I’m Having a Needle!

This morning, I posted this pic on instagram.


Everyone thought I was having a little peanut. THAT is definitely not happening at this moment in my life  and I was having a needle instead (Thanks Jess, for the title).

Instead, I was getting an ultrasound and needle injection on my hip.  That is my hip socket and the tiny line to the right of it is a big ole needle.

To back it up…I finally heard back from my doc about my hip on Tuesday night. He was apparently out of town and I didn’t know it. I felt a little bad about stalking and several voicemails, but, an MRI is no joke and no one wants to wait around knowing if something is broken. It turns out the MRI was inconclusive. It showed damage to my hip (labral tear) and to my butt (weak).  He said we would need to inject the hip (joint) to see if the pain stopped. If it did, it was a hip issue. If not, it was a butt issue. Simple as that. I have never prayed for a weak butt in my life, but you can bet the Big Man upstairs and I had a talk on Tuesday night.

Turns out doc didn’t have any openings on Wednesday. Another day of waiting. Another day of being annoyed (Atlanta peeps-debatable on whether or not I would recommend Emory-even though I like the doc).

So back to this morning.  I hate needles. I will confess tears of fear before the appointment. Fear of a hip tear, fear of the unknown of my running, and a super big fear of needles. The doc and nurse numbed up my leg, I looked away, and felt a little pain when the needle went in. He used the ultrasound to guide the needle. I didn’t watch any of it, just asked for pics later. You have to admit, science is pretty cool.

Within a few minutes I was sitting indian-style with no pain. Before the shot, I could feel soreness in my hip sitting the exact same way. I knew what he was going to say, but had to wait another 10 minutes for him to come back and check on me. He confirmed my thoughts but didn’t seem to be too worried about my recovery.

I have a labral tear in my hip. Here’s what I know.

  • Me running too much, too fast, blah blah blah DID NOT CAUSE THIS.
  • We really don’t know what causes it, because a small tear could’ve been there for a while and no one would know without having an MRI to start. A weakness in my butt could’ve caused me to overcompensate and make the tear worse. Again, no clue.
  • I have 4 weeks of PT ahead of me.
  • I may or may not be able to run RNRNOLA, Publix, and Eugene. Only time and PT will tell.
  • If PT doesn’t work, I may have to have surgery.
  • I have a new job with travel (gone this Sun-Wed) and I have 15 days without insurance starting February 1st. This puts a damper on my PT needs.
  • I start PT at 6:45am tomorrow morning and hopefully they can give me work to do while I am gone and see me on my last day of insurance and then hopefully work out some sort of deal until insurance kicks in on February 14th.
  • I will verify with PT that biking and pilates are still okay to do right now(they don’t hurt) and possibly get back on the trusty Alter G.
  • Don’t overdo it, the shot will give a feeling of no pain/no injury (it really is awesome)

I’m all about honesty, so here are my true thoughts that have stayed in my head for the past week and a half and are taking over my life this afternoon. Please forgive this pity party for 1 for just one moment…

You love running. (insert tears, sadness, drama, hissy fit throwing madness here) Everyone else is having killer runs and training sessions and being all badass. You suck. You won’t BQ this year or even a run a marathon in Eugene. Why even run anymore? Give it up.  You just can’t catch a break. You on fire-killing it-and boom. All to a halt. Why am I dealt this hand of cards? Please let me run injury free for a year. Why does this keep happening to me? Ankle, attack, and now the hip. I just want to quit. 

I go from that nonsense to this within a few minutes…

Suck it up buttercup! Look at how strong you were after your dumb ankle sprain! You came back with a vengeance.  You love to run, stop whining! You have many years of running ahead and you will get through it. If you can’t run, be a cheerleader.

Welcome to my world of runner crazy.

So that is that. Hopefully I’ll have more answers tomorrow after PT.  Here’s hoping it’s good news. In the mean time, you will find me wallowing in my sorrows with my stocking stuffer of truffles from P.


I kid, I kid. I’m still on my diet y’all.

Know anyone with a hip labral tear and NOT had surgery? How do you get rid of the crazy negativity in your head? Have you had non-pregnancy ultrasound?

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  • congratulations on your baby needle, so adorable hehe (love the title) I’m so sorry about the tear, hopefully PT will help. I pulled the plug on Eugene too, so I feel ya there.

    I definitely think you’re a strong runner and able to bounce back- what i tell myself with injuries is it’s God’s way to remind me that it’s not always about how hard I train but more or less how smart and safe I train

  • So sorry to hear about your hip! No need to worry, ortho surgeons always like to mention surgery but I would be you tons of money that will not happen as long as you take care of it… (they always say the same thing about my back)… Just try to take it easy as much as possible and do PT. I know it’s hard for you, but try to rest it. Feel better 🙂

  • I have to admit…I definitely thought the picture was of something else when I first saw it!

