuesday: Pilates Mat 2 and BBB workouts that didn’t hurt the hip

Wednesday: private Pilates

Thursday: Pilates Mat 2 and BBB workouts that didn’t hurt the hip

Friday: Flywheel spin class.

Saturday: spin at the gym and BBB workouts that didn’t hurt the hip.

Sunday: rest

Yes. I am fly. Flywheel might be my new obsession (love that it includes a little Oiselle theme to it too).



If you haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a spin studio. The class is 45 minutes of intense riding-which intimidated the crap out of me at first. I’m not a biker and hate it. BUT, everyone is super nice and helpful. They help you set up your bike and walk you through what to expect.

dark room with 2 monitors letting you know who is “winning”

Here’s what I love:

  • You reserve online and pick out the bike/part of room you want to be in during class
  • You get spin shoes to borrow and they are waiting for you at check in (if you register with your info)
  • Lights are off and music is loud
  • Computer monitors on each bike to tell you how fast you are riding-and the instructor gives your goals for how much to turn your dial and how fast to spin-all of it is on the bike
  • All your data is saved online-you can immediately see how fast, how far, etc. you rode
  • You can race if you choose to-set your data to public (online) and you can race your classmates
Lemon Lime NUUN got me through my workout!
Lemon Lime NUUN got me through my workout!

I left the class dripping in sweat and on a total adrenaline high. Only downside is cost (and the initial bruising/soreness down there if you know what I mean).  I already pay for a pilates and yoga studio/gym membership all combined into one. The gym part includes a spin class. I made myself try it on Saturday for a comparison. Major letdown. As a non-biker, I am clueless. I have to use my running shoes and all I heard all class was “turn that dial” without any real gauge of where I should be. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great workout too, I just eyed the clock the entire time and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

not nearly as fun.
not nearly as fun.

So, I sucked it up and bought several Flywheel classes. If I can’t run, I need to really enjoy what I am doing.

SarahOUAL posted last week about changing her hair and daring to post a pic of your worst haircut. So, I’ll share with you, even though I’m MORTIFIED by how I looked.  This picture was taken at the beginning of my junior year (Bid Day with my BFF Jenny). My freshman year, I took in a pic of Neve Campbells haircut-it was cute and stylish. I somehow ended up with a reverse mullet (not shown) and it took forever to grow it out. For some reason, all of my sorority sisters had this fly out hair-do that I had. We lived by some Aveda stick product that helped hold the hair out. I thought I was hot stuff. Short hair and my extra 40 pounds I gained during college=not a good combo. Enjoy the laugh.


Speaking of hair, I’m loving my new Active Accessory bands. They come in a pack of 5 and have held up through all of my workouts-even running!


I’ve tried other brands like this and I’m impressed with how well they’ve held their elasticity AND don’t leave a bad mark/indention.  They are also at a great price point-6 of them on sale for $9.99. I chose the Neutral set but there are 5 color options available. I usually keep one on my wrist at all times and people think it’s a bracelet-luckily they are cute!

this is what happens when you live alone-attempted self hair portrait.

Enough about my hair and flywheel. Back to what’s really bothering me. I’m hoping to hear about my hip soon. I am trying to stay positive and keep up my cardio but I can’t help think about the weeks I am losing in my marathon training. I know whatever happens, happens. And if I can’t run the Eugene full there will be PLENTY of other marathons in my future. I know I need to focus on my health. I continue to wonder “why me” and why can’t I just train and be pain free. I am envious of those who can.

Again, I know. There will be plenty of races and marathons in my future. I’m just ready to know what’s going on and how it will change this running season for me.

Spin or no spin for you? Have you tried Flywheel?  Worst haircut? What do you do with your hair when you workout? How do you cope during injury?



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  • Those hair bands are super cute! I think I’m going to order some.

    I so feel you on the training interruptions. I am TOTALLY over them, too. Hope the MRI is negative and you can get back into it soon.

