Can You Spell It?

I’m headed to the hard to spell me state today! Don’t you remember, as a kid, struggling to spell Mississippi? M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-hump back-hump back-I. I am forever saying this every time I spell out Mississippi, even though I obviously know how to spell it now. Funny how things trigger memories, ya know?

Anyway. Yep. I’m heading to Mississippi for the Mississippi Blues 1/2 marathon on Saturday! I’m super excited to see Kim and S again and the Lillywhite family. I’m driving over from AL and picking P up at the airport. He’s such a trooper and coming to cheer, not to run this time.

I signed up for the race when it was super cheap ($35) and it has a huge medal and fabulous reviews. It’s also known for it’s hills. So, the plan for this race is to treat it like a long run. Jess wants it to be easy (I have Austin next weekend). I’m hoping to settle into a 8:30-9:15 pace and finish the last 4 or so at my goal MP of 8:18.

Me and Kim at RNRNOLA last year

Speaking of training. It’s going well. The hip is still bothering me (heading to chiro Monday) but oddly enough, it’s not hurting my training. I managed to rock a 7 mile tempo run with 4 miles averaging 7:34 pace. BOOM.


Focus and adrenaline from court yesterday may have helped a little. I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived in court, but it was much harder than I expected. Last I had heard, MM (attackers initials) had not met bail. I expected to see him for all of 5 minutes for the preliminary hearing. Low and behold I turn around as we are waiting for that mornings cases to begin and I see his face. His face in person. Those eyes. I will never forget them. I was sitting with the other victim and she was a nervous wreck as well.

We had to wait 2 freaking hours. His lawyer came in that late. So I sat extremely tense and anxious, knowing he was just three rows behind me,  until the judge called our case. I lost it. I tried to control the tears but I couldn’t. I didn’t have to speak, but the detective had to retell my story. I wanted to scream out the details to speed the process along because it seemed to have taken forever. I had no idea it would be so emotionally draining.

I honestly didn’t want to run yesterday once I knew he was out. BUT, I found out he moved outside of town so that made me feel better. MM was told to make no contact with us-which is a fear of mine, considering I blogged about it. The other victim was attacked in her yard-so he knows where she lives.

The judge decided there was enough evidence to take the trial to a grand jury, so now I wait. I am assuming I will receive a subpoena for this too and know I will probably have to testify.

Enough of the negative, just thought I would give yall an update.

I’m excited to head back to Mississippi for the second time in two weeks-even if this trip doesn’t involve gambling with my grandmother. Running is more fun, right?

Did you use the cheat word to spell Mississippi as a kid? Do you live for spell check or are you okay with out it? Racing this weekend? Ever been to a grand jury trial? 

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  • I totally know how emotionally draining and taxing it is sitting in a court room with a not nice person just a few rows away. Yes I have been in a grand jury trial back when I was 16 was the scariest and hardes thing I ever had to endure. I was subpenoed to testify at a triple murder trial and thankfully after arriving there and waiting they decided they didn’t have to hear from me however I had to see all the pictures and relive it all over again and then see the muderers sitting there in the courtroom. Wish back then I was running because I think it would have been a great release from the trial. Keep on running don’t let the fear he gave you stop you from doing what you love.

  • I’m glad you have the trial behind you for now. I am sure it was awful to relive. Again, I think it is so admirable that you have stood up and faced him and helped put him behind bars.

    Good luck this weekend!

  • I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that yesterday. :/

    On a happy note, I am excited for your fun weekend that you have planned. I get to run 13 miles tomorrow so maybe I will run 13.1 just for the heck of it. It would be more fun if I had race. 🙂

  • M-I-double S-I-double S-I-double P-I. Why does it have to be so long and complicated??

    Your experience in court sounds sucky. Sorry 🙁

    Have fun at MS Blues, it is not THAT hilly, and the bling IS awesome. The marathon medal is the size of an LP!

  • I think the hard part of Mississippi (and yes I did have a device but it was just M-I- SS- ISS- IPPI! in a kid song voice of couse) was the terrain. I was told that the yazoo river created a clay bed underneath the streets and when clay gets wet it expands, thus the reasoning for all the little divets and potholes… just hard on your feet. That aside awesome bling, swag, and after race refreshments!!

    I have never been to court, so I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but hopefully the grand jury date won’t be as emotionally taxing on you!

  • I wish I could run with you ladies tomorrow! So glad the hearing is done and think it’s good that he will be tried by a jury but wish it didn’t have to prolong things for you. I can’t imagine having to see someone like that again, and yet also have to keep my composure. I would want to rant & rave at him.
    Deep breath.
    Have a great time this weekend, try not to think about the trash waiting to be picked up yet.

  • Ugh, that would have been awful having to be in the same room with someone who attacked you. Not cool.

    I always do the spelling tricks for words in my head, and I love spell check.

    Have fun in MS this weekend. We have a bunch of Mississippians here this weekend for the football game.

  • Thanks for the update on your case, I can;t believe they let him out! What needs else needs to happen? I can only imagine what you are going through…. I hope your race went well today! Saw your bling on instagram and LOVE it!!

  • I am glad it made it to court so that he hopefully will go to jail, but I am sorry that you have to be put through all of this over again 🙁

    We really need to catch up. I miss you!

    Also, 8:18 is MP? 3:35 = 8:12. Just curious.

  • I actually spent two weeks on a grand jury for jury duty. Based on my experience, pretty much ALL grand jurys send their cases to trial. (We went through almost 60 cases and sent everything to trial except for one motion in one case.)

    It sucks that you had to go to suffer through that hearing. They don’t let you in the GJ room unless you’re testifying, so hopefully you won’t need to face that guy again until he’s facing jail time.

    Your story has inspired me – and a lot of other people – to run safer. So keep all us safer girl runners in mind when this experience starts gnawing at you. We’re all keeping you in mind.

    Keep Running and Carry Mace! 🙂

  • I always think the same thing when I hear Mississippi! Sorry the time in court was so rough on you but it sounds like you had a kick butt run to get rid of the stress and tension it caused.

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