3M 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

Half Marathon #27
State #19
2 of 13 in 2013

Pre Race

Saturday was low key, including carb loading and resting. I woke up Sunday morning around 5:10 and fixed my Kona Kola NUUN, bagel, and got ready. The temp had dropped 40 degrees since Saturday with 10-15 mph winds. I didn’t exactly pack the warmest clothes. I had to make the best of it and was thankful I had my mylar blanket from the last race (I try and take an old one to my next race-it’s something to sit on or keep warm). Katie’s neighbor was also running and she was nice enough to drive me to the start. The race is point to point but they have shuttles to take you back to your car post race.

We got there with plenty of time-close to 45 minutes before race start. She had a running group to meet up with so I tagged along until a few minutes before the race and went to warm up. I felt good-cold-but good. My legs felt great and so did my lungs.

I lined up in between the 1:40 and 1:45 pace group and waited for the start. It was delayed by 5 minutes, but no biggie (this is an early race-6:45 start).  The announcer said that the wind wouldn’t be a problem-the race would be 85% of a tailwind. I can handle that!

Miles 1-8

The race spread out quick and I had plenty of room to run. I had decided that morning that I would go ahead and shoot for a PR. My lungs were ready and my legs rested.

I could barely keep it at the 8-8:10 goal pace for the first 3 miles. It was still dark and cold but there were plenty of spectators and even bag pipe players. I felt great.  The announcer was spot on with the wind-I’d turn a corner and no breeze, make the next turn and feel a gush immediately. It was manageable and I was glad 85% was a tailwind.

My watch hit 3 miles and I knew I could finally bring it down to a 7:51 pace. The race was a gradual down hill and my legs were moving easily.  At mile 4, the hip that has been bothering me started to feel a little tight, but that has been the norm for the past month.

All of the sudden, somewhere around mile 6, the pain stopped me. Wail out loud in pain, stop me on the course pain. Never, in my 30 plus races, has a pain stopped me like that (well, maybe the ankle).  I attempted to massage out the issue and did a few stretches. I saw the 1:45 pace group go by and that had me ready to go again.  I needed to get ahead (I hate being behind pace groups). I felt okay again, and slowly inched my way ahead of them.

Miles 9-13.1

I made it another two miles and it hit me again. This time, it was right in front of a crowd of spectators. Tears in my eyes I attempted to do some yoga stretches.  I walked. It hurt. I felt defeated. I’ve never been passed by so many people. I felt helpless. The cheers of the spectators made me feel worse-I knew I was capable of so much more but my body said absolutely not.

I debated on calling Katie to come find me on the course and take me home. Beat It, by MJ, came on my ipod. And decided I would do just that.  It was time to suck it up buttercup.

The course seemed to wind through neighborhoods all going slightly downhill. The crowds were great and there were plenty of aid stations but my mind was elsewhere.  I couldn’t even pay attention to where the course was going and what I was seeing. I do remember one awesome spectator that had a sign that I LOVED, “Go Stranger.” Which is so true-you get used to seeing signs for other people and wondering about who it’s for and their goals and who are their cheerleaders I love the blanket “stranger” because, come on, they really are cheering for all of us if we are out there. That sign was the only thing to give me a smile (no pic-too much effort to get my phone out).

I literally limped for the last 3 miles. I somehow did that at a decent pace and I refused to give up. I have never, ever, ever wanted a race to be over so badly. I was so embarrassed at my form. At my limp. At my entire race performance. Unfortunately, the last mile and a half actually had hills and that made me look even worse. At least the lululemon store was cheering at the top of one of them (side note-apparently course used to run through UT campus but it didn’t this year-some runners weren’t happy).

I look so happy to be there. With really awesome form too.
I look so happy to be there. With really awesome form too.

I think this was one of few races that I didn’t end with a smile. I just hurt all over and ended in tears again.

Lululemon shirt and shorts, swiftwick compression socks, NUUN hat and Inknburn armwarmers.
Lululemon shirt and shorts, swiftwick compression socks, Ifitness belt, NUUN hat and Inknburn arm warmers.

Official Results

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 8.25.46 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 8.26.02 PM The splits show you exactly how much I slowed down. Such a bummer.

Garmin Results

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 7.16.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 7.16.16 PM

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 7.16.26 PM

The course was perfect for a PR. You can see where I fell apart on my splits. Heart breaking to me.

Post Race

I went straight to the medical tent for ice and advil. I grabbed a few snacks and went to the picnic area to wait for Katie to come get me. There were food trucks (whichI was originally excited about), but it hurt so much to walk around I didn’t care.

they had cookies, bananas, clementines, and peanut butter crackers. Gatorade in cups and small water bottles.
plenty of additional food choices- loved the view of the capitol at the end.

I went to see the race results because I wanted to check on Jennifer and another friend of mine from Atlanta. I was so excited to see how well they did! I ran into Jennifer and we realized she won Masters female. My other friend, Jared, was third place overall.


I was so thrilled for Jennifer and excited to see her but I was ready to go. Katie picked me up, I stretched and showered and we went to brunch.


Our brunch was amazing! I have to share one picture, because I’d never heard of it before…our table split a piece of carrot cake french toast with some sort of cream cheese pecan syrup.