    I’m so sorry about this new injury. I know how frustrating it is — I feel like I lost most of last year to injury. I started struggling with some bad ankle/arch problems last Feb which led into a pretty severe knee injury in March. I could barely do anything during that time…since you need to bend your knee to do pretty much any sort of exercise. It wasn’t until July that I was really able to start training again. It sucked (no way around that), and I definitely had many moments of the same pity party you described above.

    BUT…there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through this and you WILL come back stronger than ever. Just take it one day at a time. It’s still so early in the year. 4 weeks feels like forever right now, but it’s such a short period of time in the scheme of things and it’s not going to kill all your chances to run a BQ (or reach any of your other goals) this year. So hang in there!!

    Sending you healing thoughts. I’m really hoping that PT will help get you on the road to recovery ASAP!

  • Sorry to hear this but at least you actually know what the problem is? Not sure that really helps but when the source is known sometimes I think that makes it easier in the rehab.

  • You have the EXACT same problem I do!!!

    Last August I went in to the ortho for hip pain, an Xray and an MRI later he came up with the same conclusion that there is probably a small tear and that my hip joint is also pinching the muscle under use, along with some mild bursitis.

    I did 6 weeks of 2x a week PT for mobility/strength/flexibility. I was RELIGIOUS about doing my exercises every single night. At first I didn’t think that it made much difference and my PT seemed to be so easy effort wise, but after I started running again in November and taking MAJOR CARE for pre-post stretching and recovery, even though I do still have some pain, it is much more manageable. I pop a couple IbPreufen before a race and I’m okay. Over time, I can tell my hip is improving. My glute on the same side is also weaker and needs to be strengthened as well.

    I didn’t stop working out during PT. I was able to still go to spin and do light/low impact workouts. Basically the dr and PT’s said if it hurt, don’t do it, but walking/running were totally out of the question for at least 7-8 weeks.

    Basically, if my pain ever does come back when I start training harder for races and increase my speed/up my mileage, that will confirm it is a tear, and surgery will be required. Until then, it’s more or less a waiting game and judgement will be passed on how much pain I tolerate.

    Look forward to lots of resistance band clamshells, plans/bridges, and monster walks in PT! They also did ultrasound heat therapy as well. Ask about it if they don’t offer it, Ice was always at the end.

    Let me know if you have ANY questions at all!

  • UGH. THAT SUCKS. I haven’t had THAT particular issue, but been plagued on and off with injuries. I know it is frustrating. Just do as the doc says and hopefully you won’t miss any of your races

  • My co-worker just had surgery to repair her labral tear in December.
    Even 6 weeks post op she still has some pain and soreness, but overall she feels a lot better. Last night her PT told her that it could be 3-4 months before she feels 100%. She was hoping to run a spring 1/2 marathon, but her PT said that wouldn’t be a possibility. She is now hoping to be able to run SeaWheeze with me in August.

    I really hope that PT will work for you. Let me know if you want to talk to my co-worker. She might have some good advice for you.

  • Ha, ha–you are in good company on the crazy runner track! I’m sorry it turned out to be a tear. I really hope PT does the trick for you and does it quickly.

    Let me know when you need another chocolate pick-me-up and I’ll put it in the mail. Chocolate does cure everything…

  • I’m so sorry to hear it’s not the weak butt. But I do know you are one of the most determined people I know and you are super strong. You will be back in no time! You had a super speey recovery after your ankle! I’m sure you will be back soon, BELIEVE!

  • I’m sorry Elizabeth, I know how it is to be feeling so strong & unstoppable, only to be slammed down. You’ll make it back, it’s just going to be on a different schedule. And it blows. The upshot is you’ll be stronger when you return. Big hugs.

  • Ouch, ouch, ouch! Glad the shot helped. I’ve been having tons of hip pain too. My chiropractor really got into some deep tissue work on the opposite side (where it actually felt tighter than on the painful side), and it has been doing great since my visit.

    When you come to town for work, you should go visit this guy. He might be able to give you some extra help. Plus, he’s entertaining.

  • You are strong and resilient. You will get through this. I know it is so frustrating. I have been dealing with a really annoying foot “thing” for 2 years. The good thing is running is not going anywhere. Running does not define you. You can do this. Hey you just took a needle to the hip. Step One. Hope PT gets going and I get to give you a big hug in Eugene.

  • Thoughts and prayers that the PT will do the trick and have you back to super speedy running in no time. If I know anyone that will kick butt in PT and come back faster and stronger than before it’s you!

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  • Okay, so many thoughts on this. But you will be all good. You’ll run and soon. Be a little patient. It’s going to be all GREAT before you even know it.

    There has been some discussion that I have a labral tear but I haven’t had any diagnostic imaging. I should.

  • I was definitely one of the ones who thought you were having a peanut. This downright sucks right now, Elizabeth. I’m so sorry that you are injured but I love your honesty and it is totally okay to have those feelings. You are going to rebound so hard from this and come back stronger than ever. Thinking of you!!

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