  • I went twice to a spinning class but always got frustrated not knowing how good or bad I did. Not having a number I can turn to and only move the resistance based on feel was not good for my Type A personality. I love that you have an actual display on those bikes and you can track your progress!

  • That Fly class looks awesome. I agree, it can’t compare to a regular spin class…I like that you get biking shoes to borrow, like bowling, right?

    Laughing about your picture…

    I think I caught your cold from MS. I thought it was allergies two days ago and now I’ve lost my voice. Blah.

    Fingers crossed for good hip news.

  • I loved Flywheel! It’s miles ahead of gym spin classes and I loved being able to “race” with other people in the class! I’m with you on the cost issue though which I hate because I’d really love to be able to go all the time :/

    Hope you get some good news about your hip!

  • I’ve tried a spin class at the gym and liked (not loved) it. But I think going to a Fly class would be fun! Especially with the proper shoes and being able to compete online. I’m a sucker for a little healthy competition.
    Worst hair was back in Grade 2 actually when I had hair down to my bum only to have my Mom cut it off at the nape of my neck after getting a wad of gum stuck in it. I looked like a boy after that haircut! Not a good scene! LOL

  • I am so sorry about your hip- you poor thing. MRIs do take forever and when someone tells me to stay still I can’t. I have to wiggle around! When I had and MRI in high school to confirm my torn ACL they let me listen to Backstreet Boys. I was pretty cool.

    I am so jealous you have a Flywheel! I doubt we would ever get one in Spokane. I would become addicted to it if we had one. My husband would never see me! I love your active accessory hair bands- great color combinations. I love my bands and wear them all of the time.

  • Heck yeah! So excited you tried and LOVED Flywheel! It is easily a WAY more intense workout than any run I have ever done so I’m sure Flying will keep you in awesome shape while you recover from your hip!

  • Ok, I’ve seen worse haircuts (and sported them myself) but I do like your current ‘do much better!

    Fingers crossed your hip pain isn’t anything too bad. I know how much being on the DL sucks. At least you got your spin on for a little adrenaline boost. And can I tell you I love MRIs? A little nap time for me! (what do you expect, I also love having the oil changed–my life is quite exciting!)

  • I haven’t ever tried Flywheel but I have take several spin classes. The quality totally depends on the instructor. I have had some really awesome instructors that made the classes so much fun and challenging, and some that were totally boring.

  • When I am I cope by making those around me miserable. I talk a lot about running when I am able to do so, and I do that even more when I can’t! I just drive people nuts, and I get cranky without my endorphins.

  • Sorry about your hip!! 🙁

    I do at least 2 spin classes a week. The key is finding an instructor that you like and the music that you like!! It makes a world of difference!!! I feel like it helps with my running too!

    I’ve never heard of Fly but looks awesome!!!

  • That flywheel class is fascinating! I wonder if we have those here? I’m so clueless. Good you are maintaining fitness, cycling is great. Can your Pilates instructor give you some intense butt & hip strengthening exercises to do while you wait for your diagnosis?

  • I’ve never tried a spin class, though I really want to. I had no idea you had to wear the special shoes, FlyWheel seems like the way to go if you want a serious workout.

    I too had the crazy flip hair in college. Ahh, the memories. I sadly wore that hairstyle into the ground for many years after graduation.

  • I didn’t even recognize that that was you at first in the picture!! I definitely had the bad haircut when I was much younger…I was scarred for life and never thought about short hair again after that!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your injury! You have had to face so many challenges during the last 12 months, so this must mean that something great is going to happen ini 2013!

    I LOVE FlyWheel! It is one of my favorite cross-training workouts. Let me know if you ever want to go together. I’ve gone to the 6 a.m. class on Wednesdays with Jeremy. I also found a new yoga studio you might like called Tough Love Yoga in Candler Park. They have an amazing Sunday night stretch yoga that might be good while you’re injured. xo

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