I relaxed the rest of the afternoon before flying back to Atlanta.



  • PR-perfect course
  • City of Austin
  • Well organized, small race

Not so Much

  • The hip

The Bling

I like the medal-don’t love it, don’t hate it. Nothing over the top, heavy, not too small. The race swag was what I had heard about before the race. Since 3M is the sponsor-you end up with lots of fun goodies: calendars, mini lint rollers, super glue, pop up tape, scotch brite, duct tape and bandaids (gave both to P already) to name a few.  I like the shirt too.



Final Thoughts

I know that my time is still solid. I am more disappointed at the “what could’ve been” and that I got hurt. I am very proud of myself for pushing through and finishing.

I know I would’ve really enjoyed the race had I not hurt myself. I will say, the 3M 1/2 marathon is really good, but not noteworthy. There was nothing to rave about and nothing to hate-just a good race. If you live in or near Austin, run this race. If you want to PR your half marathon and hang out in Austin, run this race. I’m not sure this would’ve been my Texas race of choice for my 50 states quest, but I wanted to see my old roomie and I love Austin, so it all worked out.

What’s your most random thing you’ve received as race swag? Ever had a pain stop you mid race?


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  • I’m so sorry your hip gave way during the race, but that’s so awesome you kept at it and finished well.
    Most random swag harmonica, nail clippers, candle. (All diff races)

  • boo hip, boo. Hope you feel better soon! It was fun to see you and I hope we meet up at another race sometime soon!

    Trying to think of my strangest race swag, hmmm . . . . saftey glasses, not running glasses, sunglasses, but the kind of glasses you wear when welding, using bb guns, and such.

  • Oh, that just breaks my heart for you. You still had a kick-a performance, but that is just frustrating to the max because you were on course for an amazing PR. Luckily, you’ll have lots of opportunities this year to show that PR who’s boss.

    Definitely the intestinal pain I had at Rocket City was the most show-stopping pain at a race. But also cramps have really slowed me down before too. And I find if I stop the cramps get worse, which is hard to remember at mile 22 in a marathon.:)

  • I hope your hip is feeling better and does not turn into a bigger issue. 3M products would be great race swag. The most random thing I received was a water bottle at a race…but it was a leftover from a different race.

  • I am so sorry you hip hurt so much during the race. I know the feeling of wanting to call for a ride and wanting to finish despite the pain. My last half, I started hurting around mile 6 and it was awful, the most painful race I hope to ever run. I hope your hip pain doesn’t linger!

  • I love Austin too. So amazed at how fast you are even in a “bad/injured” race. Maybe even a little jealous…

    Let’s see–we received toothbrushes from a local dentist at one race. And that harmonica and CD at MS were kind of neat too.

  • Congrats on finishing and pushing through! You are so tough, girl, and I’m so sorry you got hurt. 🙁 Clearly, it just wasn’t your day, but you will get your chance soon, I know it!!! I can’t wait to see you PR the heck out of YOUR race!!!

    I LOVE that shirt! But, I may be biased because of the date 😉

  • Sorry to hear that you didn’t PR but I think the fact that you stuck it out when others would have stopped under the circumstances is wonderful! Way to go! And I could only hope to have a time like yours!! Amazing effort and definitely something to be proud of!

  • I am so sorry about your hip!!!! I have stopped mid race due to pain several times, all in the last year. Stupid compartment syndrome! The first time it happened was in Houston. I am so made about that because I as on target to run a 1:28 half marathon. Ended up finishing in 1:33 with a very small PR. I wanted to cry over that one, but I was on vacation so I just had a beer instead. 🙂

    Would you run Austin again? I have heard so many wonderful things about this race. We have some friends that live there and I have always wanted to visit. I bet I could get the husband to agree to go next year if it was planned in advance.

    • If i lived in Austin or was planning a trip again, I would definitely do it. If you want to visit your friends-definitely go this weekend! it’s a nice low key race too!

  • Ugh–so sorry about the hip! That sounds just miserable. I hope you are resting (tell me you are!) so that you can heal up.

    I am dying to go to Austin, so this race might be the excuse I need next year. I hear the Feb. marathon and half are on beasts of courses!

  • Oh Elizabeth, I’m so sorry you were in so much pain. Those pictures really say it all. You look like you are hurting a lot. I’m sure your next race will be a much better experience and pain-free. Are you feeling better today?

    • Honestly, yes and no. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad to walk today but my hip is swollen. I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow to have it checked to be safe.

  • I agree with Kim.

    I understand being frustrated when a part of your body does not want to cooperate. Also, your time is still amazing, even WITH the walking/limping/crying etc.

    Not every race is going to be a PR, but that doesn’t help with the disappointment, I know.

    Hope next one goes better!!

    (PS – your shirt is WAY better than the year I ran it.)

  • Lots of these: 🙁 🙁 🙁 for the hurt hip. I hope so much that it is no big deal and gets better soon. I am sorry I couldn’t be there to run with you. But this weekend was definitely not meant to be for me and I am really glad I didn’t go.

  • I’m so behind! So sorry to hear about your hip. I so know that frustration, knowing that you are capable of much, much more. I know it’s not what you were aiming for, but your finish time was still very respectable. I will read on…

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