December Monthly Recap

December was a crazy, busy, but wonderful month. The holidays, Christmas parties, my sisters baby shower, a PR and a new job. Great way to end out 2012.

Miles Planned/Actual: 125.17/128 I think this is right. I’m actually contemplating getting off of dailymile and just sticking to manual training in my believe i am journal. I know I cut a few planned runs short by a mile or 2 so I am guessing on the 128.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 7/  I didn’t really have a plan this month. I just wanted to get to pilates/yoga when I could and I was home for 2 weeks-so those 6 of those 7 classes were done before heading home to Mobile.

Races Planned/Actual: 1/2 The Kiawah 1/2 Marathon was the perfect way to end out my 12 in 2012 and to hang out with friends. I ended up running the Santa Run for fun on Christmas Eve too.

Corey, Me and Allison post race
Corey, Me and Allison post race
Rocking the Procompression socks and I doubled my red and green team Sparkle skirts
Rocking the Procompression socks and I doubled my red and green team Sparkle skirts at the Santa Fun Run

PR’s: 1!  An almost 2 minute PR at Kiawah.

New to Me Cross Training: 1/1 I tried crossfit…and LOVED it. If only I had more money and more time!

Larisa, instructor, me and Jenn
Larisa, instructor, me and Jenn at crossfit

Challenges Completed: 12 in 2012! I am so glad that I was able to finish out the 12 in 2o12 challenge. I loved having a big goal for the year and finally finishing it in December. I didn’t quite finish out the instagram holidayaday challenge.  I kept forgetting to go and look at what each post was supposed to be. Oops.

Current Aches/Pains: my right hip has been bothering me since Kiawah. I’ve been to the chiropractor once and had 2 sports massages and foam rolled like it’s my job. It doesn’t always hurt when I run, and doesn’t always hurt after. Not a lot of rhyme or reason. Who knows.

Current Book: yep. Let that slip right by. AGAIN. The month just flies by. I read PLENTY of blogs and magazines though. I swear, I will finish Gone Girl by the end of January.  I mean, come on. It’s been on my list for months. I just need a good hour or two to settle down and get into a book. I’m terrible.

Current Obsession: sticking to my goals and plan. And Downton Abbey of course.

Current Drink: Kona Kola, Grape, Lemon-Lime NUUN.

Current Like: my new planner, my new scale, Believe I am journal, and my Say it, Do it bracelet from my good friend Corey. The beginning of the year is about focus and goals for me.


Current Dislike: The issue with Martell Malone. Court last week was tough and knowing there is still another trial ahead AND that he is out of jail is disturbing. Also hate that I am currently sick. When will I learn to slow down?

Current Treat: I’m done with those for a bit. After getting on the scale-treats are down to once a week again since the holidays are over.

Current Excitement: MY NEW JOB!! This has been a goal of mine for quite some time but I obviously couldn’t blog about it. I will still get to call on my dermatologist customers and travel a bit, BUT I will no longer be in pharmaceuticals. I’m VERY happy with that.  I’m sure yall know our healthcare system is in the toilet and pharm sales has taken a huge hit over the past few years. I was at my company for 5 years, so it was hard to leave my coworkers, but I am SO EXCITED about this new opportunity-and hopefully I will get to see some of you that live in Alabama and Tennessee!

How was your December? End the year on a high note? Do you have to travel for work? What’s your favorite new thing lately? 

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  • it’s funny because most people’s december recaps are about how they let the ball drop during that month ( i know i sure did), but you ROCKED yours.
    Congrats on the new job, its always nice to get a fresh start. Definitely let me know if you head up into Nashville territory!

  • Congratulations on the new job! Hopefully you will get a chance to come up my way a few times this year either for work or with P. It certainly sounds like you closed out the year strong. Maybe you’ll get a chance to sit down and finish Gone Girl so you cross that off your list!

  • Downton Abbey is my (not) new obsession, too. My local PBS station had an event where you got to go to the station and watch the premiere early, but they cut off after only one hour! I wanted to start a revolt and make them finish it, but everyone else there was frail and over 65…

  • What a busy december! My year ended pretty nicely. Nothing extreme, but not any lows. New jobs are always tough, but exciting. I have been at my new job for 1 yr this past Dec and had been at the one before for 4 years. It was hard to leave, but was definitely the best decision!! Sadly, the farthest I travel for work is 26miles to get there and the 100 feet to the bathroom. I’m cubicle bound the rest of the day! *ack* (Life of an IT geek)

  • I tried Crossfit this past year too and loved it as well! Nothing like a WOD to make you feel your age! It is crazy expensive here too (Canada) so I will have to wait to sign up again.
    I wish I could say I ended the year on a high note, but alas, I ended it on crutches after spraining my ankle. But here’s to 2013! A new beginning and hopefully no injuries!

  • I hate daily mile more and more every month, but then I never delete it. My huge dislike with their site is the rounding up and down. .7 miles IS NOT 1 mile. You probably hit your goal of 128, but daily mile didn’t record it accurately.

    It sounds like 2013 is going to be an exciting year. Congratulations on your new job. I can’t wait to hear more about it. I work in physician recruitment and recruit for a large hospital system in Spokane. We are super busy though- makes me stress out a lot because my searches are intense. :/

  • I just found your blog and love it. I am also really loving that bracelet, too cute! I live in downtown Atlanta also and love it. Congrats on your new job. Pharm sales are tough. My dad is a pharmacist and I am a therapist so I am familiar with the struggles in healthcare.

  • Congrats on the new job! I have the same hip problem, it actually feels fine when I run, I just get a lot of pain and tightness the next morning. Had a massage last night, and have been foam rolling a lot too it’s feeling better, hope it goes away soon…for you and me!

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